Halford, Rob - Oh Holy Night Lyrics

Oh holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of the dear saviour's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till He appeared and the spirit felt its worth

A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
Oh, night divine! The night when Christ was born!
Oh, night, oh holy night, oh night divine

Truly he taught us
To love one another
His law is love and His gospel is peace
Chains shall he break
For the slave is our brother
And in his name all oppression shall cease

Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we
With all our hearts we praise His holy name
Christ is the Lord! Then ever we praise Him
His power and glory evermore proclaim
His power and glory evermore proclaim

Oh night, oh holy night, oh night divine
Oh night, oh holy night, oh night divine

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Halford, Rob Oh Holy Night Comments
  1. Sonny Abraham

    Merry Metal Christmas. December 26th 2019.

  2. Daniel Rios

    The Metal God bows to Christ. I now bow to him.

  3. Tony Holmes

    Undoubtedly one of the absolutely most beautiful songs ever sung and this is the greatest version of the song I believe. Merry Christmas everyone


    Actually good... Wierd.


    у меня слезы! Роб ты засранец!

  6. Kooler M

    Awesome 👍 👍😁!!

  7. Renee HeKnowsMyName

    WOW!! Very nice! Merry CHRISTmas everyone!!

  8. Priest Reviews

    Merry Christmas.

  9. Garry Wood

    Oh dear ??

  10. God's Unruly Friends

    Heavy metal can be powerful, frightening, and intellectually challenging. But this may be one of the very few times it is beautiful.

    Well done, Halford, well done.

  11. TINCANsquid

    I was surprised by this. outstanding

  12. beatleman69

    I didn't know Rob Halford believed in God. Maybe he he does now.

  13. Governor Magoo

    Rob should do a CHRISTmas tour like TSO. ust a handful of dates, Noember thru December. Only CHRISTmas music. It would be awesome

  14. poop train conductor

    Christmas just got a little heavier.

  15. Larry Gervais


  16. VitorBraga18

    Merry Christmas

  17. Tiek Bane

    Needs more guitar solos.

  18. clive m

    nice one Rob......

  19. Duggs Metal Movie Jukebox

    Great job

  20. YZFR1mart

    Never knew this existed 🤨

    Johnny Chaos

    I find it quite ironic that back in the day Rob was accused repeatedly of being satanic, oh and he also happens to be gay. I've heard it said that a singer delivers their most powerful performance when they actually believe the words that they are singing.

  21. Molly Sain

    The “TRUE METAL” god praising the TRUE God..... REJOICE my friends!!!!!!!


    Sorry, but if you knew the history behind your god, you'd know he is not the one true anything. He's a high ranking pagan god that goes by many other names, including Enlil and Zeus.

    Jerrol Hale

    @hmpz36911 that is why you and the rest who don't believe will suffer eternal torment in the depths of hell. Enjoy😊🖤


    @Jerrol Hale You guys thrive on fear. I'm not afraid.

  22. TheSirHoschi

    One night before christmas, i am drunk and i listen to good music, thx Hal! What i realy wants to say is, uhm, ... Prost ihr Säcke! *Picture of a BIG glass of beer*

  23. Devon Noved

    Thank you,Beautiful.

  24. Robert SPENCE

    Merry Christmas Rob Halford!

  25. David Press

    Beautiful Work!!

  26. Gilbert Perdomo

    So.. the lead singer of "Judas priest" sings a song that declares that Christ is Lord. Unexpected, but better late than never.

  27. Richard White

    Ah sweet. 666k views.

  28. Mac Alva

    Living after Christmas

  29. tedjak

    Best Christmas song ever. Love it. 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  30. Robert Ramos

    I played this song for my mom from 12-14-19 till she passed on 12-16-19 for those days it gave me & sister such comfort. Christmas was her favorite holiday this is gonna really hurt not having her around, but we will always have this song to remember our mom! Rob Halford’s voice truly sounds magnanimous THANK YOU Mr Halford from one metal head to the other from the bottom of our hearts for comforting our family in this dark time!

  31. Andrew J.C.

    Our most beautiful Xmas carol...

  32. Capismama

    I admit, I clicked from curiosity...but now, I'm glad i did. Never was much of a Judas Priest fan, but Rob made me smile with this one. Way to go, Rob. Merry Christmas, ya'll.

  33. Steph moon

    Beautiful, in his own inimitable style. Thx for posting!

  34. Buzzardbushcraft

    Utterly utterly magnificent,. Rob that is just sublime, wish youd include it in the next JP tour.

  35. Joseph Appleton

    The best

  36. Marty Med

    He does an amazing job on this song.

  37. Scot Hays


  38. Lucy Smith

    My comment on Twitter: "I neither know Halford, nor would normally listen to this type of music, HOWEVER, I was captivated by this song. The artist(s) seemed to recede, almost as if they are merely the messengers, and the Good News of Christ IS the music.
    Thank you for this extraordinary moment."

  39. aliyamoon80

    Did not know that this existed. Wow.

  40. sabaton liam

    and the time has come again to dust of this chest nut :)

  41. John Menyhard

    Love it

  42. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    Thiis is lovely tbh !

  43. Laura Metheny

    OML. I never knew! Had to look twice...🤘🎄

  44. Mark Gregorio

    When saul become paul..

  45. Thomas Perez

    Reset button 0:01

  46. Cindy Fej

    I'm assuming the few dislikes are from coo coo evangelicals who are pissed that the gays have invaded their traditional holiday carols. YES I SAID HOLIDAY, DAMMIT. Suck it!

  47. James Petrone

    Absolutely amazing. That's all there is to it. AMAZING.

  48. Ches Lee Pack


  49. woody Vallallellalunga

    Have a Very Metal Christmas 2019 \m/ My favorite Christmas song ever.

    shell walsh

    A powerful version..Thank you Mr. Robert John Arthur Halford 🌲

  50. Todd Nash

    This is way kool

  51. Anthony

    Apparently not a lot of ppl know about his past & connection with church & choir singing. Has a lot to do with how he developed his voice. This type of musical stuff fits him perfectly for a reason. You go God of Metal. Nice work as always. \m/

  52. Minnesota Cowboy

    He looks like the guy from breaking bad

  53. L. brooks


  54. Christine Power

    I love Christmas! I love Rob!! Its xmaaaaasssss!!!!!!

  55. Jim Wichert

    Suggestion - if you want a soundtrack for Christmas lights on your house....use this album. Infinite loop. Cranked to 11 through a 10,000 watt PA system. Neighbors be dammed.

  56. woody Vallallellalunga

    Ive always loved this amazing Christmas song

  57. Broncycolon 70

    Could be a Woody song...

  58. Broncycolon 70

    He has Christian influences...like...

  59. Dawoud Kringle

    In the right hands, Metal was always powerful, interesting, exciting, and intelligent. But it had never been beautiful - until now. Well done, Halford.

  60. Tomas Garza

    Wow , Halford gives this song a metal approach while maintaining it spiritual.

  61. Aultun white

    it's one thing to sing a song like this (which he does well) it's another to really believe the message....i doubt if Halford sincerely does since he spent most of career (like most metal singers) mocking God......"jesus Saves" from his band Fight is perfect example of this.....

  62. GORF

    Bravo Robert! More Rob doing gospel tunes!

  63. Reggae Merengue

    Not just an Xmas song, but a proper reverent gospel song and Rob's version brings tears to my eyes! He really felt the spirit on this one.

  64. Edren Veira Silva Souza

    I Am Love that Songs Holy Of JESUS

  65. Johan Ahnström

    Edit: Not dissappointed, just surprised because I'm used to swedish quality opera singers like Jussi Björling doing this song.. This is the voice of God, so I suppose he's entitled to a certain amount of artistic freedom.

  66. Johan Ahnström

    When I clicked on this link I expected a more "operatic" version instead of this fast and rocky version, since I'm well aware of Rob's singing skills. Life long hard core Priest fan as I am. Anyway; this is going on my annual christmas playlist.

  67. Sefer Sophias

    OH WOW! This made my next Christmas ! ! ! I've always loved Halford's singing.

  68. Steven Sandefur

    Savior indeed! He died for me and you

  69. Granny M

    My favourite classic Christmas Carol of all time. I actually really enjoyed this version. Gives it a modern burst. Thanks

  70. knightowl852

    As a Christian and a Metal Head I am honored to be a fan of Priest. Rob gave the song the respect it deserved . You have made me a stronger fan...thank you.

  71. jdspreest

    Voices of God: Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, and Rob Halford

  72. yggsten

    Nice in it´s way - but Jussi is better, Peroid.. !!!

  73. Jeremy Raw

    he could make any song sound good.

  74. Anguirus2012

    67.......with PIPES like THESE........EPIC!

  75. Eric Lawlor

    Judas Priest. Oct 1984 Phoenix AZ Mad House on McDowell or Veterans Memorial Collusium

  76. Azfun6

    Amazing version.  Great job Rob, what a great voice.

  77. Dog Bones

    The man is just incredible!!!!!!!!!

  78. Babba Zee

    ahh This makes me laugh hysterically does this make me bad

    Keith Hamby

    Yes, it does.

    Babba Zee

    my fears realized!

  79. James Meade

    Sounds like he's using auto tune if he is it's funny because when Ozzy does it people are quick to criticize but when Rob does it oh yeah it perfectly acceptable

  80. Pär Westling


  81. vince c

    Merry Christmas Rob we love you ,we'll see you in Albany my in May ,my first concert was at Glenn falls civic center ,upstate ny ,Irion maiden

  82. Steve Kepner

    132 people suck ass

  83. Jason Good


  84. Broke Guy

    He sounds like an ANGEL.....

  85. Remy Garon

    We love you Rob🇨🇦🇨🇦

  86. Kevin Kelly

    All hail the Metal God!!!

  87. In the year 1230 A.D.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  88. Manuel Fernandez

    Love it. Thanks for uploading this. Never heard it before.

  89. francisco hernandez

    Gives me tears

  90. gypsybear

    Rob is a god.

  91. cursecat111

    Sensational St Robert John Arthur Halford.A wonderful version full of metal emotion.God bless you Sir.And Merry Christmas to ALL..

  92. Hardtail Suicidaljockey

    Pole smoker

  93. JB Metalhead

    Happy Holidays 2018!

  94. Jamie Pflueger

    Amazing brilliant job rob. People dont rob is Catholic. ☦️❤😀


    Yeah, this is where he got his start. Singing with his God given voice in church! So beautiful!

    Jamie Pflueger

    @mimilini1 yep i know. Im orthodox catholic. Even dio and sabbath guys are catholic but ppl dont wana believe and listen. They want metal guys to be evil which i dont get. Im very religious but im a big time metal head and musician myself☦️. Love live the Priest 😀


    Jamie Pflueger I’m also Christian and when I was a teenager, Judas Priest helped me become an even more empowered Christian. Rob Halford is the opposite of evil! He’s good for the soul! I completely agree with you! I hope you’re having a very Merry Christmas!

    Jamie Pflueger

    Yes i know he is a kind person like dio was. Heard rob do many interviews on eddie trunk radio show

    Jamie Pflueger

    Merry Christmas to u too

  95. Gentry Tipton

    Freaking awesome!!!!!

  96. Splinter R.

    Merry Christmas "Svens TS 3.

  97. matt davis

    Beautiful singing thank you so much for sharing I had never heard Rob sing this before amazing

  98. Deyna Renae


  99. Brian Koncyk

    Excellent version by Rob paying respect! AWESOME! Thanks for posting. Made my morning hearing this again!

  100. Michael DeTorrice

    the greatest version