HalfNoise - Flowerss Lyrics

Always in the shower
Where everything matters up here
I don't know why
I'm looking out the window today

Why does it matter?
Why does it matter to you?
Why does it matter?
Why does it matter to you?

Always and forever
I'll hold your flowers for you
Don't go inside
Or lose your mind

Why does it matter?
Why does it matter to you?
Why does it matter?
Why does it matter to you?


La la la la la la

I know it's hard sometimes
I know it's hard sometimes
I know it's hard sometimes

Does it matter to you?
Does it matter to you?

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HalfNoise Flowerss Comments
  1. EJT006Cleetus

    It sounds sorta cheerful, but then kinda dark at th same time, it's epic

  2. F LA K E S S P R I N G

    Where the participation of Hayley in this song ?

  3. Leonardo Ponti

    so peach pit vibes

  4. 01Phenom

    hidden gem

  5. Jaxy Pannn

    I love you so much <3

  6. Trevor g


  7. krystal turner

    Love this!

  8. Ryan Mortenson

    wow this is just what i needed

  9. Flor Veron

    EL MEJOR TEMA LEJOS💜💜💜💜🌸🌷⚘🌹🥀🌺💐🌻🌼

  10. Mónica Fernández Gámez

    The beginning reminded me of the Beatles, loved the song <3

  11. Scooter wears Socks

    This video is insanely cheesy, and kinda cringe. That's why we love you Zac! <3

  12. Denise

    this a good one!!! I'm HOOKED

  13. Frazhier Lagora


  14. Johan Luna

    Actually better than every album of Paramore

  15. Isabella Palanques

    I cant waittttt for the flowerss album, this video is amazing 🌹

  16. Shay

    Made a guitar tab on this song at Ultimate-Guitar.com. Check it out if you’d like!

  17. Pwrcritter

    I bet they smoke a lot of grass..

  18. Daniel Ortega

    this should get millions of views... you are awesome thanks for the music bro!

  19. Jeremy Gough

    Unreal ✌️

  20. Juansep

    esto es super indie... 😋

  21. Seba Duarte

    HalfNoise must come to South America!!

  22. Viagens de bicicleta Leandro kafka kafka

    Nice Song

  23. Thomas Roberts

    Zac Demarco

  24. Luiza Lima

    aaaaaaaaaaaa i love it! can't wait for more <3

  25. wildthornberri

    he’s a multi-talented KING

  26. Friggy frog

    You're good in singing also Zac Your amaaaaazingggggg

  27. Shannon Williams

    !!!!!!! in love

  28. Ximena Ahumada

    Bodega Jonez Everyone!!!!!

  29. Juan

    Para cuando She said

  30. Inventora

    TREMENDO!!!!¿Alguien más habla español? Empecé el año conociendo mucha música buena!! Por favor recomendame más música nueva... como "Halfnoice" o "La rueda o el barco" Pasen sus descubrimientos!!!

    Pacha González


    Natalia JS

    Grizzly Bear ♥

  31. Denise Quiambao


  32. Adapple

    Found this in my recommended notifications. Cool.

  33. Diandra

    okay, ternyata zac tiduran

  34. Paola Munoz

    yesss ♡♡♡

  35. Ruth Kinyon

    I literally have that exact same guitar did you steal it from me

  36. I'm not Hayley Williams

    Sounds like to Tame Impala.

    Great song!!! I love it <3

  37. Cah • kryz

    Zac se vestiu de Beatle

    I'm not Hayley Williams

    Cáh Ferreira Ringo Star :3

  38. Kat

    probably one of the best halfnoise songs

  39. Rayssa Lopes

    Love you Z! The Beatles would be proud of you ❤️🤧

  40. estefani a.

    yet another hit!!!! I love all your music videos, keep it up!!

  41. Day dreaming94

    ❤️❤️🥀🌷🌹💐🌸🌼🌾 love this so much

  42. sop robles

    amazing song, sad you aren't going to san fran

  43. Alexandra Bertolucci

    ❤🌷 it's amazing !

  44. nine

    george harrison

  45. divinexmau alvarado

    Holy damn 🌺

  46. charlie.hallon

    i love this so much!!

  47. Fachri Rachmanda

    Boosting up the volume in the first 10 seconds is a huge mistake


    Fachri Rachmanda 😂😂

    Samm Flanders

    i do this too often hahahaha

  48. Anj Teves


  49. Amaya Ted :3


  50. Sara Pasqualetto

    Come to italy please💓

  51. ??? Eagle

    eargasm eyegasm, simultaneously

  52. rosie o’donovan

    zac is so under appreciated smh

  53. rosie o’donovan

    what an amazing song!

  54. Vos Arends

    oooh zac you be so right ooh

  55. Léna Polyák

    Oooh, this is so nice:) Made my day a lot better! :)

  56. Rob •


  57. al is trash

    This song is oddly calming. Good job Zac!

  58. Michelle Díaz

    Yeaah, i love it ♡♡♡

  59. Wesley Lindsey

    What drugs am I taking right now

  60. Andres Fernando Castañeda Cabrera

    Taan Halfnoise! Bravo.

  61. GrtWhiteN

    Been following you since "Free The House" was released! Thk you for producing songs that cheer us up and making sick grooves. Happy for ya Zac!

  62. anny Cart

    When can you buy tickets for the show in may?

  63. da1newyorkg


  64. fecocsf

    The world doesn't deserve Zac

  65. Kiira Fox

    Could you hit up North Carolina again! I missed ya in Chapel Hill last time. Great video, prob my fav HN one now!

  66. Debora Guerra

    Come to Brazil!!! just a little!!!

  67. Karol Velasco


  68. Nico the Loser

    What an icon

  69. therobram

    Love it!

  70. Carol Campos


  71. Harley Quinnesque

    Great song! Great video!

  72. Francesca Pajares

    this is so funky and 80's like and im LIVING FOR IT ALSO MY WIG IS GONE

  73. Yuri Fagundes

    You're so good!! I'm so happy that you are in Paramore, but still doing your own music, cause you're really talented in the both.

  74. Edwin Sánchez

    Congrats for this, waiting for the album.

  75. Jesus Gonzales

    Es muy buena

  76. Rafaella nat

    Love it 🙋😘

  77. Helena Luciano

    I love it ❤️

  78. Прраа Мпппа

    It's horrible

  79. jenna

    what a bop

  80. Rene LozaC.

    Poopi Flowerss

    Congrats Zac, you're awesome!

  81. theSilentCartographer

    See ya in Santa Ana March 13th!

  82. Daniela Serna

    GREAT! Congrats.

  83. Harry Arefon

    Sup Zac!

  84. Leø The little lion

    The song is amazing and the video is just Perfect 😍

  85. Kbz

    miss the selftitled vibes tho

  86. Eduard Alarcón Rojas

    I looove the vibes♥

  87. aleksandra gojkov

    Wait, has it always been "flowerss"??

  88. Gustavo Amaral

    Zac, Brazil love your vibe!!!!!!!


    Gustavo Ferreira falta mais músicos nessa vibe

  89. Katlyn Villa

    C O N G R A T S !

  90. paramore is my life

    This is amazing

  91. Manthony Mantano

    Is that allowed

  92. ihavenoambition

    I love you zac