Half Moon Run - Full Circle Lyrics

Cap off kneelin' at the back of the church
Feelin' water on your brow
With its heal and it hurts
At first a sharpish pain that returns as a thought
That the needle in your skin won't bring you closer to God

And I watch
As your head
Turns full circle

All hopeless with old coffee and a medical text
It's too easy knowin' nothin' blowin' off the rest
And the riddles in the pages leavin' too much to guess
And the worry cracks a fracture from your hip to your chest

As I watch
As your head
Turns full circle

You got lost in your travels and a spiritual book
Mistook beaches for nirvana in the way that they look
And the crooks that run the island are killing to keep earning
They're burning seven tons of plastic and it seems to be working

Is that the best
That I
Can do?

As I watch
As your head
Turns full circle

You appear even-tempered though your looks will deceive
And the sparks are always flying 'cause you drink for relief
With the heart of a child and the wit of a fool
It's a wonder why I don't try to build a wall around you

And I watch
As your head
Turns full circle

Yeah I watch
As your head
Turns full circle

Yeah I watch
As your head
Turns full circle

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Half Moon Run Full Circle Comments
  1. Bryson Frank

    My mom say Devon (lead singer) sounds like Luke Pritchard from The Kooks. Anyone else think so?

  2. Master SAN

    C loko q foda

  3. Tamethyste

    I'm probably responsible for at least half the views on this video.

  4. Bliss Webber

    I feel weirdly nostalgic. This song makes me feel warm. It reminds me of the smell of freshly washed clothes and the taste of sultanas.

  5. Ron van Meijer

    A Wonderful Track

  6. Hayley E L

    What are you doing to me? Shit this isn’t right. If I’m not enough then ok. If I don’t deserve your respect then fine ... I still wish you all the best. Goodbye to you and me

  7. Christopher Morris

    I had to run half way round the moon to find this band.

  8. Kent Borges

    SO looking forward to seeing you guys craft it @ Wonder Ballroom...P-town...2020...RESPECT !

  9. winnie pooh

    Oh, how I missed this Song!

  10. Ana Caroline Brito

    Vegan indies

  11. Harry Cox

    The song has a really cinematic sound. I can see why it was used in assassins creed.

  12. Roman van Buch

    Schöne handgemachte Musik

  13. Bartek Gorka

    I remember listen to this song on my headphones, drinking vodka till I past out on the repeat for hours when my father died but I couldnt get to the funeral .still tearing up when hear it two years later.Amazing musicians.

  14. Harry Cox

    The music video really fits the mood of the song.

  15. JMI:BuffaloRiverEnlightenment

    Hit me up

  16. Radoslaw Tomasinski

    This song reminds me times when I was younger and was in a relationship with a beautiful girl and we had goood times and laughs, damn nostalgia just hit me

  17. Loïc Lambert

    vous êtes hyper bon

  18. Noa Joulin

    OMGGGG i LOOVE this song :/

  19. Altair Section


  20. Jean-Sebastien Major

    Almost sad to admit, born and raised french-canadian from Montreal. Sang in a group in the early 90's, we thought we knew it all. 20 years later, I will admit I am jealous, and still overwhelmed with the depth in the writing. Must admit this is one of, if not, the best song I've ever heard. Hurts to my ego, but f#@$ my ego. A part of me still doesn't understand how these kids could write something so impossibly all,-encompassing. Love you guys, saw you live in Montreal and was thouroughly amazed. Keep it up, you guys make me believe.

  21. derek serpas

    June, 13 2019 <3

  22. Mara Van Someren


  23. Mara Van Someren


  24. Redhead Lady

    Обожавам ову песму!!!

  25. Michael Buzza


  26. Charlie Waffle

    check out this band... sounds very similar to HMR in my opinion 🤔https://youtu.be/Tb_apIvVRC4

  27. Molkita León


  28. JoshStephenSkyfox

    the first time i heard these guys, i was faded off codeine, given to me by my best friend at my older sister's wedding. she didn't take any and we were on the way back, she put on half moon run and i just zoned out, it felt like i was in the milennium falcon drifting through hyperspace. i hope i never ever lose that memory

    Sushi Uchiha

    Ok...song is about drug addiction and not in a good way....

  29. Dylan de Roo

    Can't wait till you guys are in Amsterdam!

  30. Jayden Boots

    My Favourite Parts- 1:21 - 2:05

  31. Jesse S

    Wonderful.. based out of Montreal ... true Canadian Folk... awesome...

  32. Professor Malunk

    Hey R
    You remember?
    Back then you were really depressed, had some Trouble With your girlfriend.. Well at least you finally got one. But you were filled With anger, you got jealous about the man you could be but aren't. But i hope you're fine now and still happy in love With L...
    Or at least happy
    I know you dont Want to read this but
    You're loved :)

  33. Manel Palacios

    Esta es para ti Isa.

  34. Mathieu Lafrenière

    Can anyone suggest me a full album of something very similar?

    Mathieu Lafrenière

    @MainlyMusic nice thanks

  35. Jesus MoFucking Christ

    I like circles

  36. ana Tsutskiridze

    2019 💚

  37. OblivityxRisen


  38. Stéphane Baron

    Really really really cool, love the tribal percussions and the instrumentals ! I keep listening to it

  39. Rodrigo Rick Rick

    I Love this song

  40. adil benrlitom

    Anyone in 2019 ?

  41. Arka Azizul

    AC4 BF brought me here

  42. Amine Lekhal

    Does it have copyrights?

  43. Tamethyste

    Does anyone know where this was filmed?

  44. Andre Roman

    December 2018

  45. sststffsbpfjd

    lo máximo❤👌

  46. ashish subedi

    Who is listening in 2018?

  47. mark anderson

    i think of this song now every time i cut a tomato

  48. Henry Hutchins

    Still here in 2018, love this song

    AJAY A

    Man do you know any artists/ songs similar to this?
    And could you please tell me your current faves?

  49. Wang Xiu

    First song I've played on guitar

    AJAY A

    Man do you know any artists/ songs similar to this (the same guitar vibe)
    And could you please tell me your current faves?

    Wang Xiu

    @AJAY A try shiloh dynasty.

  50. Ezio Jefferson

    assassins creed black flag horizon trailer

  51. Rob Brown

    I drive a lot and this song is amazing to drive with , great song .

    AJAY A

    Man do you know any artists/ songs similar to this?
    And could you please tell me your current faves?

  52. bush mohd

    What is this!! ❤️

  53. Amir Tangestani

    Goosebumps... every time!

  54. yeah im riding through the area

    This reminds me of life is strange

  55. Can ley

    listen to this while in a poker tournment, lol, intersesting, experience, ..... All - in

  56. Marta

    so so beautiful! one of my favorite songs!

    AJAY A

    Man do you know any artists/ songs similar to this?
    And could you please tell me your current faves?

  57. Tritylamin H2Xo5

    always again - waves for my skin

  58. Meme13100 !!

    Wish they had a loop button for mobile again

  59. Emmanuelle Arranz

    6 years after, i listen this music, the best music

  60. Oliphant9

    Хорошо, да.

  61. Patrick

    Chorus reminds me of Crosby & Stills & Nash

    AJAY A

    Thanks for this comment!
    Man do you know any other artists/ songs similar to this?
    And could you please tell me your current faves?

  62. NeonShapeShifter

    it’s somehow relaxing and stressful to listen to at the same time

  63. Eugenia R


  64. 杨能勃


  65. Mike Sheehan

    This and Pink Floyd Time are the two best songs in the world.

  66. Lulu Stylez

    so much

  67. Todd koep

    Just heard your song for the first time on Coffee Shop Cuts on Directv. Would love to use this in an episode of our upcoming paranormal show. Let me know how to get a hold of you all to discuss. [email protected]

  68. Pascal Lehmann

    Ein Lied für Opfer

  69. Mustard Fart

    love the song but pls... fucking shower once a week you cimmunist fucks!

  70. Em Ma


  71. MrsHugendubel

    Heard this song in an amazing bar in Greece - thank God I asked for their playlist!!

  72. Aayush Shrestha

    Still the best song ever !!

  73. _.Scarlet _Knight._

    Por fin, después de 4 años logre acordarme de como se llamaba la canción y el grupo. Que hemroso!!!

  74. who_me666

    Thx suits <3

  75. airi

    this song always plays at my favorite coffee shop when im in it and this song is so beautiful and i love it so much and im so thankful for the coffee shop and shazam skakks

  76. King Meseus

    This is one of my favourite hooks ever, unbelievable.

    I make really experimental music and I’m not sure what kind of person will be into it but I figure artists are my best chance. If you guys care at all if love to meet you one day.

  77. DED Fake

    I'm bolivia and l love this

  78. Elvis Apocalyptico

    Beibe beibe do beibe do biru leibe leibe?

  79. Cristian Moreno

    Lovely :')

  80. Marie Constant

    QUI CA OU Di Mr FRANCOIS DUVALIER ,About Trinidad ? who's 3 ? Three or Tree ? NEED NECESSITATE =In POVERTY...=3 Need-ADD.or DAD ? Not LACKER...That Mine SIR Britain's Playing FalsePlaying Faudre ohoh Froduleuse....

  81. Marie Constant

    Ha Ha Mr Duvalier ,Zafait PATHE Chaud CA a ..Manifestations NAN Rue Mon Seigneur Gouilloux derriere Ach-evecher..Gro Dimanche MATIN Machands PATHE ap rele PATHE Chaud patter Chaud...,1985...Ohoh mon Frere ..Chez Nadeau rentre LA Kay LA..TI moune Timber rele ..Hey hey PATHE Frette payer Frette.=Answers = Jugement of the SORCIERES...Now look on the EYES Of The Madame DIANNA was also Walking with Her Feet..by pass with Her Feet and Her Boby full of BANGES .Yes,Mr ST Michel....

  82. Marie Constant

    SALUE REVELATION HALF MOON..In HAITI 1985........SALUE Mr Jn Claude Duvalier....PATHE TE Chaud NAN Corps OU !

  83. aaron


  84. Mystalite

    So anyone care to explain why they're eating fruits? Is it a metaphor for taking drugs?..

  85. BigMuff75

    I would love to have the multitracks for mixing...

  86. Trent Rollins

    kanye west

  87. butterflyeffect


  88. ImWinter Kurzhosenträger


  89. yeah im riding through the area

    Does anyone know what the aesthetic of this video is called?
    Does anyone even know what im talking about lol

  90. Cloudmaker

    kanye west

  91. kewlkids94

    KTT brought me here

  92. jazzhopkid


  93. michaeltheiii


  94. kidnfinity


  95. Yerlis Granados

    Hace 5 años escuché esta canción, siento que todo fue diferente desde entonces, se convirtió en mi banda favorito y sigo sintiendo ese no sé qué cada vez que la escucho, simplemente arte.

  96. DarrenCampbellmusic

    I have been listening to these guys for a few years now after my brother introduced me to their music, this song sounds so haunting I love it!