HalfNoise - Who Could You Be Lyrics

All alone
And I guess I had enough
And I guess you're better off
I was never too sure

Where could you be?
Where could you be now?
Where could you be?
Where could you be now?

La la la la...

All alone
And I guess I... had it wrong
I must've been the one
I was never too sure

Who could you be?
Who could you be now?
Who could you be?
Who could you be now?

La la la la...

So, where could you be?
Where could you be now?
Who could you be?
Who could you be now?
Where could you be?
Where could you be now?
Who could you be?
Who could you be now?

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HalfNoise Who Could You Be Comments
  1. Darla Baltazar

    but i mean like yes boi play that electric guitar

  2. EJT006Cleetus

    wHy iS it SO sHoRT

  3. Crazy Craft '-'


  4. Krista Garcia

    RCB Universe

  5. Frazhier Lagora

    Why wasnt i informed?????? Damn phone did not notify >:(

  6. Amal Rehman

    And this everyone, is why you should stan Zac Farro.

  7. Ana Ana

    I wanna brush his hair

  8. Spazmobot

    I'm gonna marry that mustache. Guy attached to it's just a freaking bonus...

  9. Paul Gray

    This album's gona be quality!

  10. Hikaeme4022

    Catchy af, the chorus has been stuck in my head the whole day o.o

  11. Rachel Hairsten

    where was daniel kadawatha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Javier Sosa


  13. Wesley Mariano

    I don't understand why there's a dislike button in this video.

  14. Tyler Frey

    If Kevin Parker came to Nashville and laid down some Hofner bass. Here you go.

  15. canniloni

    i still think about the day i got to meet them. i have honestly never met nicer people in my life. zac even told us to go on stage after the show to take group pics and then walked us to the door when we left. i miss them

  16. Groupe Goatsong

    I had such a wonderful time watching you guys in Brighton last week. Thanks for the joy

  17. itsDareTV

    Saw you guys at the jungle giants gig yesterday was so good

  18. chris monk

    It could-ah used more cowbell.

  19. Jeff Ross

    Carson daily show brought me here

  20. Auzamir Talis

    Espero que essas vibes fiquem por aí, e não entrem mais no Paramore

  21. Anthony Marleau

    Oops I drop the mic

  22. Anthony Marleau

    Hey Mr. Popular I love your style

  23. Kevin Gonzales

    That cowbell tho

  24. Jon Torgusen

    It’s so crazy to see Zac doing this stuff. After seeing the Misery Business music video when I was like 12, I would’ve never anticipated such a drastic/welcomed change. I’m a fan of this dude for life!

  25. Joseph Robertson

    Zac has really blossomed into quite a musical powerhouse. :)

  26. Bill Harned

    Nice Rick you have there.

  27. Genie Dahyun

    Rose Coloured Boy much?

  28. alberto perez

    Anyone else get an anchorman kinda vibe from this vid

  29. Gerly Garcia

    woah!!! love this!!!! sending love from Philippines!!! :)

  30. Timothy Hales

    Why is this on my recommended?? I listen to death metal, I can safely say that this isnt it, its interesting, not bad, but no thank you.

  31. madebydalton


  32. Jayde Blackmar

    *tag yourself I’m the banana*

  33. flamefinger77

    I see Jason Schwartzmann, I click

    parepidemos productions

    so he's in a band now?! 😉

  34. Stars Hollow

    It’s so good

  35. Eirini Vasileiou

    Wooooo go Z A C

  36. Momma Ravioli

    Y'all are great

  37. Isolated Sephzon

    I didnt know that was zac farro

  38. NSPLG

    see you in birmingham

  39. Lety Aquino

    Ooo cute boys 🖤

  40. Abhameet Panigrahi

    The vocalist seems like a nerdy/geeky version of Jared Leto 😶

    Abhameet Panigrahi

    @Papi Dawg wow...oh, I like his work. Thanks for letting me know 😁

  41. Radio Raven

    Someone likes Bryan ferry.

  42. Rcketfield

    Guy looks like Jason Schwartzman!

    parepidemos productions


  43. Numan Sabit KARALİ

    Can someone explain please? Is this Zac's side band? How long has he been doing this?

  44. Aleksandr Korobeinikov

    Classy video!

  45. skcusem !

    I'll just stay here

  46. Avery Villegas

    Zac will you please be my Dad!?

  47. newton


  48. Jake

    This reminds me of the bands I’d listen to back in the 06-08 time period. Bands like pomplamoose, death from above 1979, does it offend you yeah?, Silversun Pickups, Tv on the radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, ah good times.

  49. Denise Rmz


  50. Mzdo

    "I'm Ron Burgundy?" -- This is awesome <3

  51. Jeanna Theis

    Love this! Absolutely wonderful.

  52. Rosario Alvarez

    Cool song!

  53. Savant

    this is so funky. i fucking love it.

  54. NaDa A vEr CoM NaDa

    Mano, amei isso aqui!

  55. gabriel

    sounds like the doors waitinf for the sun


    If you die in an Urban Outfitters this is the song that plays as you ascend to heaven.

  57. Lulú Williams

    It looks and sounds like 70's music video

  58. Teneil jade

    This is GREAT

  59. Angel Rafael

    Love from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  60. Dinky Russell

    *Insert cowbell jokes here*

  61. Tosin Agbi

    Nice to see Zac not just playing drums. What a talented and good looking king! Great job all of you.

  62. Mariana Guerra Centeno


  63. Waldo Scholtz

    Fucking. Incredible.

  64. smolchaeng

    this is so good

  65. jinnie parker

    deep breath. ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAC

  66. Sonic Fiercetone

    Best Parts: 3. Song, 2. Banana as a microphone, 1. Smoking cowbell player.
    Totally boss guys!

    Andrew Reimherr

    Sonic Fiercetone needs more cowbell tho

  67. tabitha walker

    I’m a basic person
    I see Zac Farro
    *I click*

    Echo Tango

    Handsome & musically talented buggah... Did not know he did vox ‘til now here.

    lady popoy

    yeah me too

  68. Carlos Castilho

    O vocalista parece o Marcos Mion kkk

  69. LEE

    LOVE IT!

  70. alejandro w.

    Already one of my favourite songs of the year so far.

  71. Jaqueline Mendes

    great, we love u

  72. LauraLJMusic

    Certified bop

  73. lia %

    This shit slaps

  74. Rodrigo Mora

    Nice work Zac!!!!

  75. yogasxsagoy _

    where is hayley and taylor?

  76. Emso Rulo


  77. Artemis Crock

    It stucks in my head AAAAA I LOVE IT

  78. Solara

    Quality content thx a lot

  79. F LA K E S S P R I N G

    Rose colored boy vibes

  80. Matthew Storm


  81. María Rodríguez González


  82. Nathy Fredes

    Zac! Man I had no idea you were doing music on your own, this is amazing! Great sound man! I love it!

    Nathy Fredes

    So yeah... apparently I’ve been living under a rock. But hey great news! I’m in love with a “new” band lol

  83. Space Rock

    Good job!

  84. Narayani A

    Yes, of course i know u from paramore. Dude i am shook, i fucking love thissssss

  85. Robert Martinez

    I love this.

  86. pixie queen

    so fucking good, i love u guys🖤

  87. David Hidayat

    Debuted in my weekly personal indie chart on April 21, 2019 edition :)

  88. Yana Atazan

    Woa this is so gooood

  89. Broken Archetype

    Directed by Wes Anderson

  90. ellielovesbands

    That song is so sick 🤙🏻❤️

  91. Kevin Andrade

    Si estuviera Josh Farro sería perfecto

  92. survivor geek

    just phenomenal. & that la la la laaa part tho addictive af

  93. Jaspler

    zac those moves tho

  94. Liam

    Needs more cowbell.