Hall & Oates - The Christmas Song Lyrics

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yule-tide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos.

Everybody knows a turkey
And some mistletoe
Help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of toys
And goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is gonna spy
To see if reindeer
Really know how to fly.

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it's been said
Many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you

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Hall & Oates The Christmas Song Comments
  1. Rima Nat

    John oates wow

  2. James Hinchman

    Wow, tuned here Christmas morning for some positive warm vibes. To all of you who couldn't provide that or enjoy this, be on your way.

  3. Paula Kelly


  4. mmlangner

    My favorite song of all time! Sounds great!

  5. Melissa Schroeter

    You do know we are almost in March? lol I must have missed this... love that you love the season...a Ministers daughter that has a tude. Most Ministers have so much Christmas they won't decorate a tree...... sorry.. the season we love can overwhelm some... Love the music....

  6. Tickle Me Bad

    STILL listening and watching this and it's October 2017!!! Their magic never dies! 😄😄

  7. Kebin Fukusu

    I love this version. Perfect.

  8. jeane cole

    My favorite Christmas song, by my favorite guys. John has a perfect voice for it.

  9. Alfredo López


  10. Dean Paul

    Holy Smack.. I never knew John's voice sounded so good. He has a voice for smooth soul ballads.

  11. Babie Lim

    What a perfect Christmas song.. romantic too

  12. John K

    If I ever hear John Oates sing again it will be too soon. Hall & Oates is 99% Hall & 1% Oates.

    Felix KM Galanti

    Does there have to be so many Trolls in this World. Here's one for you John, YOU SUCK!

    Francine Peirce

    Don't get me wrong, I love Daryl, but it's good to hear John once in a while. His voice is so smooth on this song...and any song he sings lead on. So don't be disrespectful.

    Francine Peirce

    John K clearly you are the ONE idiot who disliked this

    William Bowers

    True , but pretty IGNORANT to say. That's why the name of group is NOT Hall & Oates but , Daryl Hall & John Oates !! They 2 individual artist that SOMETIMES record together !! LOOK IT UP , dummy . # Welcome to the machine ( the matrix )

    Jere Sponagle

    nasty.........you don't know their combined writing talents, harmony and heart that goes into their music......in other words, you just don't know their music

  13. helmut kohl

    Great experience hearing it,,am i in heaven????

  14. Juliaflo

    Kennedy Center Honors for Mr. Hall and Mr. Oates, ASAP.

  15. Babie Lim

    My Gosh! Hall and Oats have not changed at all, after all these years.. and they look better today than yesterday. Keep the music playing guys!

  16. Galantski

    @grover12able - John sang lead on at least one hit, "You Lost That Loving Feeling". He starts the song, then Daryl comes in later on lead. While the factors you mention are part of the reason Hall sang almost all leads, they're the main one--it's the voices. "YLTLF" illustrates the contrast quite well. While Oates with his soft, smoky tone is as good a singer, when Hall comes in his voice is both louder and brighter, one that immediately catches the attention. Check it out and see what I mean.

  17. BR Santos

    @grover12able thanks for replying. sad but true about the unfairness of life. but to daryl's credit, he does have a very distinct vocal quality. =)

  18. BR Santos

    correct me if i'm wrong but i think john oates on lead vocals is a rare sight. i'm loving this version though.