Haenow, Ben - Slamming Doors Lyrics

We're just running around in circles
We forgot how this began
And all the hurt and all the pain
Take us up and down again
Wasn't plain

I've been taking you for granted
You've been taking me for a fool
Traveling down the road of second chances
We rolled out a few

If this isn't love
Then why do we fight for it
If this isn't love
Then why do we cry for it
Why do we scream and we shout
You walk in, I walk out
But we never give up
Don't tell me if this isn't love
This isn't love

All the trouble that we're making
Is still worth a while
Even when my heart is slowly breaking
You still make me smile

If this isn't love
Then why do we fight for it
If this isn't love
Then why do we cry for it
Why do we scream and we shout
You walk in, I walk out
But we never give up
Don't tell me if this isn't love

And even when you're slamming doors
You slamming mine, I'm slamming yours, babe, that's okay
As long as we stay together
We could make the same mistakes
We burning bridges every day
Babe, that's okay
As long as you stay

If this isn't love
Then why do we fight for it
If this isn't love
Then why do we cry for it
Why do we scream and we shout
You walk in, I walk out
But we never give up
Don't tell me if this isn't love
Then why do we fight for it
If this isn't love
Then why do we cry for it
Why do we scream and we shout
You walk in, I walk out
But we never give up
If this isn't love

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Haenow, Ben Slamming Doors Comments
  1. natacha pem

    People hate real talent but they promote talentless people every day. It's sad that he didn't continue to rise. His voice is amazing

  2. mara malfoy

    Dear god he is lovely...

  3. Raymond Powditch

    Love it magic

  4. Bliss And Alisha

    why hasn't he made anymore music

  5. asmr triggers

    i love him so much i got a selfie with him at stand road thankyou so much x

  6. Julie Townsend

    said it before, love it when you sing solo to an acoustic guitar.

  7. Zombie Terrorist

    Make your other more recent videos Available please !!

  8. João Haenow

    2018? ❤

  9. Ginnette F. Iglesias

    Hagamos una campaña para que más y más personas conozcan del talento de Ben, comparte sus canciones. Ben simplemente es genial y de los pocos que desde que comienza el programa THE X FACTOR puntea como favorito de las masas y del jurado inclusive y resulta ganador. Hoy después de varios años, lamento que tanto talento no haya sido tomado en cuenta como merece.

  10. Holly The sports girl

    Do more music

    Bozena Kubik

    Lauren The sports girl Ben Haenow is back ! New Album Alive out now available on all digital platforms ITS AMAZING!!!

  11. Safaoui Meryam

    Sexy boy i love you

  12. million butterflies

    ❤️ Xxx

  13. Flahhh

    ben in wish i could meat you

  14. Dude 2019

    why is this not on radio 1


    man i like your voice but why dont you make new songs

  16. Dodo 2386

    your voice is so lovely , strong and unique

  17. Римма Алексеева

    I am so horny, want to have a talk with real man, click: #dearSeeMeHere

  18. Nathan. Mackay542

    Ben is the reason I watched the 2014 X factor

  19. Rachel Minuskin

    Why doesn't he make music anymore?

    Bozena Kubik

    Sing Draw Act Dance Ben is just about to release new music! Go to his FaceBook or Twitter for more info

  20. Ihsan Fachry Arba

    damn the viewer of this video should be 100 millions people man

  21. Master of pvp

    Your the best your my favorite pop singer keep up the amazing work and do lots more amazing songs my favorite pop song is you've got something I need KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK AND YOU ARE THE BEST POP SINGER IN THE WORLD AND DO MORE AMAZING SONGS AND EVERYONE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL CAUSE I'M STARTING A NEW SERIES AND IT'S POP SONGS AND I WILL DO SONGS BY BEN KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!! L 💟💟💖💗💝❤💙💚💛💜AND MY BROTHER SAYS THAT YOU ARE A RUBBISH SINGER PROVE MY BROTHER WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ZiggyGaming

    omg I'm gonna see this guy tonight :D

  23. Tanya Curtis

    Great song ,great vocals ,keep up the great song .

  24. Mohammed AL_Hajery

    U make me smile BEN

  25. vevean vivi

    luv u😘😘😘

  26. Miir Cervantes

    Oh god.... I love you <3

  27. Lyna Sihem

    i'm speechless..literally!

  28. Louise Law

    Us fans need some more music Ben! You was amazing live!

  29. ilham della

    <3 <3 i like it so much <3 ^^

  30. Shadia Haybe

    Were is Ben now? why is he unsigned from Syco?? i'm confused

  31. Gaming With Coo

    congrats winin xfactor!!

  32. Waleed Algabany

    Were are you? Start.. I wish the best 4 you.. Love

  33. Emma

    you're taking me to another world i haven't felt like that when i listened to someone else is not jesse rutherford but i knew from The beging that you're really talented and special 💜👏👏

  34. tracey Jupiter love hope mcintyre

    youve got an amazing voice hope you do really well which I'm sure you will and you look good too what more could anyone want . Wuhoo!👍🙂

  35. Ella Honohan

    goalzzzzzz 😍😍😍

  36. Jill Barker

    Love this  ! He has a great voice !!

  37. hayley Davies

    Ben your amazing xxxx

  38. Cherry Canetis

    What an amazing voice, I'm a fan! Love love love from The Netherlands ❤❤❤❤❤

    Cherry Canetis

    But besides that, if you want something really bad.. maybe some other big record label will come on his path :)

    Lonzo's Jumpshot

    +Adore Musica true

    Ben Jones

    +TheGamerRuler 789 he deserves another chance but in all fairness when he came back onto XFactor as the winner he was shit

    Lonzo's Jumpshot

    +Ben Jones lol

    hayley Davies

    +Ben Jones ohh you can't say he's shit mun, his voice is amazing he deserves a record deal, such a great recording voice

  39. Jackie Albert

    I am so proud of this young man what a powerful voice I am so proud of Simon never giving up on Ben and he made it through to the end Bravo

  40. Sarah Hanna


  41. Пещера Лёгкое

    🖕🏼Simon cowell.
    He should know better
    I'll support u Ben 😜

  42. Joyce Poh

    You should make more songs dued I really want to hear more songs that you sing . Your sound is so good that I can listen to it everyday and night

  43. Ayorea

    this reminds me of a girl who I like (and still like) and whatever happened I still somehow loved her the same way

  44. Molly 123

    New sub!!!! :D

  45. Julia Cavoner

    Love this song so much it has so much meaning in the lyrics 💙 Loved listening to Ben Haenow singing this at O2 academy in Newcastle last Saturday night he is amazing.😊

  46. Reaka ._.

    AHHHHHH IM MEETING BEN!!!!!!!!! 😀😀😀😀

  47. Bozena Kubik

    Love this song ! Love Ben's VOICE ! And everything about this Gorgeous Human being 💙👍👏

  48. Hellen and Oliver

    in love 😢

  49. Mar Gru

    Ben! You are Gods masterpiece! You rock! Awesome! 💞😇

  50. Olga Teixeira

    I Love your songs, all of them! They touch my heart, my soul!! God Bless You!! Keep it up! Your the Best!

  51. Oriana Torrealba

    so friking love you😍😍

  52. Carlos Diaz


  53. Naty Nieve

    Hello Ben, maybe you never read this in your life, but i want say that you're awesome, and maybe now you're going past really hard moments with the fame, but don't worry, i know you can do it.
    From a Venezuelan fan who is waiting for you when you came famous

  54. Irini Mos


  55. Claire Naylor

    Breathtaking Ben. Your voice is perfection. See you on tour xx

  56. anna cugini

    Don't give up Ben!..don't give up! You are really great!

  57. Ces Schartz

    Ditto on all the fantastic reviews. people do not appreciate good music n brilliant vocals n lyrics. Ben Haenow is big in South Africa! Good luck Ben, keep up the good work!

  58. Dan Gray

    This is so much better than the X songs. They should spend more time helping musicians be more who they are and not perform songs from the 80's. In any event, great song, great performance.

  59. Aaron Cadogan

    so sad that he got dropped by syco

  60. Uzma Faridi

    This man deserves so much more love and so much more fame and success


    indeed! his whole album is great. Eclectic but really good. It's such a shame that he is unsigned now but a part of me is thankful that he left syco (cause they are psychopaths that treat people like toilet paper. No wonder their name...). He seems to be a great guy! I really reeeeally hope he gets signed and get to work with good producers and people who promote him as he deserves


    I read that he has signed with RCA in the US, at least they know talent when they hear it, he has an amazing voice

  61. Claudemir Almeida

    best song ever...amazing!! love ben. I just can't stop to listen this song.

  62. Simangaliso Khumalo

    Nice track

  63. Fatimah Tayeba

    its amazing how he used to be and how he is now

    dreams actually come true

  64. debbie ogrady

    great song

  65. Lau YING RU

    I really be the one of your fan. I love your voice.

  66. Mena


  67. The Adult Contemporary Music Channel

    Excellent Ben!


    This dude is unbelievably great!

  69. Liam Kinghorn


  70. Liam Kinghorn


  71. eses mamamia

    Ben Haenow is my man! This is love <3

  72. Lindsay-Ann Chilcott

    perfection (as always) ❤❤👌

  73. neolla lounna

    is that even realll :o :o :o

  74. IrfanEzwandy

    OMG ! I love your voice and you are goals 🙌🙀

  75. רון ברגר

    love you men

  76. Carolneddie Mallinson

    love you Ben what ever you sing merry xmas sweetheart xxxx

  77. Naela Shakir

    love u so much ben! your voice is soo beautiful and really sexy! your so gourgeous and sexy ben.😄😍😙❤❤❤im so proud of u and alex! you both sounded so beautiful! this is such a beautiful acoustic version and i cant wait to see u and alex on tour in april! love u guys!🙌❤❤❤

  78. F Ms


  79. Agus Saraiin

    I love you ben💚💚💚

  80. Courtney K

    wow! I love your voice ♥

  81. Ross World nation

    Incredible voice omg

  82. Ashleigh Williams

    Ive been listening to your album on a loop for the past week

    Ashleigh Williams

    It's incredible

  83. Cardo Arroyo

    ben is cute,and as a sexy voice 😍😘😝

  84. Thais Anjos Thais


  85. Carmen Soare


  86. musiccandles

    is that ben's brother on guitar?!

  87. Jak Lima

    Simplesmente amo!!!!

  88. Asnain Sadiq

    best singer ever i knew you were gonna win the X Factor 2014

  89. Bethany Gray

    Amazing voice xxx

  90. Tensai

    Anyone got the winner of the x factor 2015 right? Im on a streak, Ben and Louisa, hope I get next year's winner too!


    Did ya get Matt Terry?

  91. Sheila

    Amazing xxxx

  92. robyn ballard

    Your amazing u should go bigger and reach out to the world that don't know u shout it out on the top if the world and your voice go do it Ben please more people need to know who u are xxx

  93. Rebecca Escamilla

    Omg,i love it 😘😝

  94. Indiana Babot

    Genioooo masterr crackkk!!!