Haerts - All The Days Lyrics

Time has come, a summer gone, a memory faded
Lines are lost in neon frost on the sun set
Golden flames we drew our names in the water
Now you're gone, a love gone wrong, but I'll make it

All the days we had together
All the days we had together

You can't teach a heart to reach out to another
Leaving me will leave me free to reach above now
All the days we had together
All the days we had together
All the days we had together
All the days we had together

And when the light is lost the night will follow
Our memory falls into the sun
And when the night is lost the light will follow
Our memory cannot take us back
Take back, take back, take back
Take back, take back, take back
Take back

All the days we had together
All the days we had together
All the days we had together
All the days we had together

Take back, take back, take back
Take back, take back, take back
Take back, take back, take back
Take back, take back, take back

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Haerts All The Days Comments
  1. Ulises ATZIN GARCIA

    Like si veniste porque esta Canción se escucha de Fondo en la Escena de la Fiesta de Graduación en la Película "Carrie 2013"

  2. ariskapas

    magical !!!

  3. Richard Price Elliott

    I will always love it.

  4. TheRobkob

    Wow! Fantastic 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Kenneth Mateo

    Es algo diferente a las canciones que escucho, pero me encanta! Desde la primera vez que la escuché me hechizó 😍 ❤️✨

  6. Иван Красношлыков


  7. Roy P

    Fantastic dancing!!!!

  8. Ezgi B

    Best music video ever.

  9. lituoklis69

    Love the song. Love the video. None of us are coming out if this journey alive, no matter how young or old you are. Live life, and enjoy. Thats how this piece of art makes me feel!!!

  10. risoledoce

    Dat bass

  11. Vida Macro

    This is so good :)

  12. kunapwd

    I love this track

  13. discardmyfriends

    With the decade coming to an end, I'm looking back on all the great songs that came out of it

  14. Aaron Case

    I love the subtle differences between this version and the album version. I think this is the better mix.

  15. Nick Kriesen


  16. Petr Zalio

    2019 and I'm still listening this nice song..My best track 2013..Symphatic Nini Fabi and her nice voice, great sound, great video and exciting emotional conclusion .. overall it's all incredible energy :)

  17. Fabian Bautista


  18. Ronny aus Lechbruck

    Unglaublich, love the voice.

  19. Ronny aus Lechbruck

    Wow!! Wir haben 2018 und ich habe noch nie im Leben diese Musik gehört! Wahnsinn, diese Band benötigt keine riesige Light-Show oder Akrobatik etc. Einfach nur gute, geile Musik. Mit einer wunderschönen Stimme der Frau. Die Instrumente handgespielt. Sowas von heiß! Wahnsinn! Absolut genial.

  20. The boy of horror

    FINALLY I FOUND THIS SONG I first heard it in the movie carrie 2013,man I'm so happy I found this awesome song

  21. Jeff Rourke

    I hate to be "that guy," but how does this video not have at least a million views? I saw them open for St. Lucia I think, at Terminal 5 in NY a few years ago and they were amazing.

  22. Josivaldo Jesus

    God, Haerts always hit my heart with powerful songs.. love you guys!!! Those songs make life sweeter...

  23. ka ka

    that was my music but i go to the hell now. U think u know what u watchin

  24. ka ka

    why no milions of view

  25. Bunny girl

    This is one of my favorite songs you sing nini :) I brag about you all the time! You are so talented ! Do you use any of your artwork in the videos ? You should for sure! Miss ya girl !

  26. Cyb

    Eu não admito que isso não tenha milhões de views!! JA CHEGA!!

  27. Marysia Sikorska

    magnetic in every aspect!

  28. Mikołaj Solik


  29. Paul Cronk

    I can't remember ever having been compelled to replay a song so frequently because it's just SO good. I hope we hear more from Nini Fabi and HAERTS, they are simply awesome

  30. Kevin Benavidez

    Thanks Love simon x2 AHHHH THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  31. tenebra.

    i really love this song omg

  32. Bonequinha De Luxo

    Carrie Soundtrack♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡PRETTY GOOD

  33. Paulette Regera

    No dejo de escuchar esta hermosa canción, a casi un año de haberla conocido ❤😭 super fan de HAERTS ❤ I Love You Fabi!!

  34. Magdalena ot

    so amazing.....!!!!!!!!!

  35. Allan Veloso

    2018 and this song still beauty and magic.

  36. Anavrin

    0:57 is me and my Roommates when we drink too much LOL

  37. Hugh Maze


  38. Ost ap

    I can fly again

  39. Kathie Gifford

    Time has come
    A summer gone
    A memory faded
    Lines are lost
    In neon frost
    On the sunset
    Golden flames
    We drew our names
    In the water
    Now you're gone
    A love gone wrong
    But I'll make it
    All the days we had together
    You can't teach
    A heart to reach
    Out to another
    Leaving me
    Will leave me free
    To reach above now
    All the days we had together
    Oh and when the light is lost the night will follow
    Our memory falls into the sun
    And when the night is lost the light will follow
    Our memory cannot take us back
    All the days we had together

    Toni Manak

    Kathie Gifford ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. risoledoce

    dat bass line

  41. Paulette Regera

    Llevo poco tiempo escuchandola y ya se convirtió en una de mis canciones favoritas, estos Artistas deberían ser los más escuchados (igual que Alex Winston) <3 talento, hermosa canción :'3

  42. Gerardo Castellanos

    I remember listening to this song very often 2 years ago, I met this girl I felt in love however she left me now this song give me some kind of nostalgia oh I were so happy then, love this song so magical I will dance to it when I get older like the video

  43. Jeremy Jenner

    Can't stop listening to this. What an unbelievably epic find.

  44. andy moo

    Its no Macarena but its a sweet song.

  45. narjol espronceda pacheco

    perfecto, me encanto el video, saludos especial a Jose

  46. R.Williams


  47. Aces of Athens

    Come out with a new album please

    A secret Hollywood tranny

    they are

  48. SIKE01

    S&V, BUTTERFLY HAERTS spring/summer romance of 2013

  49. bobbin321

    What kind of dance is this at the beginning? Something latin?

  50. Mihaela Elena Stanescu

    Just amazing!!

  51. Milena Carmo

    Linda musica!! vídeo fantástico...

  52. klopptimism

    can't put into words just how much i love this song

  53. Auto Focus

    I keep revisiting this gem. I was humming it in my head trying to remember and then the chorus instantly came to me. So good.

  54. Anna Dewart

    I'm seventy years old: I surely do hope Haerts will come out with another album before I die!

    Gerardo Castellanos

    Anna Dewart and they will very soon !

  55. Nikos Angelopoulos

    κομματάρα/φωνάρα.... ταξίδεψε μας όλους.........great song and music.....!


    I love HAERTS <3!!

  57. Fichinendo

    3:26 LULA DA SILVA!?

    Catarina Silva

    Fichinendo lol

  58. Kagiso Gaborone

    2016 and I'm still in love with this song!!!

    Nachiket Mirkar

    2018 and still counting

    Desi Booyah

    2020 & still in love!

  59. carol newlands

    So damn sexy........

  60. yungrays

    I actually made a song called all the days^_^

  61. Jorge Arellano

    hermosa y magistralmente sublime

  62. Abraham Calle

    Love this song !

  63. Jesus Agustin

    This looked fun to make. I would love to see behind the scenes of this!

  64. 232686434

    Good band!
    To bad the choose a bad record label or engineer for there studio album. Man, they sound live so much better then on the studio album.

  65. Mitchel Draper

    This one is MY FAVORITE~!!!


  66. Lonefoxcub

    just scrolled down the comments. no hates, just loves <3

  67. slawomir cywicki

    That song has a real soul...

  68. Aaron Case

    One of my all time favorites.

  69. Richard Price Elliott

    Your play-count is anemic. Get the whip out on your label for some promotion!

  70. Orszulja P.

    Great, great, great song and magnificent video, with 'normal' people, not half naked top models.

  71. George Karnakis

    Strong filings.....

  72. Schnookyputszel

    This song plays everyday at Albertsons.

  73. Sol Adrián

    the singer reminds me in some parts of lykke li, in the way she looks and her voice too.

  74. Thunder

    WTF did I just watch??????????

  75. Robert Breeden

    She has a Stevie Nicks quality to her voice.  Love it.

  76. Tjoppy

    This should have 10.428.966 views and likes!

    Joe G.P.

    @Tjoppy share it and it will someday


    If you like it, share it :)


    Tjoppy no the song is supid

  77. Andrew Buchanan-Carter

    Best song on the album by far.

  78. Bear Boy

    So 80's baby oh yeah

  79. vikingmetaldragon

    Nice song.  Retarded video.

    Ruins the atmosphere entirely.  Dancing?  In a bar?  Fuck off.

  80. Christy Goben


  81. Rafal A. W.

    Cos pieknego!!!

    Orszulja P.

    Dokładnie tak =)

  82. LadyKamikadze

    Amazing...remember my love

  83. shaqobeats Music

    she deserves a remix https://soundcloud.com/shaqobeats/haerts-all-the-days-shaq0beats-remix :) thanks for watching/listening

  84. Brandon Marlon

    One of the coolest videos I've ever seen...magnificent.

  85. Marina

    a-feckin'-mazing **

  86. arnol evans

    hermosa voz me encanta

  87. Konna De Buhr

    another band that is underrated....and they are magical

    Jurjen Van Der Laan

    i think more undiscovered than underrated


    Konna De Buhr this song is supid

  88. Dawn Lilyanne

    #helluvaeverything helluva choreographer. Dancers. Song. Voice...could watch this a million times! Love love love!!

  89. Jennifer Sussex

    Nini Fabi is very pretty.

  90. risoledoce

    she sounds like mazzy star <3

    Dawn Lilyanne

    and The Sundays a little to me too! Beautiful voice!

  91. A. Diogo

    Just amazing!

  92. María Afanador

    a joropo

  93. caitlin rodriguez husband Caitlinrodriguezhusband

    Poin(T) 9 deXte4r Sister Pro -> 

  94. Krista Roman

    The concept for this video is spectacular. Love the song.


    @Krista Roman Yeap, white women with brown and black men. Thanks for the credit, and thanks for bearing with us during the last 10000 years of evolution. But I guess you feel the need to just move on. After all, they move their hips better. Just swell!

    Krista Roman

    ^^^ You are off by about 1000000 miles. Take a seat.

    Robert Breeden

    @AmHaArez Are you stupid or just ignorant?


    Krista Roman I hate this song

    Aleks Sergej

    Robert, I'd say, he/she is both

  95. Sophie L'heritier

    Gros coup de foudre pour ce titre ! Quelle ambiance ... on est totalement transporté ... Quelques influences 80'S très agréables ! 

  96. amazpyel

    really great song, i'm in love

  97. hyperborean72

    This is SO beautiful.
    Music, voices, dancing, people
    I feel that it is all about the ability to live the life and enjoy every moment of it.

    Toni Manak

    hyperborean72 I totally agree mate