Haley Reinhart - Shook Lyrics

I wake up in a cold sweat
Shoot, I feel like trash magic
Knew it was a dangerous idea
I'm in trouble now

Can't stand up
Walls spin around
Bloodshot eyes
Can't see the ground
Flipped my world upside down
I'm in trouble now

Yeah I like you
And it's got me shook
I like you
Yeah you got me hooked

Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Baby won't you ring me out

(I like you)

I can't stop this dirty linen
Shakin' my head from left to right
Just throw me in the wash baby
'Cause it's been a night

This drunk heart palpitates
Makes me shake to the beat
To underneath the sheets
And we ain't gonna sleep

Shorten my breath
Feelin' it in my chest like uhh
Hope it never leaves

Yeah I like you
And it's got me shook
I like you
Yeah you got me hooked

Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Baby won't you ring me out

I like you
And it's got me shook
I like you
Yeah you got me hooked

I like you
And it's got me shook
I like you
Yeah you got me

I like you
And it's got me shook
I like you
Yeah you got me hooked

Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Baby won't you ring me out

(I like you)
(I like you)
I like you
(I like you)
You like it?

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Haley Reinhart Shook Comments
  1. blueeyedbull67

    Restraining order good!

  2. Scott coleman

    What a voice. BYU in Utah has a jass band kid wrote cool song. My Blue Velvet. Should get hold of this kid to write some stuff.

  3. B Z

    Is that the clone boy from star wars? Bobba?

  4. gatojj

    Hollywood/the music vampires get another talent and drag them down I see!

  5. iNetSpy

    Thick... glorious voice, I do not know who is making the fashion decisions but thank you... Bring your concert to Florida for the winter, would love to see you in concert.

  6. Michael Dinsen

    Sexy voice.Great vibe

  7. llc3guys

    Why's the music industry got to make every talented female singer into a hoochie?

    Copy Bloc

    It's just Haley having some fun with her friends. She independently produced her last album and five videos supporting it. The other videos don't raise such objections.

    BILLBOARD: "The video "represents Reinhart's deep subconscious, and 'the good and bad angels over my shoulder who follow me in my dream,' she continues. 'We toy with a boy I’m infatuated with as we dance around him and play dress up in the RagDoll Pink Palace.'"

  8. flex2000watt

    Haley Reinhart, i know you have got an INCREDIBLE voice spektrum, but how the heck do you make it to look like 17yo???? Incredible awesome i have no words...just feels

  9. stinkyeggs

    Wait... Is that Jay? From Survivor?

  10. Kaleigh Spetta

    giving us visuals

  11. BrooklynBeat

    I'm so glad this was in my recommended

  12. Jason T

    After losing so many great musicians over the last few years, i made a vow to get to see as many great musicians as i can. When is her next LA concert?

    Copy Bloc

    It will likely be after the new year when Haley returns to Los Angeles following the holidays. She put out an album last year and toured to support it, so she will probably be in the planning stage of new projects. That makes it more likely she'll pop up with friends performing in the area than host a show of her own.

    Jason T

    @Copy Bloc Right on! Thank you.

  13. M Starr

    I live it! Real genetic Women!

  14. chris96298

    Holy crap! This is most talent and raw sex appeal I have seen in years What a combo, what a talented gorgeous woman! wow!

  15. Makis Makiavelis

    Hot Damn!
    She is a sweet torture for the senses. It's almost impossible to focus on her extraordinarily good vocals when her visuals are so intense.

  16. Cana Dude

    Imma S T I F F

  17. CMDR DrDeath

    Jessica Rabbit incarnate

  18. G. T. Void

    Well, no surprises here- just another AGT slut. So very predictable.

    Orange Lime

    creeper.. you know you post shit about her because you've never been shook yourself.

    Copy Bloc

    I see you liked the Postmodern Jukebox version of "Dancing with Myself." That's cool. It's also cool Haley is their most-viewed vocalist.

  19. Golden Sun

    Haley looking Hot & Sexy and sounding great.!

  20. Eric Siew

    Is that Survivor Jay?

  21. poulet lemieux

    fuck she's hot

  22. Autumn Holden

    You have become my new favorite artist <3 Randomly found your songs and I'm glad I did!

  23. Greg Wise

    Gah!!! She is the absolute most beautiful woman on earth!!!

  24. Simon Blake

    ♥️💥🤯... nuff said.

  25. John May

    You're the best Haley.

  26. Boo Ya

    This shit is extremely cringe worthy. She is trying so damn hard to elevate every note, chorus & head voice while straining her vocal cords to death. Singing should come naturally peacefully & harmonizing. Then again, this is the shit kids are clamoring for these days... FAKE MUSIC.!!! Enjoy...

    Boo Ya

    @Copy Bloc NONE of her "3" albums have been successful.... THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE.!!! So save the essay for a 6th grader who thinks Haley is the "greatest" singer ever.

    Copy Bloc

    Four albums. Thanks for exposing yourself as a pure troll. She's no doubt better than anyone you stan.

    Boo Ya

    @Copy Bloc albums have all been failures...that's the truth.!! sometimes fans can't accept the truth, let us know when she has a successful album. she's BARELY made a million $ & that's from her loyal fans.... like YOU. have you bought her latest album?

    Jonathan Sinanan

    Boo Ya dumb idiot. Where does sales and popularity make somone extremely talented. If that was true 90% of the hits are sung by talentless bimbos who scream their music inside your asshole, thats why you stan them....you absolutely love it. On the other hand haley continues to receive praise from key and legendary personel..she does not need an opinion from one who stans a musical artist who screams inside their anus. Ps I hear the echos from here..

    Orange Lime

    @Boo Ya Wow you are a loser. I can see you wish you could be as successful as Haley is, but I'm sorry that you just can't make it in life. After all you post embarrassing shit on her videos and all... very telling.

  27. Mark Fishburn

    Love you haley. Love your voice. loved how you Rolled the Deep out of Adele's hit but this video is a horrible mess for me. The song ? Just doesn't touch me but you are a real star.

  28. Jonah Oliver

    Her singing used to be enough. She never reached her potential and now is a stripper.

    Orange Lime

    The one person I've known named Jonah is a whiny little ass. That you?

    Copy Bloc

    Haley is living a full life. She makes the music she wants to make and has fun doing it. Her original music has been used in ads, tv shows, movies, and is heard as piped music in stores and restaurants. She's been commissioned to cover songs for major ad campaigns like "Can't Help Falling in Love" for Extra gum, which became a viral sensation and reached platinum-level success. And "Dreams" for the new Mazda ad campaign. She also voices a primary character in the Netflix animated series "F is for Family." And will make her acting debut in an upcoming Robert Rodriguez' film, "We Can Be Heroes." Last month she was a featured speaker at Variety magazine's "Music for Screens" industry event. In short, Haley isn't desperate in any way. Your idea of her reaching her potential would probably be her idea of selling out.

    Jonah Oliver

    @Copy Bloc My idea of underachieving is not making enough money from what you do. She has no top hits on any charts, which means she isn't getting paid. She isn't signed to any labels, which means her talent is not good enough for anyone to consider paying her. Money talks, BS walks. Haw Haw Haw. She also went on a sellout tv show and lost. She tried to sellout every chance she got, she just wasn't good enough. She did sign with Interscope and then they dropped her because she didn't sell enough. I don't think any of that is selling out. I just think it's making it. Although you call it selling out, and she couldn't even do that. Haw Haw Haw.....

    Copy Bloc

    ​@Jonah Oliver Haley has the talent. She's previously been signed to two labels. Her music publisher also backed the production of an album. What she doesn't have is a desire to be in the label system and produce formulaic music in exchange for radio play. Her talent has received enough recognition now that she is able to stand on her own. The music industry is more interested in making money than making original music. Haley is doing both.

    Jonah Oliver

    @Copy Bloc I don't see Haley being spoken about anywhere. Even in an underground scene her name is moot.

  29. Chado

    Damn girl, everytime I watch this video it makes me love you even more. And you know you got me hooked.

  30. Dennis Killian

    This womans voice gives me goosebumps like the first time I heard Robert Plant. Subbed and looking forward to binging your tracks.


    If you ever get the chance to see one of her shows you better take it. She's so awesome in person.

  31. Cathleen861

    Total fun!!! I love this!! ❤

  32. Johnny SilverFoot

    Damn....thats got some serious blues thing going on there.
    I was half expecting another Brittany Spears joke and ended up being totally suprised by a modern day Aretha Franklin.
    EXCELLENT sound and wonderful voice.

  33. Pat Riott

    Anyone who only sees the girl is making a mistake... I know , I know it's IMPOSSIBLE not to . But there's incredible talent there...

  34. ShadowClone Jutsu

    Wtf this shit fire asf

  35. Orange Lime

    2:08 ...and Haley's ever so hearty "Oh yeah!" ...it's the best part of the whole thing : )

  36. Martin Hinds

    she is all that

  37. Patti Smith


  38. Tony07UK

    Too commercial - Lady Gaga wanabee ..

    Orange Lime

    Wow, huh. I can't see your comparison at all.

  39. Herman Butrin

    XD 0:39

  40. corry's world

    I love her album, it’s so good! Thank god i watch riverdale and searches for this song 😂😂

  41. corry's world

    Who’s here because of riverdale

  42. oscarcsar

    Oh man oh man!!! Those legs are to die for.

  43. igoski1

    Haley's got me "Shook"! I think she is the best new singing artist today. Love Haley!

  44. Isaac Bobonis

    Who's here after Riverdale S4E04?

  45. Dwayne Tempest

    Haley,really ! Where did you come from ?

  46. Logan Brito

    simplesmente maravilhosa... que voz...

  47. J b

    I have to check it again... The sexiest song ever f.... Ever

  48. Ken Munroe

    Proof why not winning American Idol is great for your career. Damn... just damn.

  49. Marc B

    Why don't we hear this lady on the radio

    The Black Dog

    Hey, moonbat, you're not the only one who watched the video of Haley appearing on the Variety Forum. She said she didn't want to be put in a box and guess what, I don't blame her and any record label that tried to put Haley in a box would only be cutting their own damn throat.

    I don't know where you get this damn idea that record labels are all controlling cause they are not, and if you don't believe me, then look up Haley's old interviews about Interscope and listen to what she says about her previous experience with Interscope records.

    As she says they gave her all the freedom in the world to do what she wanted to do. As the only reason why she was cut from Interscope was not because she was an unworthy singer but instead it was because they went through a severe financial crisis and had to cut 65 of their music artist from their record label at the time and so Haley being almost brand new was one of those 65 artist let go by Interscope

    It's only low-information morons who do not have the first freaking clue what they are talking about like you who claim signing a record deal with a big major record label constitutes selling out to Lucifer and signing your life away like its a life sentence. So I guess Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood must be sellouts in your extremely low-information narrow-mind.

    Damn, what a small little world you must live in. As you sound exactly like a backwoods hick.

    Geoff E

    Pure ignorance! That's right "I said it" Haha.

    The Black Dog

    Yep, that looks to be about the only thing you can say cause you are obviously not articulate, educated, or intelligent enough to say anything else. As my characterization of you is right on the money

    Geoff E

    You got me. You know as much about me as you do the music industry. I'm sooo hurt.

    The Black Dog

    Actually, I know more about you than I want to know cause it is so exceedingly obvious.

  50. John Doe

    Came for the legs, stayed for the voice.

  51. Bryan Liguori

    Love this, but
    Seriously? No one's mentioned "I Only Have Eyes For You" by the Flamingos?
    Edit: not saying it's a rip-off, if anything a clear homage, and wonderful in its own right.
    But shouldn't it be "wring me out?" with a W?

  52. That boy J

    All chicks sound like you. And you sound like all chicks. All young broads now sing like you. You are just a hot piece of meat. Who sings like every other chick.

    Jonathan Sinanan

    That boy J apparently only your opinion matters, now why don’t you get of her video and stuff your face inside your ass with all your selfish irrelevant opinions.

    Jonathan Sinanan

    That boy J you wanna talk about moms like it’s no ones business well the truth is your mom butt f*cked you with the carrots and other veggies she fed you.

    J.R. Vasquez

    Don't feed the trolls! Is does no good.

    Orange Lime

    Lets play a game. Everybody can play. What is That Boy J's diagnosis. #psychology

  53. P Baz

    Is that Jack white

  54. 1 2

    la prendi per capelli e le fracassi il cranio sul pavimento

  55. 1 2


  56. Max Nix

    Thank you for removing those platform heels before breaking an ankle.

  57. Anatoliy Nesterov

    - Я люблю её творчество! / где коменты русских?

  58. Dān Dān

    Estilo de música maravilhoso Sz

  59. King Solo

    I love that she is playing with a Dragon Ball. That is so genius. Haley’s voice, Haley’s talent is too good for this world.

  60. steiger99

    That was the best $43 music video I've watched in a long time!! nice work chica!

  61. AequitasVeritas

    Haley reinhart looking like a snack

  62. Tom

    1:41, 3:07, Daisy Duke called, "Anyone seen my shorts?"

  63. Himmlisch Music

    This gives me a 90's vibe.

  64. sarazorz

    That fucking vibrato...

  65. doorran

    I think i like you more.

  66. Bahar Atik

    Super 😍👍

  67. Jim Carter

    She isn't on the world stage because she hasn't signed a deal with the devil like the rest of those tarts that run L.A.
    Don't do it Haley!

    The Black Dog

    Yeah, no one would want Haley to become a multimillionaire like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. I mean who would want to watch Haley on the Voice mentoring young singers anyway? She'd burn in hell if she ever did that kind of horrible stuff. Oh the horror of it. I mean I would never want to see Haley on music and Holiday specials, on music award TV shows, on late night TV talk shows, on Saturday Night Live. As that would be like dancing nude in a strip club or appearing in a porno flick. Oh just the thought of that is making me so ill. I bet you are a southern Baptist Minister from down in the deep south. Don't you do it Haley. Listen to your southern Baptist Minster over here.

  68. Mr. Nobody

    And that ladies and gentlemen Is the perfect example of a strong, sexually empowered woman who knows how to be all those things without having to put down a man or come across as a cheap whore. This was sexy. She's incredible.

  69. Shane Holman

    wow just wow

  70. Joker

    Yep, Joker is definitely not gay!

  71. PANTA

    Why is she not on the world stage yet? Why did I found her by accident? What happened? Why are artists like Billy Eilish are, and Haley not? Questions!


    sure haley is good but
    billie ellish although popular is pretty talented and creative to of made an influential sound for this year and possibly could be the sound of the 2020s


    She finished in 3rd place in the 10th season of American Idol.

    The Black Dog

    Cause she won't sign a record deal with a big major record label. You see, she is too scared to make a fortune, to appear on network TV shows, to have platinum selling albums, to hear her music played on the radio, and to win Grammy's and other music awards. You have to have real courage and be far too brave to do that kind of stuff. It's better for her to just live her life in fear all of her life instead. It's easier on the heart you know.
    Bill Eilish signed with a record label as soon as she could. Haley Reinhart, on the other hand, is deathly afraid to do that. So she'd rather remain criminally underexposed for the remainder of her mediocre career. Indeed, who needs success anyway? She says its not all its cracked up to be.

    The Black Dog

    He genius, that has nothing to do with anything. You're an ignoramus.

  72. jcbbe

    This comes very close to one of my favorite videos, very artistic!!! Among other things !!!

  73. Tog Speedy

    534,385 views and I reckon 4,000 of those is me! 😍

  74. W P

    Well damn! Hello Haley! The Mazda commercial led me to you.

  75. zanechaos

    This queen never ages

  76. John Stipic

    She's a touch too much!!

  77. mona lisa

    I like it

  78. Charles Hopper

    Crap, I don't care. I'm making two comments. This is one HOT video. The song is amazing. These girls are so beautiful. Haley, you listen to me. I've been around for a while. If anyone gives you a bad comment... it's jealousy or envy or something else because you are blinding hot and talented beyond belief. The WORLD needs to know you.

  79. Charles Hopper

    Okay, new favorite singer!! Sultry, beautiful and talent beyond... Wow.

  80. Alexander Mayes

    We all love you, Hailey <3

  81. Nerd Musk

    This music video is Alison Goldfrapp approved.

  82. lucky4luk

    you ROCK it Girl!

  83. Munchie Wise

    now i need a cold shower

  84. euroka Nico den Heijer

    Haley "I'm sexy and I know it" Reinhart :)

  85. klondike conan

    Haley Reinhart... your awesome! love your voice. very unique:)

  86. Petra Paulina Emotera

    I miss hearing Haley! She's amazing! She's the true American Idol for me!

  87. Luca ,

    Good 💋Performance Good Song 🎶🎼🎙️

  88. Been Jammin

    Back in 2011, I was an Amtrak to Chicago to go see my brother in the Navy and I voted 82 times for Haley Reinhart in the final 3 of AI. Have loved her since her idol days

  89. Anthony Colletta

    Yes! Finally she uses her sexy self to blow it up! I soo loveher lolzz

    Anthony Colletta

    and wow i got a heart from you too:) #bossinwithhaley

  90. Gary Wilson

    Very talented

  91. Tanika de Koning

    So beautiful 😍👌 please come perform on my event I have exposition but orgenised also. Masquerade and more in the Netherlands

  92. Thomas Mangogna

    I can't get my pulse to stop racing. Does that make it a crush?

  93. Sean L

    NYC is a hop, skip and a jump for me. See you October 15th.

  94. piesusan17

    Free yourself before you lose yourself.

  95. Graham Taylor

    This is porn for the ears.

  96. Richard Hale

    Song good voice great video not good 🙄

  97. XDavid GoliathX

    This video has been rated "R" for Reinhart.

    j t

    @Beard Guy101 that's disgusting


    @Beard Guy101
    You should try not hating.

    Nik Podojil

    On behalf of bearded men, we DO NOT support "Beard Guy101's" statement, nor do we consider him a true beard guy.