Haken - The Mind's Eye Lyrics

Underneath your mask
A place for us to hide
From this penetrating pain of mortal life
The beauty of it all
Makes no sense to me
With restraints on my curiosity

When you are dreaming
I am wide awake
Believe when you see me
In the mind's eye I wait
While you are sleeping

Lost inside your mind
In the dead of night
Nowhere else to hide
Playing with fire is burning my reality

The shape of things to come
Are closer than they seem
Changing your design
Every time you disappear
I'm planning my escape
Through portals of your mind
Where people seem to drop like flies

I buried your past away
Failing to seize the day
Your memory is suppressed
I'm raising the dead

Lost inside your mind
In the dead of night
Nowhere else to hide
Playing with fire is burning my reality

Lost inside your mind
I am wide awake
Nowhere else to hide
In the Mind's Eye I await

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Haken The Mind's Eye Comments
  1. Sam Dobrowolski

    great song, on one of the best albums ive ever heard start to finish. he's got an underrated voice

  2. Tal Lin

    Do you know how it is when you're sure a song or a part of it reminds you of some other fragment of music, but you just can't figure out which? Took me a while, but doesn't the vocal part from 2:15 reminds of Kiss from a Rose?

    Nya Rvn

    thank you for findinf why I found this song super catchy !!! :D (I love Kiss from a Rose and I'm new to Haken)

  3. Svein Arne Hollund

    Greatings from Norway!

    Thank god i listen to Pagans Mind and Circus Maximus and found this amazing band!!!

  4. Iridescent Noise

    @Bernsong, so because there arent harsh vocals its not metal. Get out. Right now. 


    Iridescent Noise love this band, love harsh vocals, love jazz, love classical love what's good, this is the stuff!!

  5. Dustin Nelson

    These guys actually have a similar sound to Karnivool. Another good progressive band for any of you who like clean vocals with your progressive music. =)


    +Dustin Nelson It does not even start there , comparing them to Karnivool . They have been compared to Dream Theatre , Yes , King Crimson , Jethro Tull , Marillion , Gentle Giant , Rush , Killing Joke etc . even Mike Oldfield and Queen . They use a lot of elements of jazz , blues . Incorporate symphonic , soul , a capella , movie soundtrack , carnival feeling . Hey , They not afraid to play Charleston too . Using wide range of instruments from Xylophone to Balalaika . Their music is stigmatised by melody , energy and intensity , possessing great feeling of timing with constant break beats and poly-rhythms . Influenced by Nu , symphonic even doom metal ; and this is all prog music . So You can find something of given favourite Progressive band . HAKEN ARE COMPLETE ...

    Dustin Nelson

    @petegruszek wow man that was the most over analyzed reply I've ever received. They're clearly influenced by many types of music, who they sound like though is a matter of opinion.


    @Dustin Nelson I thought You'd be impressed by My " toiled " opinion :D  . I just like them so much , never heard anything quite like it ... THAT's who They sound like . Thanx anyways .

    De Ron Ton GAYVO

    i think any progmetal band without clean vocals should just be metal classified


    De Ron Ton GAYVO  Only metal? Do you what progressive music meaning? There are no frontiers for the music possibilities!

  6. Erlend Buflod

    Is Dream Theater also prog rock?

  7. Bernsong

    This is Prog rock not metal,

  8. tohen4

    I don't think so...

  9. Erlend Buflod

    The vocalist kills this band for me. I mean, it's just my personal preferences. He sounds more like modern metal vocalist (Alter Bridge and stuff like that). I don't think he fits with progressive metal. Musically this is awesome, but I miss strong dynamic vocals with wide vibrato and good range like good prog metal bands usually have. Great band though!

    Mosh Pit

    This is the best album of Haken because good vocals good story and good feeling

    Marino Oliveira

    Erlend Buflod
    I think he sounds like Mikael Åkerfeldt

  10. Oppholdsnes

    This is my cup of english tea :D

  11. Laucha Ruggieri

    wowowow take it slow buddy

  12. Eugenio

    They are good! I like them! :)

  13. salbirpakhnaont

    nooup , the next dream theater is lost in thought...
    listen it!
    pretty band!!!!


    Yet 4 years later "neo" Dream Theater got stuck with Opus Arise.... I think Haken is a strong Contender tho, i mean they toured with Mike Portnoy in his Shattered Fortress tour, the r/progmetal community agrees with Haken becoming a close relative to Dream Theater. so yeah there you go! :)

  14. timothygrmn

    Wrong! Dream Theater doesnt even hold a candle to them!

  15. Mark Home Studio

    Best Prog Rock!

  16. Daniel Germain

    Great song, they remind me a bit of Karnivool !

  17. Daniel Rodriguez

    awesome Band! My favorite!

  18. Steve Davis

    Very true haha Haken has opened me to the world of further "Circus" Metal/prog/rock, I love hearing more of it unfortunately a lot of "Circus" includes screaming which no matter how hard I try I cannot stand it

  19. Steve Davis

    This song definitely doesn't do justice to Haken's metal side LOL, but yea they aren't death metal at all

  20. 95Prettyfly

    best prog ever

  21. Cookie Cookie

    this bands makes me cry there so beatifull

  22. Mark Lisi

    Well said.

  23. MrAquamarineRose

    I hear a lot of metal influence in the guitar work in the heavier sections, but definitely not death metal.

  24. Eugenio

    These are the next Dream Theater!

  25. escher2112

    ... auditory crack... be warned.

  26. Kyriaki

    I love this album! I wish I could see them perform live.

  27. MyEggIsBoiled

    @McKintionary This is no man.. this.. this is Haken.

  28. David Naegele

    Great song indeed. Everything into this whole instrumentalization is an instant hit. Prog'death metal fans need more albums like this.

  29. Maremons

    .. What sorcery is this?