Hall & Oates - Unguarded Minute Lyrics

Maybe I speak too soon
Maybe I play too hard
And I listen to major worries in a minor way
You sent your message to me
Made a move that I'd understand
When you moved from a ticket in line
To a room in L.A.
There was a time spit second I could have said please
Fool around and my guard was down by a few degrees

An unguarded minute has an accident in it.

I guess I should have tried a little bit
Yeah, I could have changed
I could be anything that ya want
But it wouldn't be me
Do anything that you say
Use any thought to armor the way
So do you love them man that I am,
Or what you want me to be
I wanna hold you now but I can let you go
So anytime you can do better just let me know

An unguarded minute has an accident in it
I wanna hold you tight.

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Hall & Oates Unguarded Minute Comments
  1. Ghostshadow Shadowghost

    They ARE so good :) they've made a history ;)

  2. 渡邊晃一

    hiden masterpiece

  3. Stefano

    I love this song!

  4. Scott Clute

    Great lyrics...!!!

  5. Ed Elizondo

    I like this song better than Private Eyes. Both great songs.

  6. Frank Parent

    is it me or does it resemble "Private eyes"

  7. Win Cup

    I always wonder why this song did not make a big hit back then.

  8. Jim Honeywell

    Great song

  9. Tommiegirl

    "I wanna hold you now, but I can let you go... so any time that you can do better, just let me know." Hell yes! Drop the mike, call it good! Love this song.

  10. Melissa Schroeter

    L A is no place to raise a child made it to age 4 decided to move to Orlando... a new beginning... a new start.......

  11. Melissa Schroeter

    the unguarded moment... that became a minute....... who is using a stop watch... timing is everything... when it comes to want.... who is needing it to be... unguarded.. that wants.. to be ... held..

  12. Magram Music

    Absolutely this is the underrated brilliance in their songwriting. Stuff like this. Rock and soul. Great hooks and harmonies and melodies.... Damn

  13. April Simnel

    @3:36-3:50 Holy cats, right there. Yes.

  14. Tom DeAngelo

    Love it!!!!

  15. TUBEDUKE87

    Sound get´s louder and quieter..wha´s wrong?

  16. edwin santos

    This is the BEST song in "Private Eyes". So sue me.

  17. Justin Pate

    An exquisite song. I've been a Hall&Oates fan since I was a little boy and this the first time I've ever heard this song


    Justin Pate must be young I was born in 69 so I,remember rich girl in mid 70s onforth ..I had this album wore it out 2wice

  18. Alexander G Russo

    So catchy

  19. Thomas Thorpe

    One of my favorite songs from the Private Eyes album -should have been released as a single.

  20. Dashland B

    For the life of me, I could never understand why this was chosen as a B-side. I always thought it was Top 10 Worthy. I love this song. I use to play "Private Eyes", then flip the 45 over and play "Unguarded Minute"   awesome memories


    +Dashland B I just meant that all their music is so good I've loved them since '73

    Dashland B

    +djclay33 Ahhh!! I get it now. I agree!!! I even did my 11th grade term paper on Daryl Hall and John Oates. I've been a diehard fan since the 80s and I have enjoyed every album they have ever released. :-)


    Dashland B mjciyt


    Dashland B

    dave idmarx

    @Dashland B Unguarded Minute was the B-side to I Can't Go For That. The excellent Tell Me What You Want was the flip to Private Eyes.

  21. Paul Stockmaster Jr


  22. odel mOSS

    This is a great song!

  23. Lon Brooklyn

    Never released as a single

    dave idmarx

    Well, it was the B-side to I Can't Go For That

  24. Tony Bates

    This record reminds me that it's not the style of music, it's the quality of the song. I don't generally like stuff like this - all LA slickness and big production - but great material can't be denied. Like Steely Dan, Hall and Oates did muso pop/rock with a heart.

    P Kranz

    Voices, Private Eyes, H2O, Rock and Soul, and Big Bam Boom were all recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York.


    One of my favourite H & O songs

  26. Tony Bates

    Very 80s, very slick, and very wonderful. This sort of thing can be awful in the wrong hands, but not here.


    HaHaHaha......very well Played Antony, VERY. AND, very True. How can you really knock a Gr8 tune that is put together just perfectly? Especially from H and O? Thank you for a wonderful perspective and your post!

  27. edwin santos

    This for me is the BEST track of the album "Private Eyes".

  28. tinfoilhatter

    these guys were tops-still are...just one of them class acts,that are right up there with all the greatest! thanks!

  29. perpetual61

    I haven't heard this in over 30 years but I can still remember all the words. I practically woreout the Private Eyes Album because I listened to so much.

  30. Grant Hudson

    Awesome song by Hall & Oates. I have the album and I really like this song :)