Hal Ketchum - Wings Of A Dove Lyrics

On the wings of a snow-white dove
He sends His pure sweet love
A sign from above
On the wings of a dove

When troubles surround us, When evils come
The body grows weak, The spirit grows numb
When these things beset us, He doesn't forget us
He sends down His love
On the wings of a dove

On the wings of a snow-white dove
He sends His pure sweet love
A sign from above
On the wings of a dove

When Jesus went down To the river that day
He was baptized In the usual way
And when it was done, God blessed his son
He sent him his love
On the wings of dove

On the wings of a snow-white dove
He sends His pure sweet love
A sign from above
On the wings of a dove

When Noah had drifted On the flood many days
He searched for land In various ways
Troubles, he had some, But wasn't forgotten
He sent him His love
On the wings of a dove

On the wings of a snow-white dove
He sends His pure sweet love
A sign from above
On the wings of a dove

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Hal Ketchum Wings Of A Dove Comments
  1. Catherine Wren

    Good job all the artists who sang and performed this evening.

  2. Jennifer Dijames

    Good song Hal. R I p Ferlin. My uncle David had a crush on you Old Man.

  3. Karl Martin Lie

    Beautiful song🤠🎤🎼🤠💞🌹🌹

  4. Crystal Bales

    Love this song by Hal. I pray for him and his family as he battles dementia and late stages of Alzheimer's. He is touring no more. Just home with his family and loved ones. Love and prayers for Hal and family.

  5. Robert Dunham

    Top that

  6. Robert Dunham

    Top that

  7. Teresa Blair

    My aunt inna may wrote that song and she would sing that song to us when we was little i still have the song that she wrote i miss you aunt inna may

  8. kathleen evans


  9. Musicfan71 Hawk

    His voice is perfect for this song!

  10. Bruce Mc Clain

    a beautiful song

  11. Richard Mathew Dsouza

    A very beautiful song a sweet pure love God sent through wings of dove when Noah was in trouble

  12. johncharles4

    God gives Heaven as eternal home. Jesus died for our sins to be forgiven. Please accept Jesus as your Savior and love God forever.

  13. Anne Tahunanui

    Rest in heaven Judith. We used to play this song...

  14. Choyce Ybarra

    Cecil & Winnie Melson, Aaron Quinn, Vanessa Melson, Ashley Quinn, Ben Boatman, and all who have gone before us: Rest In Peace.

  15. Yo Cal

    I dedicate this beautiful song to my dear friend Bonnie Wright. R.I.P will always love you. No more suffering, just happiness in heaven. Will see you my friend.

  16. juanitab662

    I used to sing this song around the house when my son was little, he liked it. He knew he was dying and didn't want anything sad at his memorial. I sang this in his honor at his celebration of life. Beautiful song.

  17. Dr.Reena M Kovoor

    my nephew joshua too went early to his home in heaven.may god bless my sister his dad and his kid brother and his grand parents.thissong is justt right to feel everythings ok

  18. Kev Twin

    amazing song words so true a lump in my throat each time

  19. Gladys Avery

    great song

  20. Hope Kennedy

    The song played at my grandpas funeral today it killed me😭

  21. craig udontneedtoknow

    una paloma blanca

  22. Blanche Nelson

    I love this song, it lifts up my spirts and gives me hope that I need each day.

  23. Angela Le

    Love, Peace, and Light to you all. Forgive. Receive and Give. Godspeed

    P Matthews

    apple blossom what an amazingly simple message you posted, but doesn’t it say everything. Ty.☝️


    God bless you all from Samoa. This song is my heart.

  25. Lurlene Stone

    So true. God send down his Love. On the. Wings of a dove to us who believe in him,

  26. gregg burton

    I got to see Hal Ketchum live at a concert in Manawa Wisconsin years back. It was great,,,,he is an under-rated artist for sure.

  27. Sandee Tafoya

    This song is beautiful today is my nephews. Life celabration. He went home at a young age to the kingdom of God may God bless my sister betty and his dad terry

  28. Marge Gentry

    Amen... And that's what he did he sent down his Son for all of us.... Thank you God.....I love you ...

  29. Marge Gentry

    I heard this today in a grocery store my sister was asking this guy to sing her the words to it.. was really pretty....

  30. domnic Lopes

    love singing this song

    Marge Gentry

    I love this song and I like his point oh rescue,    he  ,,, to far into feelings
    with this gal and can't seem to let  go   its got good music and he sure can't push of shove.... Nuff"""said"""

  31. Katrina Ratliff

    Listen to I know where love lives... this mans voice will go through you over and over. Hal should play to the gospel set and start over despite the Nashville set. There is lots of room for him to inspire and have a following.

    Susan Rarick

    "I know where love lives" is one of my favorites of Hal's!! I like everything he does though. :)

  32. MegaVeronicaLodge

    This is like an enchanting childlike nursery rhyme.

    Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.

  33. MegaVeronicaLodge

    ✞ ♥ ☮ ♫

  34. thaliabellydance

    like this version as it combines all the verses

  35. Tearstojoy

    God almighty, this song is proof positive, God is with us, every step of the way.

  36. Katherine Howell


  37. Amraelle Kenehan

    God Hal just makes this song Beautiful

  38. catmcc61

    No. Billy Bob resembles Hal.

  39. Ken Rosier

    Hal was the first one who caught my attention to this song. It is so amazing the way he did it, and the meaning go hand in hand.

  40. pinkdogavenger

    Finally, someone has posted this version of the old Ferlin Husky classic. I love Hal Ketchum's phrasing and the musical arrangement here!!

    Justis Finley