Haggard, Merle - I Never Go Home Anymore Lyrics

I own a house on the edge of the city
A suburban mansion I'm told
But the power's all off and the phone lines are dead
And the hallways are lonely and cold

So I spend all my time in hotels and barrooms
Watching the whiskey they pour
Between airports and highways and the nightlife that's my way
I never go home anymore

I never go home anymore
There'd be no one to greet me if I came to the door
I stay around where there's parties and people too loud to ignore
But I never go home anymore, anymore

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Haggard, Merle I Never Go Home Anymore Comments
  1. Carol Sharp

    The end of October everything will be shut off open house free just me and my dog in the car

  2. Roger Williams

    used to listen to it over and over. Thanks for posting. Best there ever was or ever will be.

  3. Jim Cholley

    I love this B-side track from the 1984 album entitled IT'S ALL IN THE GAME. It is the flip side single to the charting song "Natural High." :-]