Hall & Oates - Love You Like A Brother Lyrics

It was always you and me and him
A whiskey sour, beer and gin
We were having fun
When the night was over
You'd go off together leaving me alone,
All alone
I stayed up every night, I had to find a way
I had to get to you
So I told you he was stepping outside
I said when you broke down and cried
Why don't you come to me

She said I love you like a brother
And that's how it's got to stay
Because I don't need no reminder
Of the love that went away
And the more I desire,
The less it does inspire
Because she says I remind her
Of the love she left behind

I found myself in the same old place
In the bar, another lonely night to spend
But the first thing I saw when I walked in
Was my almost lover, and my ex best friend
She was drinking all alone
And he was on the telephone
They wouldn't look at me
I went outside, I wanted to cry
It's a lonely life, ain't what it used to be

[Chorus 2x]

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Hall & Oates Love You Like A Brother Comments
  1. Jaime Paredes

    Señoras y señores con ustedes el mejor cantante de soul blanco por lejos,,,,Mr. Daryl Hall

  2. David Maholchic

    Best disco out there


    David Maholchic I'd call it blue-eyed soul

  3. Julie Timmons

    The one from LFDH is ssooooo much better...

  4. Ken Grolsko

    This is a great pre-Sara Smile tune. If you like this one, check out other early tunes like "It's Uncanny', 'In Honor of a Lady', 'Beanie G and the Rose Tatoo' and 'Is It A Star'. The boys did some great stuff before 'Sara Smile' went Gold.


    Every LP prior to Sara Smile was great

  5. Jerome Lange

    This bass line is totally reeking of GROOVINESS.

  6. Cathy Raddatz

    You should listen to this song with Daryl with Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, played at Daryl's Place.  Even Better!

  7. Anthony G

    Thanks for posting! Never heard this before. 

  8. cindy Reynolds

    I just love this song......


    Damn  Cindy, so do I. I have since I first heard it. Wish more people knew it. Such classic Philly blue eyed soul! Thanks for the thought!

  9. africkinamerican

    If a girl uses that line on you, just say "well let's just pretend we're in Kentucky and have some brother/sister lovin"

  10. MrOzgooner

    Thanks djclay33 !!

    I remember back in 1987 when a cousin of mine found this album titled " No Goodbyes " it was like in pristine brand new condition..

    'Love you like a brother' was just one of the songs on that album i loved.

    I was surprised that quite a few those songs on that album only made it on a "best of" album at the time.
    Then i found it it was just atlantic records pure desperation to justify their losses after losing H & O 's contract.

    Just awesome dude !! Thanks

    Graham Farquharson

    MrOzgooner This was from a compilation along with 'It's Uncanny' called 'No Goodbyes' from 1977. These two songs were both from 1975.

  11. SummerLuvr7

    Please post more from this album. This song is so groovy!

  12. SummerLuvr7

    THANKS for posting! I've never heard this song. Love it. Very yummy!