Halford, Rob - We Own The Night Lyrics

We're not alone we have a chance you see
Let's live the dreams we have in life
There's nothing left if you can't walk with me
You know we need to put it right

We own the night
And what ever comes our way
Nothing will hold us back
When we love and we obey

When I'm with you, you give me all your strength
And with your love I carry on
Well we both know it takes the two of us
To face the truth don't need to run

We own the night
And what ever comes our way
Nothing will hold us back
When we love and we obey

Let's take tonight
And forget about the day
Stand at the edge of life
Let the starts come out to play

You wait and see
Our light will grow and grow
Open eyes will realize
The ray of life to hold

Our world of calm
It sings right from the heart
Can you hear
The storm of fear
Can't tear this love apart

If we don't leap for faith
How can we be free
We can't deny or say goodbye
We found our destiny

Don't leave me alone
I can't stand the thought of being here without you
My heart turns to stone
Look in my eyes my words are true

We own the night
And what ever comes our way
Nothing will hold us back
When we love and we obey

I'm not alone
But ships pass in the night
Hold me now hold me now
Before my heart takes flight

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Halford, Rob We Own The Night Comments
  1. Frank Grieco

    As long as rob is alive the title of greatest lead singer alive is taken
    End of fuckin story

  2. HeartFullofMetal

    I'm actually translating lyrics and please tell me one thing. Should there really be "Let the starts come out to play" instead of "Let the stars come out to play" ? It doesn't make sense to me but as I said, English isn't my native language so maybe I just don't understand it right way.


    You're correct. I also study English as a non-native speaker. I'll correct that immediately ;)


    Thanks :D But I see "starts" at every site with lyrics o.O


    @HeartFullofMetal It's unfortunately pretty usual because almost everybody include lyrics from Dark Lyrics, which can be full of mistakes in some cases when the uploader doesn't pay attention and everybody is too lazy to correct them on their own.

  3. Hawk-22

    I really love Halford music, but... when we love and "WE OBEY?" Obey what or whom? What is he triyng to say?


    Each other. Who? Probably, whomever you like: the metal community, your loved one - whatever you like. Take you pick. Never forget, this is art, which is subjective

    Mr Sadistik

    @99shawnbz I'll go with your opinion on this, because Rob is all about the metal community. I never seen a musician who cares so much for the genre he helped shape and that genuinely cares about every single member who is apart of it, whether it be peers, fans, journalists, etc. A very respectful metal God. But, with that being said, I think this is my least favorite song on the album, although I don't like the track next much either. I still listen to everything he releases in it's entirety every time though, because nobody can compete at his level of vocals.

  4. TilleRCMaster

    Very, very strong song by Halford 👌😀

  5. neinosdevodamo


  6. running leon

    great mr halford

  7. Mike Grau

    80's metal still lives! Thank you Metal God!


    I love this song

    Blind Faith