Haley Reinhart - Good Or Bad Lyrics

Caught somewhere between a nightmare and a dream
Not sure whose game it is or what it all even means
Not sure who to be, do you want the good or bad of me? Mmm

Not sure what you expect to find
But I'm certain I can change your mind
You ask what kind of girl am I?
Well do you want the good or bad kind?

You know I'd stay, every morning, every evening
Boy I'd stay, just as long as you can please me
Boy I'd stay, wrap myself around your body, can't let go
Ooh, you make it hot, hot, baby come on

I can be as sweet as a summers day
Forfeit your fantasies once I whisper your name
Here you come running one more time
Mister, do you want the good or bad kind?

You know I'd stay, every morning, every evening
Boy I'd stay, just as long as you can please me
Boy I'd stay, wrap myself around your body, can't let go
Ooh, you make it hot, hot, baby come on

You know I'd stay, every morning, every evening
Boy I'd stay, just as long as you can please me
Boy I'd stay, wrap myself around your body, can't let go
Ooh, you make it hot, hot, baby come on

Ooh, you make it hot, hot, baby come on [x4]

Stay, wrap myself around your body, can't let go
You make it hot, hot, baby come on

You know I'd stay, every morning, every evening
Boy I'd stay, just as long as you can please me
Boy I'd stay, wrap myself around your body, can't let go
Ooh, you make it hot, hot, baby come on [x2]

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Haley Reinhart Good Or Bad Comments
  1. Needs More Toys

    Damn that was good original music. How do I hear these guys live?


    Follow Haley's social media. Or haleyreinhart.com . She's hinted at touring next year. A definite recommendation

  2. ride1973

    shes such a little teaser

  3. Walter Legere

    Sorry, Haley deserves so much better than this. She should have been a giant industry star right out of Idol! She was so much better than all of her contemporaries on that show. She is THAT GOOD! Her rendition of House of The Rising Son should have been enough to get her 'in the gate' to super stardom. She is uber-talented, gorgeous and mesmerizing to all of us who have watched her over the years! We only wish you success in the future young lady! You are incredible! Keep doing what you do best!!

  4. Michael Dinsen

    Not good or bad. [email protected]#$&+! Greatness

  5. Michael Dinsen

    Killer. Soul from the divine

  6. Icantdrive55

    The voice, the beauty, that’s one awesome performance. Very easy on the eyes and ears! 😘 Love you Haley

  7. Glad Hand

    how is this girl not a super star. between seven nation army and creep, she has over 100 million views plus countless other great covers, yet she is stuck doing rib festivals and county fairs. I hope she gets her break soon.

  8. scottyo64

    The more I learn about Haley the more I like her music!

  9. Дмитрий Цветков

    Очаровательная!!! Из-за Вас пересмотрел отношение к коротышкам... НЕ лезте в Хард... Хочу слышать Ваш голос... И в роке есть место вокалу, или Вам писать некому?... Меркури, Абба... продолжите ряд красивых... Обожаю!)

  10. Sean L

    That was pretty tight.

  11. Mike Cooper

    I liked this song in the earlier version, but like everything she does it just keeps getting better and better....playing it live and wearing this outfit makes this song,"HOT HOT BABY!"

  12. Crush Everything


  13. Trevor Morris

    How on earth could I have forgotten that I'd watched this particular clip of Haley? I'm drooling over the sound of her voice. (Well that's what I'm trying to kid myself!) God, what a performance to experience live. She was on fire with that number, and the band was responding. Can you mind that far back, Tusk, to recall whether you were at it?


    Trevor Morris This was the 2nd time HALEY came to my home town. Initially I was going to video from ground level, but I noticed they had the balcony area cordoned off for underage fans, so I went up there recorded with my iPhone, camera & mic. The only unfortunate thing was I was getting so into the show I accidentally hit the volume button on my phone, which also apparently stops the recording. I lost 2-1/2 songs. Fortunately my friend who was recording stage right got some decent video despite the stage lights wrecking havoc on his video.

    Trevor Morris

    Ha-ha! You're lucky you werena locked up, going in amongst the underage youngsters like that! I felt a bit conspicuous myself initially when I saw Haley in Glasgow. I'm pretty sure I must have been about 20 years older than anyone else there. However, I soon got used to it. I even managed a bit of crack with some of the lassies outside whilst waiting to go in. Mind you, they werena underage. Actually, I don't think anybody thought anything about it. They were there to see Haley, and I was there to see Haley, and that was it.
    Your Seattle show must have been a stotter if you switched your recording off accidentally. It's a good job you had a pal with you.
    You're doubly lucky Haley's been twice to Seattle. I keep checking Haley's website, but no mention of any tours this side of the Atlantic. I'm not sure whether that Glasgow gig was the first time she'd been over here. It's no more than 3 years since I heard about Haley for the first time. I've got to the stage now that I would even go down to England to see herif she comes across again and doesna come to Scotland. "Greater love hath no man"...😁

  14. Wagner Bastos

    This girl is a great singer, she Rocks.

  15. David Jessee

    So good!!!

  16. Raging Taco

    My goodness I wish I had a girl that looks like her in my life.

  17. Boat Axe

    Built for sin.

  18. Александр Аксенов


  19. salg

    The music was fire and she is fire, fantastic vocalist.

  20. Roberto Farris

    The sexiest singer in the world!

  21. Bad Man

    Oh lort

  22. Mark Cea

    This version is much better than the album, that guitar solo was the missing element. Haley should release a live version of her selected songs


    You can say that about pretty much any Haley song, she will always sound better live than her studio. Another reason I love seeing Haley perform live is how she sometimes transforms or tinkers around w/ her songs, like adding "What the World Needs Now" to the end of "Love is Worth Fighting For" or adding "Fresh and Clean" to the end of "Sunny Afternoon". I was told by Haley's tour manager that they were going to record the audio from all her Lo-Fi Soul shows, so maybe that could lead to a studio live album? ;)

  23. Дмитрий Цветков

    Класс!! Скажи куда отнести мое сердце... или глаз, их у меня два)))

  24. Patricia Broadway

    Love her

  25. Henauder Titzauf

    Great, great Miss Haley! Keep up your good work, thanks for sharing this video, whomever?! That body and her grind, whooooweeee!

  26. Jan Solo

    Très jolie demoiselle et voix magnifique !!

  27. Drew Flint

    Bless the baby cheeses, she is just so good. I've kept an eye on her career ever since she was robbed on Idol. Some might say she is underrated, but I think more unappreciated as one of the best voices going around. But she seems happy doing the low key gigs, maybe superstardom isn't a goal. But she's sung with Slash and Myles Kennedy, Jeffie Goldblum and others. In a world of Pop Icons, she's the Janis Joplin of our time. And I think she'd be happy with that.

  28. S t eve Montoya

    She could crush my face with thoses thighs. That would be nice.

  29. brent lund

    I am in love.Every garage band guys dream......hep me !

  30. doorran


  31. neonsparky

    Oh yeah

  32. Bob Deluxe and The Ideals


  33. 2010andrew

    Really, my congrats to the band! , congrats to the sexy lady! , she's not only beauty, she has a powerful voice. The band, really amazing way about to play. When I was watchin' all video, made me feel like I was looking the streets of fire movie, but in real life, and in a modern version. "A++" guys!!!

  34. sorellman

    That's one of her best performances.

  35. Do it again

    My girlfriend just broke up with me because keep watching the video, love this woman 😁

    Richard Ensey

    worth it!!!!

    Boat Axe

    Good riddance to a control freak! Set the rules early, you can look at other women and she can look at other men, as long you go home together.

  36. J.R. Vasquez

    Her gorgeous body is more than matched by that voice. Props to the band!

  37. skeeze1

    I can smell it thru my monitor!


    That Apple Pie

  38. TheLonesometoad

    Aside from her world class voice, she wreaks of sex!

  39. Aru Junior


  40. Derek

    Pure n' AweSomE************

  41. Derrik Grella

    Haley is more talented than literally every singer topping the charts today. Her voice is phenomenal and her charisma and magnetism are unmatched.

    Henauder Titzauf

    Derrik Grella and you can understand her words. Most of today’s just loud noise and someone yelling louder.

    Derrik Grella

    @Henauder Titzauf Yes, a lot of today's singers either have terrible pronunciation or they mumble and whisper through the songs. Haley is miles ahead of most of her contemporaries.

  42. Anthony Festa


  43. Dwayne Tempest

    She switches up band members quite a bit ! Always so strong !


    This is easily her best touring line up. I bout jumped out of my seat when I learned she was going to bring TWO guitarists on tour. That makes such a huge difference. The Lo Fi Soul Shows have seen her most confident professional performances yet, and I love to have discovered Zephyr on bass, if you listen to his bass on this song in particular, cause the audio is so clear, you'll see he's as much a reason why these shows have sounded amazing

    Dwayne Tempest

    Been watching her talent for few years ,she just gets into ever song she ever does ,no matter who the band is !

  44. ALEXOJOHN D la Borgoña

    Amasita, te hago un flan!. T lo hago mamita!.

  45. Carlos Palacio

    Damn ..... Girl got pipes no doubt !

  46. Pierro Pierro

    Якія гарныя б'ёдры. Гы. Гы.

  47. Kanaka Norcal

    One word....Outfuckingstanding!

  48. Игорь Бондарь


  49. Vince Bennett


  50. Golden Sun

    Haley = Smokin' hot body to match her smokin' hot voice.
    Liked the song, decent lead solo too.

  51. DustyCowdog

    Dang me -- I'm not sure there is anyone sexier. 😍

  52. Matthew

    Love the confident look she gave the camera at the end 💕, I mean the look she gave me 😍 Nice performance Ms. Haley 👍

  53. rmd1064


  54. Skinny Dee

    I jus' can't help wondering which dude in the band is banging that.

  55. Skinny Dee

    I'm just wondering when this band is gonna have the great kabam moment.

  56. Skinny Dee

    I'm surprised the keyboard player can play at all.

  57. lovinghaleyr

    Please,can someone call 911 for me?My PC is on fire

  58. Tod Martens

    All the people at the front are guys lol.

  59. Victor De Anda

    Amazing voice, great

  60. Tim the gun guy

    Damn that was nice, but when did Mr. Depp start bending strings for her??🤔🥴 of course I'm jkn

    jay lee

    Probably shortly after she bought them shorts!!!

  61. Ragin Reggin

    She had me at thigh high boots, fishnet, and leather gogo shorts. Amazing!

    Tim the gun guy

    👍🤣😂 Me too!!

    Trevor Morris

    Ragin Reggin
    Absolutely stunning appearance - and a performance to match.

  62. Dave O


  63. Tog Speedy

    Wow! Hayley fronting a rock band? My life is complete!
    When she coughed at the start I thought her voice might not be up to it on this occasion......shows how much I know! It's official. She is incapable of performing any song badly. It's a 10 from me! 😉

  64. Ge heim

    ❤❤❤ sexy Lady 💋💋💋

  65. david bearden

    One of the best singers out there no doubt. Props to the band for being able to concentrate..professionals for sure.

  66. Dale Radjo

    Just 3 words... smooth, sultry & sensational!

  67. MTS

    Pure Natural Talent!!!

  68. Anatoliy Nesterov

    - Мала, шорты лопнут :-)

  69. Rick B

    Great voice and really good backup musicians.👍👍

  70. indemniman 162

    She's so sexy, beautiful voice.

  71. Paul Howell

    I'm a day one fan. Haley's every bit as sexy as she is a great singer. Glad she's giving us stuff to listen to.

  72. Mitch Weissman


  73. eduardo Daee

    😱😱😱😱 spectacular & Unforgettable Haley!!

  74. дмитрий гавриков

    Какой прекрасный голосок! =)

  75. Macht Schnell


    That is all I am going to say about this knockout performance.

  76. S A

    Haley rocks!!♥️

  77. todd bill

    She is absolutely stunning!

  78. Harry H Lamb

    Very intoxicating Miss Haley. Thanks for sharing your talent and your beauty. Love you and your music. May God Bless you keeping you Healthy and Safe 🌹 🌹🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  79. John May

    Fantastic! Haley is THE best!

  80. Nikoo033

    Splendid performance from the whole band.

  81. Tacking to Catch a Fresh Breeze

    At her best.

  82. Choudrouna

    J'adore cette voix .En espérant la voir un jour en France.
    Sublime et très belle.

  83. Ваня Иванов

    Ну вот здорово_же

  84. Jim Nash

    Haley, thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent.

  85. Doctorj63

    Can you say Sex Bomb......

  86. GLM Entertainment

    Rock and Blues Lady No. 1 .....Yeahhh and Jazz also......

  87. voa voit

    Her voice timbre and technique are amazing

  88. voa voit


  89. Jose Luque

    Holly smokes that was one hell of a performance, you’re so great!!!

  90. Romich Perm

    Beautiful song! And Haley...

  91. will b

    That's just ridiculously great! It would be hard to be sitting in the front row, would have to be doused with ice cold water cause what's on that stage is smoldering hot! Voice of an raspy angel!

  92. Ashnoy Atrushanyan

    Completely beautiful!!

  93. Dirk Riley

    Very nice !!

  94. kevinlortie54

    Haley, you never fail to impress, please,please come back to San Fran and stun all of us all over again. Your band is getting tighter by the day.

  95. Szilárd Szabó

    The whole performance is amazing! Great musicians!

  96. Clifford Holloway

    no one has mentioned the shorts...……...

    Paul Howell

    @Nomadic Fenceman if you're seriously talking about the shorts particularly then I don't know what to tell you. This girl is fine. What's weird ?

    Clifford Holloway

    @ksr9t I have never watched one of her videos without the comments about looks/outfit...…… just wondered when they would arrive...… and yes "orange lime" she does look very nice wearing them


    @John Kugelfischer Don't worry John. You do seem to be savy with your punctuation. I've noticed some of the "big kids" fail to follow your example.

    Orange Lime

    @Clifford Holloway Well, that's better.

    C. C.

    Well in brief.. costumes are part of the show. I'm not complaining.