Haley Reinhart - Last Kiss Goodbye Lyrics

Last kiss goodbye, until next time
Last kiss goodbye, my love
Last kiss goodbye, until next time
Last kiss goodbye, my love

Maybe that's why they call it falling
All I know is that when I look in your longing eyes
My whole world flips upside down
Babe, it's hard to describe
Why my heart beats so much faster
whenever you're around me
It makes me sigh, oh

Last kiss goodbye, until next time
Last kiss goodbye, my love
Last kiss goodbye, until next time
Last kiss goodbye, my love

Last kiss goodbye, until next time
Last kiss goodbye, my love
Last kiss goodbye, until next time
Last kiss goodbye, my love

(Last kiss goodbye, until next time)
(Last kiss goodbye, my love)
(Last kiss goodbye, until next time)
(Last kiss goodbye, my love)

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Haley Reinhart Last Kiss Goodbye Comments
  1. Жалиль Гатауллин


  2. swing Art777

    Love the video

  3. Wagner Bastos

    I feel like in Rio de Janeiro.

  4. Rodney Dominguez

    God is great, I can't decide which is more beautiful her voice or her face and her hair and her eyes and body and everything else.
    Thank you, Jesus!

  5. Wagner Bastos

    Love this girl, love this song.

  6. Julia Hanania

    This song sounds the same as nobody knows by Russ..

  7. GeMiNi MuSiC

    this is my first time hearing this song and DAMN intro is so beautiful.... all the way to the end ♥love it

  8. seanseanseanseansean

    I shall not compare her to any other artist by name, because, irritating.

  9. the king does what the king wants

    After watching you sweetheart the word beautiful needs to be redefined😍😍😍💜💜😘 in fact let's just do away with the word beautiful and use Haley from now on😍😍😍

  10. BXBY

    Haley is so talented💞

  11. Randy S

    Haley, I love it. This shows you can sing and hang in one more genre, after all the others that you have done so well in. Thanks Haley. And, you bring out the sensual in the bossa nova like few others can.

  12. Doug L

    Hello Haley and fellow listeners! You have a great voice Haley! Wish I could help you out with a little more writing to appeal to a larger audience.

  13. Il Selvaggio

    This song has a lot of meaning to me. Love you Haley.

  14. Luica Larios

    Marry me

  15. MariaLuisa Santistevan

    Beautiful Haley. Bossa Nova was made for your voice and style. Love it!

  16. Imin Flower

    Heard this song in a restaurant today and spent about fifteen minutes searching for it haha,, I love how calm it is but still has a lot of different sounds and that little beat in the background.

  17. Aline Albuquerque Carvalho

    Linda! Kisses from Brazil!

  18. ThePixelPancake

    having your heartstrings pulled by her voice

  19. Anthony Colletta

    Lovely Bossa Nova

  20. mikaela

    I'm addicted to this bossa nova feels and old vibes and it really fits your voice and your style!!!! You are amazing and i can't get enough of this❤

  21. Charles Hopper

    I love the diverse and eclectic choice of genres. She is truly amazing!!

  22. Martie De Leon

    this sounds like a vacay you've been waiting for 🌺🌺

  23. Four of Six, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 03

    Wow, love this!!!!

  24. Denmar Provido

    Is it just me or this sounds similar to Russ' Nobody Knows song?

  25. Unordinary Olivia


    soo beautiful

  26. Scott Waldheim Sr

    Love the song I'm a FAN all time

  27. Melissa Mayer

    She is so gorgeous!!! And The song is a trip!

  28. Vigus DNA

    Her wide range of vocal abilities/ over several genres is Refreshing cause as a fan of music it’s beautiful..
    People need to understand that Music is a language that has many different accents & Dialects & when it’s great it doesn’t matter, n she is great

  29. Дмитро Маначин

    It's not bad, but it's not that much good either. It's rather monotone and not very emotion-delivering. Just some average song you cannot recall listening after a few hours.
    I believe it's just an experiment and Haley will do much better songs in nearest future. )

  30. Golden Sun

    Loved it ! Great job Haley !

  31. beleyara

    Oh and the guitar deserves much more attention!! Beautiful chords played right there

  32. beleyara

    How could I only discover this song that late?! This is so beautiful, I am glad to death to have finally discovered this video😱
    It makes me feel so chill and it sets me in a mood which I can‘t even describe..

  33. Ice Cube

    filmed in venice, california. but far from an accurate picture. where are all the bums? the feces in the streets? and don't ever leave your car there, it'll get broken into.

    Copy Bloc

    That didn't happen to my car in Venice. I didn't see any feces either. And I see more bums near my home every day in Dallas, Texas because it's near a green belt, transit station, and intersection where a major street passes under a freeway.

  34. Millei Helfinger

    She is so beautifully beautiful✨✨

  35. Luis Dominguez J

    My God!!!, I loved this song and video

  36. aeynoa


  37. Mchristine aquino

    Goodbye REPEAT button ❤❤❤❤

  38. Emilio Escarate

    You are amazing, your voice is so unique, someday ill be an awesome piano player and ill go anywhere to make some music with you, see ya!

  39. Лана Свиридова

    I love this voice.

  40. Natalie Elyse Stallcup

    I could listen to her music all day

  41. The Shopkeeper

    Good Song, Good Mood, Good Day~

  42. Clara Clara

    You are great! Amazing singer

  43. Ana Luisa

    OMG! Everytime I hear a Haley song (cover or not), I cannot stop liten to it, such a beautiful voice

  44. Sarah XO

    i just discovered this song and singer and I WANT MORE!! I'M IN LOVEEEEEEE WITH HER VOICE AND MUSIC

  45. Barros Advogados Associados

    Excelente bossa nova, tenho certeza que os brasileiros vão se sentir honrados com você cantando.

  46. Will J

    love this

  47. ROCKETJEFF Matejek

    You are Awesome! So Beautiful! Such a wonderful song! Please,don't leave me! Please,be my VALENTINE! I love you Haley Reinhart!

  48. Trish McLemore

    Not good enough material for her fabulous voice...

  49. Shibbynitz32

    Shes so gorgeous!! !!!

  50. Qua deca

    I know reinhart because my gf ..

  51. David Muro

    Where was recorded this video?

  52. Hernan Ramos

    2019 ❤💖😍

  53. Stephen Raney

    The girl from “Ipanema” 😎

  54. Isa Tiemi

    Q ótima música ameiii tipo tem um ritmo meio brasileiro é muito boa

  55. Benny Garr

    You Take My Breath Away with your beauty and your voice, I feel blessed every time I get the chance to listen to you. Much love and continued success

  56. Michael Guerrieri

    she voice bill.

  57. cristobal olivas

    Listen to russ -nobody knows

  58. Switchellmobb


  59. Tirimpi Pipimpi

    pure love magic

  60. chanel girl

    ( hello )

    Last kiss goodbye, until next time
    Last kiss goobye, my love
    Last kiss goodbye, until next time
    Last kiss goodbye, my love

    Maybe that's why they call it falling. All i know it that when i look in your longing eyes
    My whole world flips upside down. Babe it's heart to describe why my heart beats so much faster whenever you're around me. It makes me sigh, oh

    Last kiss goodbye, until next time
    Last kiss goodbye, my love
    Last kiss goodbye, until next time
    Last kiss goodbye, my love

    Last kiss good bye, until next time
    Last kiss goodbye, my love
    Last kiss goodbye, until next time
    Last kiss goodbye, my love

    ( Last kiss goodbye, until next time. Last kiss goodbye, my love....)

  61. Ely Largado

    Short, sweet, perfect for summer.
    AND sung by Haley.

    What's not to like?

    Trevor Morris

    ++Ely Largado
    Bossa Nova is what's not to like! I suppose this is good Bossa Nova - if there's such a thing! However, I don't like Bossa Nova, and I findit difficult to understand why there was ever a craze for it. It must be purely for the sake of it being different rather than any intrinsic virtue. The melodies and rhythm seem endlessly repetitive. I never liked it in the days of Stan Getz, and not even Haley has won me over to it now, although she's won me over to a number of other songs that I didna like before hearing her sing them. However, I do wish Haley the best of luck with this even though it's not for me.

    Ely Largado

    ++Trevor Morris I see your point. That endlessly repetitive sound is what I personally like about this song -- it's like the perfect background soundtrack for walking on the beach. Let's both wish Haley the best for her career! ^_^

  62. Begüm Afacan

    The purest video and voice i’ve ever seen and heard. Love you Haley.

  63. David St. Pierre

    Haley's voice is pure magic.

  64. Elfish Parsley

    Too short! Too short! I need mooooaaaarrreeeeee!!!!!!

  65. Stèlle G.

    It calms me downn❤️

  66. MixbreedLa13

    Love! Love! LOVE! 💖

  67. Khalifa Gaming

    HOTTER than summer at .75x speed.

    Thanks for your talent and originality, Haley~! I'm one of appreciative fans you have.

    Your artful music inspires me even in any genre. Hope you doing well, cheers artist~!

  68. Zana Gülsüm

    i think so good

  69. Nigel Danclar

    I love a voice she has a new fan...

  70. Chado

    Dang, Haley, beautiful as ever. And... a thousand to go for 100,000 subs! Congrats. Love You. 🥀❤🥀

  71. Anthony Epps

    Pretty summer song...riding with the convertible top down...

  72. StaringanimE1


  73. Marcos Figueiredo

    Come in Rio...Rock in Rio 2019 ok...

  74. Marcos Figueiredo

    Mais brasileira que as brasileiras...linda!

  75. William Bowman

    Will listen to her before I listen to all the bubblegum ers,like the coaches on the voice

  76. Alyha Herrera

    I listen to this almost every night. It helps me sleep so peacefully and I feel so relaxed! Your voice is seriously liquid gold! Thank you for this 💕

  77. jonny8pie

    Beautiful song. Beautiful vid. Beautiful woman.

  78. sizzorgirl67

    The world needs this.

  79. Wing

    ..."every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!"...👍🙂

  80. Anna Lisa

    What a cute, sassy, flirty and sweet young woman. She’s got it all.

  81. jess ica

    Love it!!

  82. natalie perales

    Warning....don't listen to this while heartbroken 💔

  83. Swiggity Sweemo I’m Emo

    Bruh I'm a new fan and fjfjfjhfjf Haley is so talented omg I love her sm

  84. Jessica Morales

    End of summer chill vibes. Love it. Bossa Nova.

  85. leah Zzzz

    Your voice ❤❤

  86. Bob alloo

    I'm not sure why, but I have always rooted for Haley Reinhart. Ever since I heard her do God Bless the Child on American Idol. But it isn't just her singing. It's her personality, song choices, resistance to being put in a box, and probably more than anything, her love and devotion for her family.

  87. lovinghaleyr

    Amazing Haley's new song: Search:"Don't Know How to Love You"(GRAMMY worthy IMHO)

  88. Elle57910112004

    This song is way too underrated

  89. dan lee

    I have a special request can you please do 'a little sugar in my bowl by Nina Simone' pretty please

  90. Dave L

    Happy Birthday Haley

  91. Joshua Strauss

    Does anyone know if haley still tours with pmj?


    Joshua Strauss she does every now and then. I think she says she will or not on Twitter.

  92. Miguel Pérez

    Amo tu voz y tu forma de interpretación, te amo a ti por hermosa.
    I love to everything. ❤️

  93. Tal Tzabary Dunsky

    In a world where some music is trash - you keep the quality.

  94. Deb Dacuno

    I've loved Haley since Idol <3 Still kinda ship her with Casey/Stefano hahahuhu


    I believe in Casey, he will get her one day.

  95. Riza Yuli


  96. trunkbangking

    Id marry her if i had the chance..i could listen to her voice allll day!!

  97. joe Labandeira

    this would be a good song for haley = https://youtu.be/ubaDdZ0_enQ

  98. Amber Jiang

    My type of vibe <3