Haley Smalls - Chocolate Lyrics

I've been craving on a daily
I'm untitled, just like Jay Z
When you give it to me baby
How I like I'm about to go crazy
I eat it all 'Til
I can't eat it no more
Give me it all
Til I can't take it no more
I get addicted it's something that
I cannot control
Cause I tried to go slow
Keep it on the low
This shit isn't healthy but I keep wanting it more
How long have I been crying?
No I won't deny it I love that milky taste better than life
Bring me some tonight and I swear I'll...
I'll freak you right I will
Oh I just need a feel
This shit could make me kill
I might need Dr. Phil I'm tryna fucking chill But I don't need it still

Oh you know I'll want it all tonight
Only cause you know that I
Only cause you know it I... (Ohh)
When I'm feeling down
I know it's going to make it right If it's only now
Then at least I can fall asleep
And I don't know how (Don't know how)
But it works every time If it's only now
To another.

Thinking about a new fix
Oh I want it as soon as I get new shit
Oh you brought my favorite cause you know it
Oh you know [?]
Feel it in my soul
Ease my mind

Oh you know I'll want it all tonight
Only cause you know that I
Only cause you know it I... (Ohh)

When I'm feeling down
I know it's going to make it right If it's only now
Then at least I can fall asleep
And I don't know how (Don't know how)
But it works every time If it's only now

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Haley Smalls Chocolate Comments
  1. Tracy Knowles

    let getting it sexy one eye bae

  2. Typhani Hall

    Oright haley i love her music this track is awesome😍

  3. Art McCune

    Love the storyline. You know you are a bad and hot girl when you put it down in a song without saying the title of the song as you put it down. YES! However, I'm convinced she says 'chocolate bar' under her breath at the 2:01 - 2:03 mark. No doubt Haley Smalls is an artist with music of the future. Nice!

  4. Jillian Johnson

    Chocolate dat my shit

  5. Vanessa Hampton

    Beautiful song love it just amazing l need that milk chocolate 🍫 so I can fall asleep you know I won’t it all because it mine!!!! 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️



  7. Mariam Bamba

    Anyone listening it in 2019?

  8. Pat


  9. FRS20 FRS20

    Lyrics please 😍🙏

  10. Vanessa Frogge

    This song and her voice make me want to feel in love.

  11. Zakkee W.

    She is so dang slept on big time. Loving her music. Quiet Storm shit

  12. Rechelle Cannon


  13. Shawna Miller

    Love it
    On repeat 2019

  14. Ang Ang24

    Anybody need chocolate right now 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Ang Ang24


  16. Ang Ang24


  17. Melissa Engelbrecht

    Give this gurl a fucking award

  18. Haley Smalls

    Hey guys, follow me on Instagram @haleysmalls ! I would love to have your support and get all of my subscribers over to my Instagram to help me grow my page❤️Love you❤️

  19. Gaia Rxse

    Hot love it

  20. Isaiah Ramirez

    I love you son

  21. Cupcake Gamer


  22. Ice Link

    We Love Haley

  23. Beau Ja

    real fan 18-19-2020

  24. Maii Maii


  25. Christopher Rainey


  26. Leroy Jenkins

    this is bumping this morning wilddddddd and it's a Joy too hear this morning wilddddddd

  27. P-Dog

    Yes. Gives me life.

  28. Lele M

    This song right now . touches my soul....... All that I WANT n Everything I Never WANTED ......... But if it Only Now.... Then At Least I Can Fall Asleep......

  29. P-Dog

    Sweet. Honey to my tea.

  30. Luna

    are you having any concerts?

  31. Luna

    do a collab with the weeknd? ❤❤❤

  32. Shawna Miller

    Haleys music is lit


    Shawna Miller fr

  33. Ndut Subang

    Like 😍😘

  34. Endless Evanescence

    Been a proud fan of Haley for years! She is undoubtedly a powerhouse!

  35. Justicizms2099 Cobbs

    OH MY GAWD!!

  36. Leroy Jenkins

    this is bumping this morning wilddddddd and it's a Joy too hear this morning wilddddddd

  37. Ja'Lana Howard

    Can't even BLAST this my grandmother in the other room 😣😬😭

  38. Dianna Dianna

    This is what singing should sound like😍😍😍😍😍

    Art McCune

    The rnb - hip hop artist and music for now and the future. She brings it in this song. No doubt she'll continue to put it down. just. like. this. and even. better. I'm staying tuned!

  39. Geogiana Wheatherburg

    I love this song

  40. Skyhouse Mike

    Sexiest song a female ever performed!!

  41. Lowdey

    Awww! Crazy nHaley

  42. Baby Girl

    I love all your music Haley I can't wait to see u blow up like you deserve 💯💯❤❤❤❤❤

  43. Soul Musiqlover

    The truth love this girl!!!!

  44. Canadiangunguy 416

    I crush my girl to this all the time xoxo

  45. Estelle Davids

    [email protected] with my mind.......trippin on this number......can do you Haley day and nite

  46. Ms J

    YES Hailey KEEP UP THE GD WORK!!!!
    ♡ *amazing* ♡

  47. Sally Corita

    damn all her music is hella growin on me.. fire tunes.


    Respect from Azerbaijan.💙💎

  49. Allura Monae

    Haley so Lit!

  50. fernando reyes

    Love u girl, best women here. Wish u can do some concert shows here n the states if so let me knw ima fan

  51. Savanna Furr

    Why does this girl only have 2K likes and how does anyone not like this I wanna see her go big

  52. Rose Jackson

    Wow I just came across this Artist 👩‍🎤.... She’s Representing like HELL 👍🏽👍🏽👋🏼👋🏼💯💯💯💯👍🏽👍🏽👋🏼👋🏼

  53. Tricia Brown


  54. Charlotte Leeuwenburgh

    Damn 2K

  55. BABYG

    Stay on repeat!!💖💖💖💖

  56. Uriah Helms

    66 take a read, day or night about my plight to see whats right let the fire Everywhere you look speak of things that Jehovah has done.

  57. Glenn Meachum

    Chocolate 🎂🎂🎂cakes 🍦🍦 Vegas .strong 😎

  58. Samuel Leumas

    nice tune! hailey smalls featuring post Malone would be inice!

  59. De'Andrea Allen


  60. Vanessa Frogge

    The most beautiful feinding/begging I've heard in a long time...

    Makes me consider things I haven't considered in a long time.

  61. Keiona Alexander

    Wow she bad as fuck yes love this song it's on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep doing you is your album out yet I need to know

  62. Ataro Smallwood

    love your song chocolate Haley Smalls

  63. Marcela Violova

    I love this song hmmm

  64. Irod Adne

    Addicted to Haley Smalls !!!!

  65. El Bonche TV


  66. shen'ee jones

    Mixed cd brought me here

  67. dolo_ran6er

    Haley Smalls is going to blow up. Next year by this time....watch.


    sadly that didn't really happen

  68. Diana Alcantara

    love it


    Please call me

  69. Milene Reis

    Love this big song ♥♥♥

  70. Latoya

    I like white chocolate all chocolate too, strawberries and lemonade.

    Afro Latina

    Gurl, I feel ya 💕lmao

  71. kierra jiles


  72. Luis Vega

    this song makes me feel some type of way 😍😘✌😉, amazing artist right here !!!!

  73. It’sYuhGurlChloe Bam!

    Give mi di chocolate 😈💦

  74. amanda barrosdeoliveira

    nao consigo parar de ouvir essa musica, amooo ♥

  75. YOU

    new favorite 'nostalgic' artist.
    should do a collab with The Weeknd


    YOU yES

  76. tanecia Hylton

    who doesn't love chocolate


    she loves Chocolate😆 yesss

  78. Deanna Maya


  79. Jeaninne Harris

    I love this girl

  80. Olivia Sparks

    my song ahah besttt

  81. kasawuli Brian

    Awesome, Talent for real!!!!

  82. Miss Lady

    Voice, Lyrics, Rhythm and that Bass 🙌😍 all around I LOVE

  83. TawandaKelvin Nyawiri

    i fall asleep to yo musik girl

    Roland Dhliwayo


  84. Leea Rahman

    Girl your voice is amazing literally love every single one of your songs 😍❤️

  85. Olivia Sparks

    I love this song

  86. Afro Latina

    Her voice is so beautiful, love her songs 🍫❤

  87. TripleSixPoptart

    damn this is underrated

  88. Tyisha Young

    yes! Chocolate!

  89. M al

    nice flow :3 ............. like your music :3 :3

    only if you post often

    try hooking with anghami

  90. Aminata

    She is such a talented singer and songwriter.

  91. Shelbs Greely

    Love this, hope there's lyrics for it

  92. Zoe C.

    Banger after banger !

  93. Amine breako dz

    good job. great style of song i like it . i will be waiting for new song of you . good job !

  94. Eric Pena

    Love this shit.. on repeat bitches, she's talking sexxxxxx...


    they just need to chill out on that 6, 6, 6 shit. her music is dope!

    L V L S

    Romero Lewis you can't be poppin without higher help lol

    Esha Williams

    srry 666

    Em Love

    Where do they bring it up? I'm genuinely curious . lol

    Allura Monae

    It's what they call Toronto, Canada the 6. She reppn Canada like Drake. Ain't she XO w/ the same label.

  96. Klaire Watts

    Ooouufff Nyce 🔥🔥🔥❤🔥🔥🔥