Halford, Rob - Made Of Metal Lyrics

Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal racing alien beings
Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal rides a laser beam

He descends from the sky
And he's ready to die for the thrill
When the predator falls
Your fate will be called by his will

Reeling you into a climax crescendo of sound

Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal racing alien beings
Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal rides a laser beam

You have no time
He can turn on a dime with his stare
Spins you around and he's taking you down
He don't care

Stay out of his way or you know you're gonna pay eating wall

Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal racing alien beings
Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal rides a laser beam

Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal races NASCAR teams
Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal rides a laser beam

Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal racing alien beings
Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal rides a laser beam

Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal races NASCAR teams
Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal it's a nitro scene

Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal it's a NASCAR dream
Super sonic silver flying machine
Made of metal it's a hot rod scream

Super sonic silver flying machine
Super sonic silver flying machine
Super sonic silver flying machine
Super sonic silver flying machine

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Halford, Rob Made Of Metal Comments
  1. Leonard Money

    Super Sonic Silver Flying Machine

  2. Janet Mobilia

    Queen of shit.

  3. Jaycen Thomas


  4. Jesus Antonio Zuranich Huamani

    Halford ImI


    Enough metal to rebuild the death star

  6. Diamond Kid

    I enjoy all of Robs bands. None of them sound like each other either. I think the Halford band should tour again. I'd like to see Fight play live some time too. Rob still has it vocally for sure. It's singers like Rob and King Diamond that are just metal all the way to the bone.

  7. Bruno Lostau

    Halford es genial!! The best!!!

  8. John Davia

    The haters should realize ROB has the right do what he wants because he has given the world his heart and soul to give the fans a show they can enjoy for a few hours and for get the bullshit that is happening right now in the world .

  9. 00UncommonSense00

    I love the heavy guitar and the riff...but the lyrics are something a child would write. "super sonic silver flying machine"? ...NASCAR dream? ...."he can turn on a dime?" He really dug low to get this one out. Embarrassing.

  10. Asmodeus

    Great song for my workout mix.

  11. Stuart Cookie

    Back seat drivin and my hands aint on the wheel!!! Hmmm?

  12. Rabbitfighter63

    Looking a bit like a Crazy Frog video.

  13. Jasper Edwards

    sounds more like hawkwind

  14. SexJunkle

    Video looks like it was created with Ray Dream Studio back in 1996.

  15. alex iordache

    To all the people who bitch about the lyrics, all i have to say is you'll never race a super sonic silver flying machine made of metal racing alien beings. Your life is without passion, you lack the will to understand, but i will help you: Halford loves his fantasy beings engaging in risky actions.

    lord geoffrey

    dont be such a knob
    the lyrics are pure shit, and im a priest fanboy
    sounds like something backstreet boys would sing

  16. Patrick Rosa

    your all retards, this is taken from Hawkwind....Lemmy's band young fuckers is all I can say

    Jasper Edwards

    I thought it sounded like hawkwind too

  17. Robson Costa

    Fantastic song.

  18. Rafael

    It seems Rammstein

  19. William H

    Very deep lyrics. Lyrics that make you think and question the meaning of life.

    Yuri Iluminus

    your ass

  20. CounterSkil

    104 people are made of wood

    Robert Goolsby

    People suck shit what God made is shit


    Notice the number 51 ? As in Area 51. I know for a fact Nazi scientists have cross hybridized Nephilim Giants with reptiles to create "Reptilians" add a Giant Flying Fox Bat to the hybrid mixture & a Jeepers Creepers is born for a fake War of the Worlds alien invasion. Martians my arse, they are Hybrids created here on earth !!!

  21. Mike Grau

    I love the number of the car 51... Area 51! Hah!

    Albert Anvil

    And because he was born on 1951 :)

  22. Old-Man Parker

    Why is Donkey Kong driving the race car?

    Jaizz J. Z.

    Old-Man Parker Why isn't Rob himself driving the race car...?

  23. Norbert Racs

    In Metro 2033 I hated the librarians now one of them is driving at nascar

  24. fe head

    Amazing, I must work in my house, best? litening this!! like

  25. LordGandor3

    Human/animal hybrids created by the Satanic UK/US evil empire. There are no "aliens" from outer space it is all done here. The Devil is the master of deception & the  ruling oligarchy of Black Nobility families have been running the world for centuries & they probably are vampires. Prince Charles is a descendant of the House of Dracul. Charles owns 2 homes in Transylvania so maybe vampires really exist ?


    +LordGandor3 The Banksters who rule the world are Evil Satanic psychopaths who want to genocide 90% of the world population


    +LordGandor3 Woe to earth & sea for the Devil knows his time is short so he sends his wrath. As of 2011 there are 662 military bases overseas so add 4 more & you get 666. In the book of Revelation the Beast rises up out of the sea. WW3 is not meant to be won by any nation it is meant to cause total chaos & then a Satanic NWO. Their plan is to kill off 90% of the world with orchestrated famine, disease, WW3, HARRP created disasters & FEMA death camps.
    The Devil is not a cartoon character he is a supernatural force the wicked channel


    +LordGandor3 Judas Priest, Scorpions & Maiden were my favs growing up but they don't give a shit about us, they sold their souls to Satan aka Allah


    The Alien's car number is "51" .....as in Area 51. I recently spoke to a woman whose buddy saw Giant human/animal hybrids at an air force base....they are not from other planets they were created here on private islands. Nazi scientists have created Monsters we've only seen in Hollywood movies....Dragons, 50 ft Great White Sharks, Leviathans, Lycanthropes, Giant Apes, Jeepers Creepers, Dinosaurs that never existed prior to Nazi Germany, Cat People & Scorpion hybrids just like in the movie ALIEN. They are planning on staging a fake War of the Worlds alien invasion with Demon possessed hybrids. Demon possessed human clones have walked among us since the 1950's, including sports stars, music stars, Hollywood stars & politicians

  26. Music lover

    Album (HALFORD IV Made of metal) in my collection, vid in my favs.
    Fantastic album Rob!

  27. Craig Garris

    Rocking some Halford before the Daytona 500 today!

  28. Mike Grau

    Flag from the moon is on the car!Awesome!

  29. Luke D'Onofrio

    JEB BUSH 2016!!!!

  30. SexJunkle

    Good song, but video looks like it was made by middle school students using Autocad & Microsoft Movie Maker.

    Alexe Ionut Crangureanu

    +SexJunkle maibe it was :D

  31. GrayWoIf

    Intro reminds me of that one Marilyn Manson song from Antichrist Superstar.

    Jasper Edwards

    more like hawkwind

  32. Yadier Molina

    Es muy malo este clip, da verguenza ajena, subestima a sus seguidores!

  33. ZZombyWooff

    "Made of metal it's a NASCAR dream". WHAT? WHAT IS THIS?! it's like paul anka trying to write lyrics he thinks sounds really metal. judas priest lyrics started being cheesy and stupid in some point of history, but this is even more horrible

    Mike Grau

    You are allright dude!

    Robert Kennedy

    This album really fell flat for me nothing like the brutal Crucible or Resurrection.

    Mike Grau

    zombie pup is a doushe...

    Albert Anvil

    If you don't like it, you really don't need to listen to this ;)


    First of all, Judas Priest lyrics were cheesy and outdated long before this. Secondly, this isn't even Judas Priest, it's Halford's solo career which was a welcome change from the stale Priest stuff. You can tell how much better Halford was solo, he's performing damn near his prime whereas his post 80s career with him just goes through the motions as if the life has been sucked out of him.

  34. Vahid Agovic


  35. jsabaseball

    the only time i would watch neck car!!

  36. Walery Hemool

    Halford  super!!!

  37. LordGandor3


  38. grandtheftautowwe

    awesome two things I love. Heavy metal and Nascar

  39. themonger1

    KICK ASS...

  40. Antonio Jimenez Mendoza

    hahaha cylon!

  41. 1977fbird

    Halford apparently owns a house in Arizona and loves to drive fast on the "Desert Plains."

  42. anomonyous

    Metal is British in it's roots, but it's awesomeness is global \m/


    ειναι καταπληκτηκο





  46. Asendur

    Battlestar Galactica?

  47. Sztefon Nuwak

    kawał porządnego metalu HALFORD METAL GOD !!

  48. korreatreyu


  49. robert M J

    yeah love rob halford

  50. Wolffey

    that nascar is also a Kilrathi fighter!!!!

  51. Bubbatha Ohio

    You do realize that he lives here in America and I think he became an American citizen.

  52. TheLaiwan

    I'm made of metal
    My circuits gleam

  53. ghozter1

    How cool

  54. pretzeldog67

    Rob was born in 1951, hench, car #51

  55. alucard1948

    Halford - Made or Cheese?

  56. Spookychris01

    No, get it right.
    He is English.
    British covers any old riff raff that lives in the british isles.

  57. HarryPotter87

    Bobby H. is the BOMB!! \\m//

  58. HarryPotter87

    I did hear he splits homes between the USA, the UK, and Holland.

  59. Ross William

    lives in the US now though.

  60. Cássio Azevedo

    crazy good song!

  61. LordGandor3

    How very astute !

  62. LordGandor3

    Well actually I think he holds dual citizenship with homes in the USA & Limeyland

  63. Priest Maiden

    Clip reminds me of Crazy frog lol

  64. streamC

    I like like he sing NASCARRRRRR TEAM!!!

  65. Drag4401

    that a teenage mutant ninja machine ?

  66. LordGandor3

    Was this song in the movie Talladaga Nights ? It should have been !

  67. JJfan48

    Rob Halford likes NASCAR
    Just another reason to like him!!!

  68. Matt Bauman


  69. Matt Bauman

    Rowdy Busch should drive this car

  70. Richard Neil

    lol it does! the song is awesome but rob halford could hire new camera crew instead of he's old faithful 80's camera crew haha

  71. wildchild1384

    Το βίντεο είναι για το πούτσο.....αλλά το τραγούδι ΓΑΜΑΕΙ!!!!

  72. joe alcott

    whats the significance of the #51? the Fight reference kicks ass

  73. sdFdM

    Nope, good guess :)

  74. sdFdM

    There's this one space rock band, which this song reminds me of.

  75. Emma Wright

    if you're referring to the american flag, it's got nothing to do with Rob Halford being american...just that there's an American flag on the moon...

  76. Thunder 88

    @mateush998 why "was" ? He still is the best in both JP and Halford.

  77. mateush998

    Halford in JP was better ;/

  78. Shaky Skol

    @HeavierThanMetal666 No because he's to busy headbanging to halford xD

  79. ealdie24

    OMG this band ripped off Judas Priest!!!


  80. JJfan48

    This video is ment for Dale Earnhardt Rob's favorite NASCAR Driver

  81. eddie1kanobi

    @mulock22 it's a communist symbolism hahahaha. great video great song great singer!

  82. Anton Sander


    Screw you

  83. janborrowitz

    usually these individual projects of famous singers are not acceptable, but this piece.....hmmm

  84. CaptainAtomSmasher

    Awesome music video!!!

  85. CaptainAtomSmasher

    Halford's solo career is basically Judas Priest, with poorer songwriting, and the cliches pushed to eleven. It's fine when you're in the mood for it. But not when you're feeling extra hipster.

  86. WrathofGobae


  87. Mike Campbell

    @mulock22 @200 mph..., give it a whirl :0)

  88. Jelle lefebvre

    84 people are made of plastic

  89. Sergey

    I miss his previous albums. What happen to the sound it used to be a lot heavier. It was supream heavy metal and now its just lame ((((

  90. fortheloveoftunes

    Well is this a retro "Turbo" fase for mr. Halford? .-)

  91. Steve Mills

    I thought it was starting out with a commercial. Gay.

  92. mdharfman


  93. mdharfman

    This should be Tony Stewart's theme song! SMOKE RULES!

  94. LordOfNothingham

    @420protoman My god your an angry son of a bitch.

  95. 420protoman


    if it were up to me i'd shut it all fuckign down. and all pro sports.... pro athletes make wayyy too much money... while ppl are fucking starving in other parts of the country..... americanism makes me fucking sick. and i'm an american

  96. 420protoman

    this is garbage, song and video. NASCAR sucks!!!

  97. egrifi

    song is straight-forward and it is boring..

  98. steve you

    Love it !