Haley Reinhart - Let's Live For Today Lyrics

When I think of all the worries
People seem to find
And how they're in a hurry
To complicate their minds
By chasing after money
And dreams that can't come true
I'm glad that we are different
We've better things to do
May others plan their future
I'm busy loving you
One, two, three, four!

Sha la la la la la live for today
Sha la la la la la live for today
And don't worry 'bout tomorrow, hey
Sha la la la la la live for today
Live for today

We were never meant to worry
The way that people do
And I don't mean to hurry
As long as I'm with you
We'll take it nice and easy
And use my simple plan
You'll be my lovin' woman
I'll be your lovin' man
We'll take the most from living
Have pleasure while we can
Two, three, four!

Sha la la la la la live for today
Sha la la la la la live for today
And don't worry 'bout tomorrow, hey
Sha la la la la la live for today
Live for today

Got to feel you beside me
Gotta feel you beside me
Baby, please come close to me
Got to have you now, please, (please), please
Gimme some please
(Please), please
Gimme some a-lovin'
(Gimme some a-lovin')
You gimme some a-lovin'
(Gimme some a-lovin')
Gimme some a-lovin'
(Gimme some a-lovin')
Got to have all your lovin'
(Gimme some a-lovin')
Gimme all your lovin'

Sha la la la la la live for today
Sha la la la la la live for today
And don't worry 'bout tomorrow, hey
Sha la la la la la live for today
Live for today

For today
Sha la la la la la live for today
Sha la la la la la live for today
Sha la la la la la live for today
Sha la la la la la live for today
Sha la la la la la live for today
And live for today
La la la la

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Haley Reinhart Let's Live For Today Comments
  1. Ván

    A better version then by Earth Wind and Fire (original) :)


    And I like sooooo much this one 😘

  3. Andrea Grillotti

    Ancora fresca nel 2020.

  4. Jaimin Panchal

    Still its fresh in 2020!! 🔊🔊🔊👏🔊🔊🔊👏🔊🔊🔊👏

  5. Anđela Barić

    Zadaj ga

  6. Antoine Vendeville

    Does anyone knows how to find this song on spotify?? It's been driving me crazy for months

    Strathian Anslow

    I don't think its on there, I have been looking for it for ages as well

  7. Ale 95

    Like si la escuchas el último día del año 2019 🎉🎵

  8. MrSamsuffit17

    Sample at 4:40 The Grass Roots- Lets Live For Today

  9. rochaleve

    a cover..... a demo of a cover, a demo of someone else's song..... Amazing work? More like lazy work....

  10. Sven Campe

    This melody is stuck in my head.

  11. Eric Homsy

    one of the best house songs of all time

  12. Cyrsztof

    Creed F*cking Bratton... You can listen to this masterpiece thanks to Creed Bratton from The Office. Original song "Let's Live For Today" was played in 60's by The Grass Roots. Creed was playing guitar in the band at the time. Of course this version is a fantastic piece of art thanks to Nicolas Jaar, but still - it wouldn't exist if not for Creed F*cking Bratton.

  13. Samuel tractorton


  14. Claudio Jr


  15. Roy Lee Patterson

    I'm pretty sure I am right all the time.

  16. Azul Lavanda TM

    Hot New Release!🔥🔥🔥
    🎶Make Me Feel🎶 - Azul Lavanda
    IG: Azullavandamusic

  17. divnaindija24

    This is so.. lynchian...

  18. Elisa Vieira


  19. Sanja Savic

    2019 🌹 lost found

  20. El Varial

    Keep the boogie down

  21. can ak

    Love it

  22. stewejo

    I'm lost, this isn't Jaar? Is this song available to buy / download anywhere?

  23. Dakota Del Norte

    hola buenas noches menos en china xq hay esde dia :B

  24. GEOFF H

    I have to dance

  25. GEOFF H

    Restrained perfection

  26. Alberto Diaz Hernandez

    This song was released about 38 or 40 years ago by a group called Earth Wind and Fire.
    Nicolas jaar made a very nice adaption !

    RaVen DaWn

    Wow I had no idea. I did sneak in the back way to a Great Adventure concert in Jackson, NJ, hah! Like a swamp fox, those roads and trails and woods are my compass, and a free pass, seen so many concerts there, and my favorite odd tune by EWF was a jazzy improv they called it "Raw Hamburgers"... this stood out as well, and here with the insert of I think a tap on "Let's Live For Today" a classic Yardbirds tune redone even more hearty by the Grassroots, (yep seen them too, along with 3 Dog Night that one day) oh man the music is the ride, and I never mind the smoke twirls, the easy girls and the acid swirls, those old roads, when we'd run blocker for the hootch I was the best driver without question and if we see police in the Jackson swamps, well -that's also a mobster body dump. We drove so hard, days on end, protect our stills, dance with the bayou women and put a blotter of Mr, Natural on all our tongues, some of us older some of us young, a culture lost, yes, Alberto, this brings me back and I absolutely find it flawless. Nice catch man. I layer one in for a live soul to relate, in code, yet always from the truth, my fate, delivers me... I have a date with destiny. She shakes herself a hot, proud and jiggly booty. This is how I had to get back to ground. I do hope you find a smile and relate. Be well, my new old friend, we are sometimes just old souls renewed for another trip into the bending of the light, returned to a new old labyrinth to rediscover, everything changes, stillness the illusion...

    (…by RaVen DaWn ...for Carol, Lena, and Jj)
    "Dynamite To Light Your Candles"
    Awake, aware and home at last!
    3 days up and blasting past.
    Out my cage and break my chains.
    Give the sages my remains.
    Can’t stop yet, and got to move it,
    coming slow, you know you love it…

    Every next day I stay awake,
    close the distance I must make.
    I’m here alone so send the drones…
    call me on long distance saxophone.
    Says sleep is urgent now I must be ready,
    Nah, says I, I’m rockin’ steady…

    4 days up, eyes glazed and red.
    Typhoon winds of fear and dread,
    Blows so fast, this laughter in my head.
    Tie me to the mast, or we’re all dead!

    5 days awake and blasting past;
    Got no worries, move me fast!
    Out my cage and break my chains.
    Give the sages my remains.

    Can’t stop me yet, gotta move it;
    coming slow and gotta love it.
    Got no treason, got no reason;
    just a longshot of the season.
    Rebelle jusqu a’ la fin!!!
    Hmmm, all this fun now hug your kittens.
    Be back soon with oven mittens;
    I’m sizzlin’ hot and hard to handle.
    Dynamite to light your candles.
    ~Tentatio mortis honore~

  27. Nico Lay

    Im producing Music like this, Check me out if you want :)Have a nice Day!

  28. Nino Maxatadze


  29. Игорь М

    I like this !

  30. ozan yılmaz

    4.50 flyyy

  31. Renan Miranda

    I came for Marilyn and stayed for the music. Great Song!

  32. Draco Volantus

    4:46 if somebody retarded in heart but aspires to be somebody

  33. barakah

    Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb down down syndrome down down down...

  34. Serdal Türkmen

    Very nice song 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  35. Largemouth Bassman

    Not on Spotify

  36. Vitalij Goldmann

    Любимая гейша, твой язык не понятен мне ни утром и ни ночью!
    Твои тайные знаки меня завораживают и к тебе привораживают.

    Ты и за меня сегодня на зорьке помолись!
    Я всегда молюсь за всех красавиц живых.


    Ты и за меня завтра в полночь помолись!
    Разве ты хочешь вечно прожить в любви?

    Утром ты не вышел из меня! Ты распял меня?
    Значит, мы и здесь будем жить в любви всегда.

    Милая, одни люди за богом по минному полю идут!
    А ведь иные в прицеле у киллера всю жизнь живут.

    Звезда, ты распахнула мне свою душу на зорьке настежь!
    Привет, поэт-пророк, скажи, но почему тебе не страшно?


    Ночь пролетела как миг страстной внебрачной любви!
    Ты устал - отдохни, но потом разок-другой всё повтори.

  37. Techno Addict UK

    Music is the key to love

  38. Rozi Toroyan


  39. Vasilii Zhelezniakov

    Work of genius

  40. Smokey

    child of satan here. i do not worship satan but he worships me. it is in his heart to destroy me. i am destroyed. everytime i call on God he comes, every time I sin he comes. white chains, fire chains and now iron chains. they be upon me, it hurts, very badly. it hurts. i am almost home

  41. Patrick Michael Sohacki

    Hi :) I am an EDM HOUSE producer! Please check out my page! Thanks! <3

  42. Abbey Galle

    AMAZING NICOLAS JAR!!! I listened to this a million times last year... I was in a Blue Monday Mood all year long.

  43. Melih ERTAŞ


  44. james Larkhill

    How do you do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PlsnDAcxRY

  45. thu ha do

    ''let's live for today and get overdose of heroin '' Marilyn Monroe .
    Wow blow my Mind... What a beatiful Track

  46. Birgül

    Çok iyi...süper track

  47. Object Of the Proposition

    Oh my God.

  48. Cezara Olteanu

    4:18 <3

  49. Maximilian E. Norden

    Love this one!

  50. SoundCode

    2019? anyone?
    the best song ever!!🔊🔊🔊

    lana Arts 'n Crafts

    🔊👍 `🎵🔥`

  51. jude rainbowstar

    omg this nicolas jaar is blowing my mind! :)))

  52. Jesus Alejandro

    whats the sample of this?

    Maximilian E. Norden

    Jesus Alejandro The Grass Roots - Let’s life for today

  53. mylife myrules

    Endişelenme bugün için yaşa❤❤❤


    Every Action There Is A Reaction See Mine.

  55. Gwendal Marrec

    He is beautiful 😍

  56. rory bennett

    such a satisfying song, refreshing af!

    John Sir

    Bigtime man.

  57. Lukas Laurencikas

    he is Jimi Hendrix of electro

  58. Thalyray


  59. 1_2_4

    Marilyn over anything works 😍

  60. labinott

    I am witnessing theres no religion of peace! There's God who created us and he was "done" right there with us! We depent on our own to survive and make life better with artist like Nicolas! This is masterpiece! Thank you for your existence


    @Sarah Mohammed which one ?!

    Sarah Mohammed

    labinott read about islam 👌


    @Sarah Mohammed really? It just happens to know about Islam more then you think since I was grown up in Muslim family until one day I left religion "of peace" which you know I should be punished to death because of it! And that's what you call religion of peace ?

    John Sir

    Religion is made to control. Throw it to the wind and the creator id a young child who didnt mean for any of this to happen and especially not the way its gone. Find yourself first is the most important.


    @Sarah Mohammed Islam is a scam.

  61. Simay Iskender

    I love love love this song

  62. Dimitris Juventinos

    γιασου μελιο μου

  63. labinott

    This getting me hypnotized! I love this! Thanks for this wonderful track and upload

  64. 1_2_4

    Marilyn stil putting bums on seats 😍

    Andrew Glover

    She is transgender 👍

  65. Nikolina Gutović


  66. Anne Maude

    Sublime 😑🎶👏

  67. Childofearth

    I LOVE THIS MASH!!! It’s always golden when you add 70-80’s to the mix!

  68. Annant Gaur

    why the hell this song is not on spotify?

  69. Surya Mani Pandey

    So fucking amazing 💥💥💥💥.. 100 likes

  70. Abdou Elmatraji

    Fix trip tour ets

  71. Mr. Schizo

    Wow blow my Mind... What a beatiful Track

  72. Martin Muriel

    Can't play this one in spotify, anyone else?

    Fabio Giorgio

    @Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus you can't because this piece does not blong to nicolas jaar


    @Fabio Giorgio Really? "It's Let's Live For Today" in Sihn rmx


    play it on youtube

  73. Atef Ibrahim'

    Nearly 2019 nd this still one of da best of all time 🌹❤ #masterpiece

  74. Syko White

    the production of this song is actually so bad....

  75. maciek latawiec

    fajne bardzo

  76. Muditavardhan Prasad

    "Keep the cookie down"



    Lucas Paul

    Muditavardhan Prasad I don’t’ know if you ruined the song for me, or you made it better. In any case, I’ve been humming about keeping the cookie down all day today.

    Tarkan Çollaku

    what have u done?


    Can a song be anymore addictive?

  78. Mr.Kris Official


  79. boush

    Yo vine aqui por coccolino deep

  80. mando 94

    4:40 that's just amazing, take me in another world.

  81. Krkrkrkrkrkrkrk

    Who's that girl on the picture please ???

    Yny Gortem

    That's Marilyn Monroe!


    @Yny Gortem What should i put on google to find this picture ?

  82. Diana Lolaev

    Lets groove? Its earth wind &fire song no?

  83. Slavko Cosic

    Nicolas Jaar is Music Guru<3...

    Slavko Cosic


  84. thomas robinson

    most beautiful thing

  85. Simon James

    Finally discovered this wonderful track!

    Matheus Silva


  86. Sercan A

    Original inspiration: 'Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove'

  87. Ali M.Khosravi

    Why this song isn't listed in iTunes music?

  88. Alexis Avila


  89. Evolution Seven

    Wish 06:41 would be longer

  90. ZeNeIsHere

    best song subscribe to my channel for cool edits

  91. Nitesh Thakkar

    The final part is extended in the below essential Mix Episode 52.


  92. unanimous unanimous

    Where can i buy or download this digitally? I can't find it anywhere

  93. jwan emam

    4<22 wooooooow

  94. claus kanstrup

    What is th8s devilry, i cant stop flowing to the beat

  95. Lina Nomnom

    I’m high ✌️

  96. Insomnia Official

    4:22 explode my mind

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