Hale - Skip The Drama Lyrics

I can never be with you forever
I don't want to pick you up when you fall
I don't want to hold your hand
To make you feel good about me
You've been ok all of this time

Let's all skip the drama
Believe on what is real

I don't want to be the one who completes you
I know that I'll never make you whole
I'll never let you see me down
Hopeless and needing you around
We have all the time in the world

Let's all skip the drama
Believe on what is real

I'd give you everything that you want
But I won't let you
Cause I'm with you
And you're with me

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Hale Skip The Drama Comments
  1. Eron Quindoza

    2018 naaa ahaaha

  2. Bienvenido Calbitaza Jr.

    It's 2016, still listening to this ;)

  3. jirou mochizuki

    hi guyz there are not disband and gone

    there always there and keeping alive there music

    thanks who appreciate opm band :)

  4. Colleen Guimbal

    Champ was my sister's block mate. He always hang out in our place. He's a nice guy, partially :) (I know him, a lot) He said those himself though the "selfish part" is my own opinion. I read the news in some site and roll only knew about the band's mishap when it flashed out of the news. I respect him cause we made a lot of songs together..I'm not "nagmamarunong". I just know the truth. I don't usually reply to such kind of comment but I have to. so, Ciao!

  5. Ryan Neil

    i Miss HALE

  6. Colleen Guimbal

    It's kinda selfish of Champ to do such thing. As what Roll said they only realize that the band is completely gone when Champ released his first song as a single artist. Champ never ask for their approval. He said, It's his band. At one point we can see champ's selfish side. Everyone has his/her own bad side. Cheers to Hale! Reunion concert is a MUST!

  7. Lelouch Gozum

    Break up (2010)
    The band went on their separate ways on August 6, 2010, as announced publicly by band vocalist Champ Lui Pio, who announced his intention to start a solo music career and as an actor. His decision to go solo was kept from his bandmates.

  8. Teku

    BAKIT?! bakit ba sila nag hiwalay ang banda nila!?

  9. Ptrck Caresosa

    dba disband ung hale?...

  10. abyhuana

    wew .. kaka inspired