Haley Reinhart - Lay It Down Lyrics

Truth is
I don't see you in my dreams
Want your cake and eat it too
Can't expect me to follow you

Oh all around
All I see are signs of love
Could try to turn away but I knew
Knew this song would remind me of you

Was there something I could do
Did I ask too much from you
You know I can take the truth
So lay it down

The bed you made
Has no room for me
Underneath your frozen sheets
I would sleep so terribly

I don't need
Never needed much you see
I'll go back to the way I was
And you'll just be a memory

Was there something I could do
Did I ask too much from you
You know I can take the truth
So lay it down
Lay it down
Oh lay it down
Lay it down
Oh lay it down on me yeah

I don't need
Never needed much you see
I'll go back to the way I was
And you'll just be a memory

Was there something I could do
Did I ask too much from you
You know I can take the truth
So lay it down

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Haley Reinhart Lay It Down Comments
  1. Tamara Bango

    I totally feel the person who screamed at the beginning

  2. Michael Dinsen

    Goddess voice

  3. David Tuley

    Haley please sing Peter Green's, " I need your love so bad."

  4. Keeping it Simple Ministry

    You sound great! Do your next recording in analog ! Digital is dead! That warmth will make you shine. The older the equipment the better.



  5. Bernd Kohler

    What a song, fabulous. How many octaves can you sing? This was fantastic.

  6. TheLonesometoad

    Why is she still stuck playing these dives for all these rude ingrates??

  7. Kristina Geisendorff

    I have never in my life heard a more beautiful voice than Hailey's

  8. sentfromupabove

    How the studio version should've been sung right here !!!

  9. Centro Musicale Salernitano di Marco Parisi

    Amo questa donna... :)

  10. Leon Dadoun

    I thought she was going to do the song "Lay it Down" by Melanie?

  11. Tim Grant

    When she sings...........I melt............

  12. Jeff P

    Sounds like someone in the audience was overserved. It's a shame because I'm pretty sure everybody in the venue and here on Youtube came for the mega-talented Haley Reinhart.

    Orange Lime

    Yeah, I think he was. But I think he also didn't realize, and quickly settled down. Some people are really just stone in love with her, and it truly is unreal to hear her sing live.

  13. Derek


  14. Mark D

    What a beautiful voice! 🌹🇨🇦

  15. Fred Wallin

    Always amazing.

  16. Mtnman Deluxe

    wanna marry this woman ,, so that she can sing me to sleep every night ,, until forever … damn I love this woman ,, have since her very 1st appearance on idol .. she should have won that year ,, hands down ,, but at least she didn't get stuck with a ridiculous idol music contract ...

  17. James Miller

    I mean that is a voice. And her personality just lifts it into the clouds.

  18. malignor

    Holy crap that ... that was inspiring.

  19. Jason Edwards

    this one makes me want to either raise a child with Haley or get a stronger love with my wife.

    Vince Vuitton

    good luck bro.hahaha

  20. amaryKen

    Sexy,beautiful lady, lovely voice and I love how she dresses 👍🏻😍👏

  21. LtJackboot

    I love your pretty singing Haley! I just close my eyes and cup my ears and.... heaven :-)

  22. Jason M

    wow! just wow! words cant describe...

  23. desolate surfer

    haley, i hope oreos is paying you for all these comercials they put in your vids. fudge covered oreos....nope. gimme haley please.


    You're lucky, all Youtube is showing me is St Jude commercials w/ sick kids ......

    XDavid GoliathX

    Waves Audio is battering me with their commercials for audio plugins. Maybe I should just give in and buy something...maybe not.

  24. loveforjudas


  25. Davide Monge

    Thank you for this! awesome.

  26. zaemo2

    Words can't describe how beautiful you are! Such grace!!

  27. StelinaJaffee

    I will say it once more- she's got the whole package, what a voice ,thanks for sharing this intimate song ,kiss 💋💋

  28. eduardo Daee


  29. J.R. Vasquez


  30. will b

    I NEED to see Haley live in person, lady has some incredible pipes with a range of a F-22 raptor fighter jet!

  31. Ashley Cohen

    Shouting dude is probably a Geordie.

    DG Cox

    Ashley Cohen it was his first beer

    Ashley Cohen

    Sure glad I wasn’t around when he had his 2nd.

  32. Frank Glenister

    Love this dear Haley,
    You are wonderfull
    Love Frank

  33. Alex Tourigny

    You laid it down very nicely. Great vocal range for sure. Thanks for sharing. Peace !

  34. Orange Lime

    Let's get Haley back on the road, so more people can hear how ridiculously mesmerizing her voice is. She sells out venues! This video is good, but no where near how crazy unbelievable hearing her live is.

  35. David Batteau

    The Otis Redding of the 21st century.

  36. ChiefSoul C

    What a voice!!

  37. Üllüp

    Wow, that's beautiful! 🤩 Except the shouting dude, he needs to shut up when Haley is singing


    @J.R. Vasquez The WOOOO People .they have been around forever.. apparently breeding

    J.R. Vasquez

    @jmack619 Yup, they and their cousins, the WOOO HOOOOO people. They crossbreed too...


    @J.R. Vasquez I often wonder what messages the brain is receiving and sending to the vocal chords lungs etc. as they decide to interrupt with their wooh wooo hooo somewhat primeval emitting.
    Than I let it go, until next time.

    J.R. Vasquez

    @jmack619 LOL...

  38. Rod Parrett

    Wow... and wow.....and wow again!!!!

  39. RC Productions

    Can’t decide what’s better — the singing or songwriting. Love it!

  40. Ashley Cohen

    Clarino notes are v good

    Ashley Cohen

    I agree....

  41. Gav Hastings


  42. HaleysTusk

    @HaleyReinhart #LoFiSoulTour2019 playlist:

    Khalil Sailor

    Your voice makes me more drunk than the whiskey does...!
    who are you..!!


    Bonita ?sexi ? Por lo demás no entiendo nada pero os doy un gran OK 👍👍👍👏👏👏😛😛🇪🇸🇪🇸

  44. TheConspiracy Realist

    Drunk jerks know how to ruin a mood don't they?


    It was only a moment. It's a shame, but it's not worth missing the rest of this spectacular performance