HalfNoise - Boogie Juice Lyrics

Bad apple
I guess that's how you found me now
You say "bad apple"
I guess that's what you think of me now

So I
I'm not your bad apple
I'm not your bad, bad apple now

So look harder
I don't know what to prove to you now
I said look harder
There's more to one than meets the eye

So I

I'm not your bad apple
I'm not your bad, bad apple now

I'm so sorry
But I'm not your bad apple man (no no no no)
I'm not your bad apple man (no no no no)

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HalfNoise Boogie Juice Comments
  1. Ezar Ariawan

    Great song , great music

  2. Edward Wong

    Wait, is it Boogie Juice (Apple Man) or is it Boogie Man (Apple Juice)? ;))

  3. AnaToons

    This is just too good

  4. TheEVN7

    YouTube Brought me hereeeee!
    "BAD APPLE!" 🎶🎵

  5. inosuke 09

    [Verse 1]
    Bad apple
    I guess that’s how you found me now
    You say “bad apple”
    I guess that’s what you think of me now

    So I
    I’m not your bad apple
    I’m not your bad, bad apple now

    [Verse 2]
    So look harder
    I don’t know what to prove to you now
    I said look harder
    There’s more to one than meets the eye

    So I
    I’m not your bad apple
    I’m not your bad, bad apple now

    I’m so sorry
    But I’m not your bad apple man (no no no no)
    I’m not your bad apple man (no no no no)

  6. IsielTV

    Can't believe the apple vibes!

  7. Marcelo Dall agnol

    Love you guys

  8. Raven163229

    So this is what uncle Rico has been doing.

  9. lexiatea

    I can tell this new album's gonna make me feel better during hard times. 💃 Groovin' through the pain

  10. Luiza Lima

    i'm just so glad halfnoise exists thanks guys, ya'll doing amazing keep it up :')

  11. A M A T E U R W A V E

    That outtro tho 💪

  12. megalopolis2015

    This group is so diverse. Very experimental. I gotta say that this video is like a 70's gay porn audition warm-up. That might be a little TOO experimental. LOL.

  13. Dr. Phil

    This surely is the golden age of indie rock

  14. Clara Abreu

    The entire song is so fucking groovy. I can't get this outro out of my head. HN making incredible work one more time as the uuuse 🍎

  15. takemethere78

    This song for sure would of played on that 70's show lol

  16. ASMR for those who have no dignity left to lose

    That was fuckin wild

  17. no no

    The lead singer... Oh my God he is handsome. I'm gonna shoot my shot.. Would you like to go on a date with me?

  18. EJT006Cleetus

    This is really fricken good but WHAAT, I thought he was drummer for paramore... I guess not anymore

    Sophie Iannantuono

    Zacs still the drummer In Paramore. He does both 😊

  19. Spazmobot

    He's my new daddy.

  20. Drewbi

    love it, preordered on amazon music, come to PEORIA ILLINOIS PLEASEE

  21. Darryl Hall

    Their trying and that counts for something. This video would be better watched if the person watching was stoned.

  22. fka twigs is the queen of england

    i wanna see these guys in a gucci ad with their own music one day

  23. jeovany Lopez

    Idk how i got here but im ok wit it

  24. Victoria Witprachtiger

    0:25 me hearing boogie juice the first time

  25. reeooww

    Is this the guy from Paramore?!

  26. abbie riley

    I absolutely love this ♥️♥️♥️

  27. Seba Duarte

    Brilliant!! Can't wait to hear the whole album!!

  28. canniloni

    halfnoise just makes me happy man

  29. REPLAY

    Yess! so cool like always! It's a REPLAY (again ;)

  30. LEE


  31. Robert Martinez

    A vertical music video? Wow! Love Halfnoise

  32. Stylized! Circus Baby -SL-

    I saw you guys on Last Call, and you guys were amazing! I love your songs! 😄

  33. Alejandra Molina

    Zac giving me Uncle Rico from Napoleon dynamite vibes 😂

  34. Syd

    saw you guys at firefly and you're awesome! this video is so cool!

  35. OKRLU

    go ahead zac✨🔥✨

  36. Sierra Mari

    I’ve watched this so many times

  37. Kellie Cronogue

    Funky, I love

  38. Alexi

    you know what i love this. knowing what’s going on is overrated anyway

  39. Shaznil Izhar Bin Kaili

    I immediately hit the like button before the vid started

  40. Mr. Drown_73


  41. Nadia

    Love the editing on this

  42. Jeremy Gough

    Love it on the first listen. Maybe one of your best songs so far 👍😊

  43. Bonnie L

    go on tour

  44. Matthew Marasigan

    getting ocean's 11 vibes from this

  45. Greg Runtunuwu

    I like this a lot but I really miss the darker halfnoise sound like from your 1st EP

  46. Nicolaus Tumanggor

    This is lit! Greeting from Indonesia!

  47. Harley Quinnesque

    no one:

    No one at all:

    zac: I'm not your bad apple

    amazing chill song. cute video too.

  48. Woahh Rachel

    u guys are rlly cool but like pls come to maryland 😌

  49. Los homies66

    I love this band as much as I love paramore!!!!!!!❤❤❤👌👍

  50. Monique Petty-Ashmeade

    zac said: 🤠🍎🕺

  51. Luis Diego H. Silva

    Nicest cowboy. You°re so cool guys, all of you. xoxo !! ñ.ñ

  52. Oscar Morillo

    Cada canción q sacan es mejor q la otra

  53. Mars Cook

    Zac you rock your mustache well done

  54. RayrayTheCraycray

    This is so good

  55. Septian Azhar

    Nobody unlike this music video, hopefully

  56. whispss32

    Amazing vid

  57. M M

    Hell yeah, the boys are back

  58. Jay Caniza

    Freaking love this band! fav pmore drummer zac

  59. Mateus Santiago Lage

    Fav song

  60. Luih Carreras

    was that a hayley shade??

  61. hailey

    zac said 🍎🤠

  62. 2nd Place Loser

    can i marry all of those guys

  63. Bailey Cobb

    tour dates soon please? My dad and I are ready to get groovy with y’all 🤪

  64. Kaching

    I knew I was gonna love the song before I watched, just based on the title. I was not disappointed 🤗

  65. indigo joles

    I see you K.
    Love you all.

  66. bigal_3000


  67. Jokerz Insanity

    I love the lyrics, but the video just keeps on making me laugh for some odd reason 😂

  68. Erik Baruch

    Come to Mexico! 🇲🇽

  69. Fernanda Cazares

    OMGGGGGG Im in love ❤

  70. Math Storm


  71. Math Storm


  72. Beatriz Lima

    daniel outshined everyone, this is a daniel k feat halfnoise song now no one @ me

  73. mary allison

    yesss this is a banger

  74. Facundo Lara

    Haces todo bien ! Excepto el no venir a Argentina 😜

  75. Lau Ra


  76. Candi Roberts

    Finally, my life is better.

  77. La Fille de Fleur

    Love you guys!

  78. Vladimir Bogdantsev

    Full bag of half noise.


  79. Zoshii1

    wooooo so early! Nice one guys. there are 500 views

  80. Scheneca Crane

    Yes apple yes

  81. Hikaeme4022

    That indian guy looks hella cool

  82. James Bird

    "That apple, I guess that's how you found me now" gravity @ Sir Issac Newton

    A M A T E U R W A V E

    Bad apple*

  83. Bambu27

    grande zac! saludos desde argentina!

  84. Chlorine

    It’s so weird but I love it

  85. Jyusatsu

    Yowh early squad! 🙌 This song surely be on my Boogie Friday playlist

  86. Dener Silva

    Amo demaaaaais, Zac tá gato 🖤

  87. Moonflower

    Niiiiice 🍎🍎🍎

  88. M.A. __ C.

    Very cool my dudes

  89. Hazel Phillips

    This is the best 💕💕

  90. Giulio Mazzocco

    Only love for joel mckanzie

  91. Allen Mathew Vitug

    1:55 Zac. Stop. We're dying.