Haley Reinhart - The Christmas Song Lyrics

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yule-tide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe
Help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is gonna spy
To see if reindeer really know how to fly

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it's been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it's been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you

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Haley Reinhart The Christmas Song Comments
  1. Trevor Morris

    Nice contrast between this kind of straight version and Santa Baby which is sassy. Both have the jazz vibe, and make a super pairing.

  2. sjrarabians

    Love this version, she is so gifted

  3. Nite Knight

    On Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and you,you sexy Vixen. hehe

  4. Sammy Honn

    Who the hell put a thumbs down here, they must be imbecile. Great performance, superb.

  5. Michael Dinsen


  6. Noel Newlon

    A 1940's class and appeal. Timeless.

  7. LtJackboot

    I want a Haley when I get to heaven. You KNOW that's where she's from!

  8. Javier Fernandez

    Smoooth. :)

  9. Pat Mustard

    I thought it was Rita Hayworth on the thumbnail until I clicked on it. Hayley is a real natural beauty 😍

  10. Frank Da Iel

    Sux per usual

  11. Eeuwige Leerling

    What a wonderful woman❤️👍👏

  12. Bill j

    I always thought she was one of the best contestants to ever appear on any singing competition. She and Jesse Kinch from Rising Star.

  13. dog151

    Thanks Haley

  14. Mark Regan

    Ms. Reinhart, you are a lovely human being. However, you physical beauty pales in comparison to your singing ability. That is what is truly beautiful out you. Thanks for sharing your talent.


    Her beauty doesn't pale in comparison to anything.

  15. x666x34b

    what a voice!

  16. TheTibetyak

    Somebody, somewhere is hiding the visual recording of this session.  Blasphemy I tell you.



  17. leehound

    Come on Haley and sit on Santa's lap.

  18. Watching TrainsgoBy

    I know it's late,,, But Merry Christmas to one of the most incredible voices I think we've ever been blessed to hear. This is an instant addition to my Christmas music list.
    I'm so glad you have a channel. I've looked up stuff from you in the past but never come across your own channel. Youtube recommendations finally got one right. Another Christmas gift for me.

  19. The K-man

    Amazing !!!

  20. hanna pagal

    Please!! Do a Christmas album 💕

  21. Mark Gundy

    Oh My Gosh I love this girl... Haley somehow manages to make every classic song she sings, entirely her own... can't wait to see what presents she has in store for us in 2020.

  22. Ross Meldrum

    I would if I could spend it with this little hot toddy.

  23. Alyssa Cymbaluk

    What an underrated classic wonderful QUEEN

  24. Baby Tanya

    (Captain Murphy voice) Mango Reinhart!

  25. TheBlaster54

    I absolutely love the 1940’s retro big band sound. Haley’s soothing and sultry voice accompanied with the big band is an eargasm.

  26. Matt Hallam

    Um it’s just a still pic,lame!


    Here's a live performance of another song for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgBZgm8t5Dw

  27. William Nelson

    Wow! This gal has a great 40s vibe going on.......

  28. greystone ***

    Wow, that was hot!
    I just peeled all my clothes off a piece at a time and threw them all over the room.
    I couldn't help it.

  29. Golden Sun

    I love this new sexy voice Haley. More success to you, beautiful.


    New? She's been doing this kinda thing with PMJ since Idol. Her version of Creep is breathtaking.


    new? :°) when do u listen her last time? haha, if you search "sexy voice" in the vocabulary probably there's her picture

  30. Morgan Smiley

    I feel like a soldier during WW2.

  31. ricericericericericericericerice

    I love it when you sing jazz <3

  32. Northatlantic2012

    That was absolutely fantastic!!!!

  33. Shaba Shabadoo

    Wow that voice, just wow


    What a special Christmas gift is this song!xxxo

  35. Black Corp

    Merry Christmas from Australia Haley ! :)

  36. DMcC _Vancouver

    Omg this is gorgeous

  37. Michael Schwartz

    Just a perfect rendition. You are amazing.

  38. Joe Antonicci


  39. Carlos Palacio

    Mmm...... Never heard a Christmas song that made me feel like I need a COLD shower : )

    Gail Remp

    Yes. And I'm a female and not gay, I totally understand. She has a very rich and sensuous voice. Quite lovely.

  40. Jack Crouch

    ******* I LOVE HER SO MUCH !!!!!!!! *****************

  41. Helen Hello

    Oh, thank you, finally I felt it - the spirit of Christmas!

  42. Chris Matthews

    One of my favorite voices doing my all-time favorite Christmas song? So much yuletide winning!!! Brilliantly smokey and sultry- an amazing rendition.

  43. piesusan17

    Perfect jazzy rendition

  44. Brigette Turner

    Just lovely Haley! Love listening to you singing these old Songs.

  45. Zachary Schultz

    So why doesn't she have a jazz album? Hell, why doesn't she have a Christmas album?!

  46. Moglis00

    Why is her palm so greasy while the rest of her looks so smooth?

    Joyce Shealy

    ? What u mean about her hand? Lol...this is prettiest girl i have EVER saw. Im trying to find a.flaw! Can u just imagine being her for 1 day! I would love it. I bet.she cant go in the stores w/o guys following her! Kors, that wud get old fast!!

    Isa A

    Because this is how palms normaly look like? They made her skin look smoother in this photo. Editing the palm this way would look totally weird.

  47. ROCKETJEFF Matejek

    Hi! How are you?
    WoW! That is absolutely beautiful! I love your voice! You are so awesome my friend!
    You'll always be my AMERICAN IDOL & BEYOND!

  48. Robert Thomas

    You'd be amazing with Tony Bennett.

  49. Truth Hurts

    Beautiful...MEMPHIS Tennessee

  50. My Soup Too cold

    This shows that she can fit in any genre of music

  51. Louis Wiley

    I want her for my girl friend!

  52. Polynesian Vibez

    this is amazing!

  53. Giovanni D

    Merry Christmas Haley ! this was amazing

  54. StereoSpace

    Wow. That was spectacular.

  55. Jasmine Valiente

    I hope you do another Christmas song

  56. Jacqueline Martell

    Can you please do a cover of piel canela

  57. Chris Billings

    Haley darling Stop it ! Dam girl ! Everything you sing you smash, in a fantastic way ! Please just sing everything because your voice is all i want to hear, next time your in seattle ill cook for you and your crew, just give me a heads up, be safe, live to love and love to live

  58. NukeDaddy

    Haley is of course flawless. Whoever mixed the music needs a lesson in not drowning out one of the best singers ever.

  59. Josh Manuel Sinfuego

    I already added this to our Christmas playlist. Thanks Haley!

  60. MsFreedom143

    I love that it sounds like a classic ❤

  61. Jc Haze

    NOW playing on GOT RADIO's Christmas Celebration station! Thanks Haley XoXo

  62. Michael Munns

    Can't get enough of these jazz remixes

  63. doorran

    PERFECT! I have Julie London LP's that look just like this.. You have the look and the sound mastered.

  64. Stephen Raney

    You made Doris Day proud, made me smile like a possum eating a peach. ✌🏻🤟🏻🖖🏻

  65. Tom Maddox

    Love it!

  66. david pape

    You can imagine her dancing with Fred Astair on one of those old musicals.

  67. Martin Spiers

    A little early, but I approve... Cornwall, UK.

  68. Derrik Grella

    This is iconic.

  69. william chambers

    omg you got the chops, Baby....

  70. HaleysTusk

    Classic Haley, love it!

  71. Avery Conway

    So sultry, love you haley

  72. Harry H Lamb

    My favorite version of this song Miss Haley. You are absolutely wonderful, and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent and beauty. May God Bless you keeping you Healthy and Safe 🌹 🌹🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  73. Blessing Alconera

    amazinglly done!! that i imagine Haley slow dancing while singing this and being the awesome beautiful classic she is 😍 what a treat🙌🙌🙌🙌

  74. Zack Solomon

    I don't usually like Christmas music, but I could listen to this for hours.

  75. Manish Patel

    Is there anything she sings and not take it to the next level of greatness!

  76. Sawyer and Taylor

    Killed it as always 😍

    Carl Hargreaves

    Haley sleighed it again!!!

  77. Matthew Price

    Loving every note... and yes, getting warm... and even fuzzy... 😍 😘 🥰

  78. amerocker

    Even her Christmas song is sexy.

  79. Fitness First

    I sure hope there's going to be a whole album of Haley holiday classics.

    The Black Dog

    I have heard only three classic covers.

    Eddie L

    Christmas classics

  80. Trevor Smith

    I am here for this. 😍