Half Moon Run - No More Losing The War Lyrics

Somebody stop her
The lifter
The runner
The girl with the gold in her mouth

They caught her at london
Waterloo station
Strung up on a ferris wheel

She used to lose pageants
"pick of the litter"
The newspapers screamed from their racks
Pictures at seven, nine-teen eighty-somethin
The waltz on her father's shoes

No more losing the war, karen
No more losing the war, karen

But I really knew her
In an after-pub-closing way
Falling down, crawling drunk laughing like children with sugared up gullets
I rue this day

No more losing the war, karen
Oh karen..

No more losing the war

You got me all frustrated
In an old fashioned way

Easy does it rider
I've had a long, long day

No more losing the war, karen
No more losing the war, karen

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Half Moon Run No More Losing The War Comments
  1. letmehavanickname

    my favourite thing about this song is that if you misjudge the timing you end up howling the name Karen like a woeful maniac

  2. Kevin’s STI

    I’ve been waiting on vids from this album ! Nice. Fav song need it ! Need a vid

  3. Stakkie Jones

    Can someone please explain this video to me ? I am so confused

  4. Eric Lander

    … outstanding composition and performance …

  5. Sean ODonnell

    The Radiohead influence is strong here.

  6. Aiko Tanaka

    Isso é uma obra de arte

  7. Doa Carter

    Somebody stop her 
    The lifter 
    The runner 
    The girl with the gold in her mouth 

    They caught her at London 
    Waterloo station 
    Strung up on a Ferris wheel 

    She used to lose pageants 
    "pick of the litter" 
    The newspapers screamed from their racks 
    Pictures at seven, nine-teen eighty-something 
    The waltz on her father's shoes 

    No more losing the war, Karen 
    No more losing the war, Karen 

    But I really knew her 
    In an after-pub-closing way 
    Falling down, crawling drunk laughing like children with sugared up gullets 
    I rue this day 

    No more losing the war, Karen 
    Oh Karen

    No more losing the war 

    You got me all frustrated 
    In an old fashioned way 

    Easy does it rider 
    I've had a long, long day

  8. Charlotte N

    getting sufjan stevens vibes, we wont need legs to stand

  9. May

    This song is so painfully beautiful. The video is magnificent.

  10. pavel DISL DHDK KJD

    no todo lo bueno tiene buen publico :'v

  11. Olivia Kristine

    they sound like jaymes young

  12. Carcosa

    sounds like a folclore version of radiohead, they're good though

  13. Rene van der Waard

    Quite lovely music singing sublime

  14. sevilay Sevi

    sert te gelen vardır heralde

  15. LooN

    much love from germany, this song is a masterpiece and the visuals are perfect aswell <3

  16. Catsby


    l Leclerc

    It is a very good question! :)

    Sushi Powa

    The more famous they'll get, the harder it will be to see them tho

    nicholas guyot

    Their follow up album really killed it for them i think. Love this album though.

  17. Batuhan Ersoy

    "2:38" fool always use that has this octave

  18. Beyza Atasever

    anyone could tell me who is Karen that in this song????

  19. Tiana Wolff

    Was that Kaya Scoldeario

  20. Rick G

    Sadly, I've only experienced your diverse, amazing music recently all thanks to 102.1 the edge cfny.  God bless you guys and keep up the great, inspiring ear candy!

  21. Apho Risma

    Such a deep thought and wisdom --all in one song!! C'EST ADMIRABLEMENT BEAU!!

  22. Squat MAster

    sounds like radiohead

  23. moom11_1

    connected with PSTD perhaps?

  24. Paranduza

    czemu na końcu są podani sami polacy?

    D eF

    bo teledysk urodzil sie w Polsce, w glowie Czlowieka Kamery i w Polsce tez zostal stworzony - przez Polakow :)


    tylko muzycy są Kanadyjczykami

  25. woffy

    The video is awesome. I can't stop watching it.

  26. eliane bou

    The first 10 seconds.

  27. Luke Rieke

    Holy crap! Did anyone else see the upside downfacee at 1:56? Freakyyyy

  28. SchokWay

    Siete troppo bravi.
    Mi piacerebbe troppo vedervi in Italia.

  29. Maxiclaudi

    Hauntingly magnificent!

  30. GreatCanadianTV



    wow. amazing video for a beautiful song

  32. Gustumbo

    Let your - let your get - - - delete delete - cash

  33. iHeartsyMusic

    Extremely dramatic and cool!!

    Apho Risma

    +iHeartsyMusic je pense que c'est l'histoire de Anna Karénine, de Tolstoï un écrit de l'épilogue en avril 1877 !!

  34. Kitty Kiss

    I'm not 100% sure but I think the video is based on Karen Olssons book Waterloo. I also saw you guys at sommersault, you were truly amazing and ever since then you have been my favourite band. I'm the awkward girl who asked you to sign her dress👍 I love you guys.

    wolfie explorerofanimaljam

    Went there too, i was the girl on the front on her fathers shoulders <3

    Stakkie Jones

    why do you think that the video clip is about Karen Olssons book waterloo? Please can you explain.

    The book is about post war Austin. I don't see the similarities

  35. Laura Stockley

    Lovely song, saw you at Somersault the other week - definitely the best band we've ever seen live! Come back to the UK soon!!! :D

  36. Marianne López

    Wow this is a real deep song,and the video just make it more perfect

  37. calum clifford

    you guys are honestly my favourite band. you are so, so talented.

  38. Joyce Floyce

    Their concert was my favorite concert.

  39. peter dragonsin

    This is my favourite song(s) on the album joint with nerve and full circle. My least favourite is 21 gun salute but that is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own. Anyhow every song on the album is amazing and they are such talented artists -enjoy the music people!

  40. ndg43

    Beautifully melancholy.

  41. Lauren Barber

    Well I like the video, I think its really creative and the song is awesome

  42. Ulyssestoast

    How about a gig in poland ? since all your viedeos were filmed by polish people ? (at least they have polish names so i asumed they are)

  43. michael cruz

    Love this song

  44. BensPurdyLady

    Fantastic!! Come back to Ohio!!! 

  45. Sarah Sirvin

    Tears and goosebumps.

  46. Emma Fenech

    The cinematography is amazing. I am so happy

  47. Wanetta Kerley

    Would love to see them in Chicago

  48. TheChurchOfDinoJesus

    Shit yeah!

  49. thassMH

    love your music, but why make a video for this song?! 21 gun salute or rock n roll life!


    Yessss! Finally. Was getting shit on but nice to see someone else with quality taste in tunes. Again, still like the track, just think there were other options.

    Blue Spray paint

    This is my favourite song on the album :( 

    Fabrizio Pavone

    @claire macdonald YES


    To each his (or her) own :)

    Justin Domingue

    From their Facebook page: "Two years ago, we got an email from a young Polish film director who calls himself Czlowiek Kamera…the email contained hand drawn sketches of a vision he had for a video for "Call Me in the Afternoon"…he made the video on a shoestring budget, biking into the forest each day by himself to shoot one or two shots, and by the end of the summer he had completed a wonderful, unique video. His new video for "No More Losing the War" has a subtle, haunting, dreamlike narrative and that same relentless attention to detail that we've loved ever since reading his first email. We look forward to more collaborations in the future...Enjoy!"

  50. NoDice Paradise


  51. Brittani Cunningham


  52. jmarch94

    definitely my favourite canadian band. Love you guys! Cheers from windsor, ontario :)

  53. Martyna Lis

    Wow, polish production! 

  54. Sandałowska Niebezpieczna

    Człowiek Kamera- nie tylko reżyser ale i aktor. 

  55. Julie MacLean

    both the music and the video were beautifully done. good job guys :D

  56. sertac tasdemir

    pure sadness

  57. Şeyma Öztürk

    my favorite <3

  58. Nedves Terror

    Am I the only one who clicked 4K ULTRAHD ? And his computer died?:D

  59. Carolane Vallée

    I really enjoy that video clip, just as much as I enjoy the song which is A LOT. 
    I can't wait to watch the show in August at Expo Quebec !!! 

    Sincerely, you are one of the best, if not the best!

  60. Angelika Borejsza


  61. gaabs127


  62. andre1cruz

    I love you guys and your music but i had no idea what did the music had to do with the videoclip o.O

    Tom Mcmellon

    I think it's about veterans after they come home. That's my opinion


    I don't know, truth is I love this song x3

    Zachariah Renken


    Mary Zugelder

    Drug addiction

  63. fulminii

    it's such an open art and it makes me feel so enthusiastic about endless meanings and endings and interpretations and symbols and so on and on and it just makes me feel melancholy and I guess that's all about the feelings. Ohhh, it's just so deeply, deeply sad.

  64. N TYF

    Beautiful, but bring us a new album..!

  65. Alice Rummery

    This is so great! Love it, so original and inspiring.
    Come to woodford this year please so I can jam out to you again! :)

  66. Femtastico

    wow, it's beautifully shot and it really hit me somehow <333

  67. Sarah McGreevy

    love this band <3

  68. KetaVancouver

    very dark. and striking visuals, just like the song. split-screen provides for two endings; quite nice

  69. Avenge Autumns

    damn, once again beautiful video clip!

  70. ax3000

    about time

  71. Maeve Tregear

    This is incredible! xxx Love you guys so much! :)

  72. Hyrum jopa

    Guys you,re awesome when you come to Mexico?

  73. Greta Grzelewski

    AMAZING!! Love you guys so much

  74. Nikita Leys

    beautifully done! your videos are always great!

  75. Kylie Gough

    I freaken love you guys.

  76. TecNoMercy

    Fuck yes, love this band :3 and in 4k!

  77. vinceheb

    FIRST !! sorry