HalfNoise - My Girl Lyrics

And I was in my head too
On that lonely morning
And I know I think 'bout it sometimes
It was nothing special

All the girls in the corner go outside
Closer to the California summer light
And I can't believe we were almost there
You're almost my girl

Almost my girl

And I was in the first
To be in love with you
And I know I feel bad sometimes
Was it nothing special?

All the girls in the corner go outside
I'm sad cause you leave me in the wintertime
And I can't believe that we were almost there

You're almost my girl
Almost my girl

Long nights when you cannot sleep
On those nights
Are you thinking about me?
Long nights when you're out of dreams
On those nights
Are you thinking about me?

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HalfNoise My Girl Comments
  1. Frazhier Lagora

    You could hear hayley's voice toooo

  2. KHDrummer

    Very beautiful music, big fan of Zac since 2009

  3. danny miw

    Udah denger lagu lagu ini projekan dr awal.. dan gak pernah ngecewain :)) godjob zac

  4. Adriana Verdecie

    I love all of your songs.

  5. pedro lz

    O Brasil te espera vem pra cá

  6. Cindy Vindel

    One of the best songs of Flowerss EP

  7. Paola Munoz

    please perform in Houston, Tx ! I wanna see y'all live ! ♥♥

  8. Jezai m

    So fucking beautiful

  9. Ana Carolina Guimarães

    best birthday omg i cant even

    Михаил Ульрих

    Happy Birthday!)

  10. Hay Lê Miu

    Mah jam for the week

  11. divinexmau alvarado

    holy gooooood!

  12. Larry M

    My fave. The little guitar doo doos get stuck in my head all the time.

  13. Javier Delfino

    My fave

  14. Eva Simorangkir

    really one of the best songs from flowerss! thank u !

  15. Darwyn Rodriguez

    My favorite song, is amazing. I love it

  16. _ wayne

    how do i buy this?

    Javier Delfino

    _ wayne paying for it (?) lol

    _ wayne

    i guess i asked wrong. where do i buy?

    Laudo Phobos

    Ask the artist?

  17. Brando Laki

    Beautiful song

  18. Jokerz Insanity

    This is so relaxing and awesome

  19. Rana Tokdemir

    My favourite from the EP, beautiful song.

  20. · all the time daydreamer ·

    i love that angelical voice <3

  21. Ruth Samson


    Paola Riina

    Ruth Samson I think so.

  22. Savannah Lemos

    my girl sounds like samba. Amazing album!

  23. may

    i love how it starts with just some guitar, then the synth and bass comes in and the drums joins in. im sure i can hear hayley here? yall harmonizing sounds like heaven wow. and this song is actually pretty calming, i love it so much

    Victor Aguilera

    You just spoiled me the song... I didn't know that was possible

    La Fille de Fleur

    m a dude I’ve been wondering for so long if that’s y’all towards the end! It sounds like it