Hale - Hagatna Bay Lyrics

You don't let your guard down
Don't get your hopes up boy
Do you understand?
I want to hold your hand now

You're all by yourself
You work hard and study too
If it's too much to bare
Then go let your hair down now

You pissed me off a while ago
Bit by bit becoming to know you
Since I came into your land
I don't think I'd understand

Do you don't you want me
Will I wanna I see you
I didn't like the beach
But I liked you

Please let your guard down
Don't leave me hanging here
Do I make it clear?
Ill be around you know

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Hale Hagatna Bay Comments
  1. Julmar Senambong

    I didnt liked the beach, but i liked you.. <3

  2. Julmar Senambong

    This is my comfort song.. thanks uploader.. 😊

    Anna Actas

    +Julmar Senambong ur welcome... and thanks

  3. Anna Actas

    thanks gerlpren... :)

  4. Ghreiz Bartolome

    nice gerlpren! =) it shows that you are soooo inlove <3