HalfNoise - Someday Lyrics

What's a boy to do
If I don't get the clue
And you're on your way out
Something strikes again
And I don't get the hint
Then I get let down, let down

But someday, I'll have your love
Someday, I'll have your love

What do I gotta do
When all I want is you
And you're just on your way out
If I keep giving in
And you stay on the fence
Will you ever come down, come down

But someday, I'll have your love
Someday, I'll have your love

Your love someday

Someday I'll have your love
Someday, I'll have your love

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HalfNoise Someday Comments
  1. EJT006Cleetus

    Bruh, once you discover the meaning, like whoa, it hits you hard.

  2. El Látigo Lector

    Halfnoise is the latest band i've discovered. I like it so much. Their music gets to me like i haven't felt in a while.

  3. Marisa J

    honestly don't know why but this song makes me happy as fuck??? just had to come here and say that

  4. SpaceDolphin

    This is like if Mew and Grizzly Bear had a baby... I love it ❤

  5. Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake Fans Forever

    This video looks like the music video of paramore's Caught In The Middle

  6. survivor geek

    dank vibes

  7. Bailey M

    Zac has such a good jawline

  8. megalopolis2015

    This band has made some of the sweetest, most catchy tunes in all of history.

  9. rie

    gostoso vc tem meu amor todos os dias more

  10. jillian frances

    god this is absolutely perfect

  11. Jovie Cornel

    I really really love this song and the video also ❤❤❤

  12. Shaun Bukuth


  13. gustav france

    I like this

  14. abrill corpse

    W.O.W ! <3

  15. RRodz

    Algún día le daré un beso a ella.

  16. RosenSongs

    Wow, congrats

  17. Ash

    i havent heard a halfnoise song that i havent loved

  18. ??? Eagle

    What's this video's style called? Pls i wanna know it

  19. Pwrcritter

    Interestin lookin dude

  20. Tyler and Josh Panic at the disco


  21. abydoublen

    I love love

  22. E M

    His music is so litt

  23. Alex Igra

    Wow, this is really good. Didnt realize he had his own band until today.

  24. Wynonna Velerver

    Good job**

  25. Wynonna Velerver

    Wow. Good jon

  26. maca barrera

    vengan a chile :C

  27. Larissa Goya Pierry


  28. Lisa Potpot

    Why does the music video make me think of Super Mario 64 ?

  29. ZionGuy

    Beach boy

  30. Egeiro_Team

    Very unique stuff.. but it sucks to see him go so far away from what started him out (Punk Rock) but i get it.. punk isn't really doing well right now. The wierd indie-rock-hypster thing is.. unfortunetly

  31. The Wanderer

    my favorite hipster ❤

  32. Flo

    Love this. So proud of Zac.

  33. Harry Kitchener-Trevillion

    hard times slowed down

    Bernard Calitz

    This album was released in 2016, hard times from paramore was released in 2017 bro.

  34. Braun Knew


  35. Jeanna Theis

    So awesome Zac!

  36. William Martins

    na moral, i love you soo much!

  37. Ryarina Prasetya

    Sound smooth as silk.

  38. Paula Sirius

    amo sua voz 😍 posso ouvir o dia todo

  39. tomas hedgehog


  40. Juan


  41. frankiero

    how many times he changed his clothes during the filming

  42. Jayse Garcia

    This is *so* good, Zac! Congrats!

  43. DEL

    When was the last time we saw Zac without some sort of hat???

  44. Kory Shue

    Ooh I vibe to this... (Eyes closed getting my sway on)

  45. Thiago Oliveira

    My gosh. I know Zac since a lifetime ago, and I never knew his talent was even greater. This song is another too beautiful one. The melody seems sad in some moments and at the same time brings peace inside. like I'm sitting on a stone at the beach watching a beautiful sunset and thinking about God.

  46. Tlotlo Senai

    What an artist!

  47. The Davahkiin


  48. frankiero

    this video is gonna be my aesthetic forever, play it on my funeral (also the song)

  49. Andi Ramser

    Damn. This is good. Incredible drummer, then this voice!!

  50. theneighbordowntheblock


  51. ρяσfєѕѕισиαℓ fαиgιяℓ



    you can follow the similar artists on indie playlist twenty

  53. Noa Mizrahi

    Loveeeeeee this song

  54. Adrianna Rodriguez

    This is beautiful🌹🖤

  55. don't scold me b.i

    Zac you're an art

  56. Amanda Corrêa

    Zac's so talented!

  57. Jann Nisperos

    HalfNoise's gonna be huge

  58. Lots. E

    Ayeee Zac 👏🏻

  59. quincy mulraine

    he's gonna be a really big deal someday. congrats on this!!

  60. Pether Rafael

    zaaaaaaaac EU te amoo

  61. sorryboutmymess.

    um hipster desse bixo

  62. Thamires Nogueira

    Amei a música e o vídeo <3 Congrats Halfnoise! When you're proud to have subscribed to this Band. =]]]

  63. Goob

    This is so trippy I love ot

  64. Lori Brillante

    What's a boy to do
    If I don't get a clue
    You're on your way out
    Something strikes again
    I don't get the hit
    Then I get let down, let down

    But someday
    I'll have your love
    I'll have your love

    What do I gotta do
    And all I want is you
    You're just on your way out
    If I keep giving in
    You stay on the fence
    Will you ever come down, come down

    But someday
    I'll have your love
    I'll have your love

    Trent Carr

    These are incorrect in places. Its "what's a boy to do if i dont get THE* clue and you're on your way out, something strikes again and I dont get the HINT*"

    Trent Carr

    Also the second verse is "what do I gotta do WHEN all I want is you AND you're just on your way out. If I keep giving in AND you stay on the fence"

  65. gabriela gabi

    thanks Zac! i'm proud of you. my boy ❤

  66. Алёна Яренских

    YEEEEEEEES! I'm happy

  67. Jian Famor

    Definitely from a Wes Anderson music box. Love your music!

  68. yanirma H

    I love you!! <3

  69. Haley Smith

    This is perfect driving around for no reason music. So in love with this entire EP!

  70. bbhuwu


  71. adrielly


  72. YoEnfermero

    Grande GENIO! saludos desde Arg!!

  73. Ola Nilsen Kjøren

    My favourite drumming hipster.

  74. isa veloso

    such a cool song, I loved it
    (btw, I don't know why but this song reminds me of Mario Bross, the game)

  75. Alyssa burton


  76. _ wayne

    Here before 1 million views! blend in, muehehe!

  77. Quantum

    The editing team for this video was definitely smoking some of that good stuff when they made this...


    I honestly don't think they smoke it...

    Probably that good acid stuff. Like this is so psychedelic

  78. Vladimir Bogdantsev

    Soon there will be kids who wouldn't distinguish this from 1976

    kimi jung roosevelt

    Vladimir Bogdantsev uhm, excuse me?! It's 1964

  79. Mar jø rie

    <3 <3 <3

  80. Faresb2000

    This is a cool song

  81. muhammad wardhana

    Zac best !!!

  82. DX Satellite Rock

    Very Nice

  83. Austin Davis

    this is good !! in my opinion better than josh

    Vladimir Romanov

    Austin Davis oh pls dont be like that

  84. JeZz Foreman

    me encanta..!

  85. sia


  86. Maximiliano Villarreal

    Love these songs, they have an intimate atmosphere , Halfnoise = Amazing Music

  87. teaganapril

    this is so sick

  88. Brayan

    Thanks Zac <3
    I'm following you from the first EP you published, I hope that you do not give up your work, your music after you're back with the Paramore. Your music has become important to me, thank you, thank you so much <3

  89. Danielle Obsequio

    Congrats farro 🌹

  90. Renan Coelho

    Perfeito! Halfnoise cada música linda!!

  91. Tasha Simone

    This is sick yo. I love how funky the whole video is 😂

  92. James Bird

    Love your music so much! New fan and seeing Zac next week