Haddon, Deitrick - Don't Take Your Spirit Away Lyrics

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

I've been without, a lot of things
And in my mind, I'm questioning
And if ever, he will leave my side
Don't know how I'll make it, how will I survive

And then I heard
You in my ear

Sayin' it's okay, don't worry I am here
(I am here)
Don't know where I, would be today
If you would ever, take your love away

Don't take your spirit away
Your spirit away, your spirit away
Don't know how I can make it
From day to day, don't take it away

I promise you that I will do it better
I promise, I will get myself together
Don't take it, don't take it
Your spirit away

Now I'm a man, with many dreams
I'm dreaming more for you, so never leave
Please won't you stay with me always?
There's no one that can take your place

And in I heard
You in my ear
Sayin' it's okay, don't worry I am here
Don't know where I, would be today
If you would ever, take your love away

Don't take your spirit away
Your spirit away

Your spirit away
Don't know how I can make it
From day to day, don't take it away

I promise you that I will do it better
I promise I will get myself together
Don't take it
Don't take it
(Don't take it)
Your spirit away

Don't you leave me
I'm couldn't make it
Never leave me
I couldn't take it

Don't take it
Don't take it
Don't take it

Your spirit away
(Hear my cry)
Don't take it

Don't take it
(Don't take it)
Don't take it
Your spirit away

You can take my name, you can take my fame
But ohh, please don't take your
(Your spirit away)
You can take my money, you can take it all
But please don't take your
(Your spirit away)

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Haddon, Deitrick Don't Take Your Spirit Away Comments
  1. Kim Britt


  2. Berthy Michel

    Yes Jesus don't take your spirit away.

  3. Monica Tucker


  4. Monica Tucker

    Dad is a fan
    I am a fan
    Sister is a fan
    Mom is a fan
    Grandma is a fan

  5. Barbara Jackson


  6. Adina Pinheiro

    Amém Jesus tu és tudo para mim...

  7. roger longue

    bonne video

  8. Ahmande Simon

    Thought this was a prince song at first

  9. Nkechi Ajakor

    I nver understood Dietrick's songs until i watched Blessed and Cursed and understood where he was coming from. I understood the sin part and then listened to the words, ignoring the beautiful melody couching it.
    Still learning to appreciate his songs truly like Ron kenoly, Don meon but based on his perspective.
    Thanks and dont stop brother. U are for the young generation - a beacon, the middle aged - a fresh style of worship/praise and the aged - reconnection to their youthful age through christain worship.

    Kim Britt

    Beautiful description!💖

  10. Esoterica Taylor

    I need u lord everyday.

    Jerry Johnson

    Esoterica Taylor amen

  11. Robin Dais-McLeod

    Lord Jesus Christ - Who before ascending into Heaven - did promise to send the Holy Spirit - to finish Your work - in the souls of Your Apostles and Disciples - deign to grant the same Holy Spirit to me - that He may perfect in my soul - the work of Your grace and Your love. Grant me the Spirit of Wisdom - that I may not be attached to the perishable things of this world - but aspire only after the things - that are eternal - the Spirit of Understanding - to enlighten my mind - with the light of Your divine truth - the Spirit of Counsel - that I may ever choose - the surest way of pleasing God - and gaining Heaven - the Spirit of Fortitude- that I may bear my cross with You - and that I may overcome with courage - all the obstacles that oppose my salvation - the Spirit of Knowledge - that I may know God and know myself - and grow perfect in the science of the Saints - the Spirit of Piety - that I may find the service of God sweet and amiable - the Spirit of Fear - that I may be filled with loving reverence towards God and may avoid anything that may displease Him. Mark me dear Lord - with the sign of your true disciples - and animate me in all things with Your Spirit. Amen. Holy Spirit please take rest in my, rest in my sons hearts, rest, rest, rest in us. Your presence is needed today most of all, please take rest in America. Send forth the anointing and break every yoke! Take rest in us, O Holy Spirit take rest in me.

  12. Derrick Starks

    This song has gotten me through some tough times, thank you so much Deitrick:)

    Ashley Wallace

    Me too!

  13. MissBrown .Investing

    Please Lord don't take Your spirit from me!!!! 

  14. Winnie Boo

    I love this song

  15. Anita Merritt

    Love this

  16. Santana Dumas

    Love this song im 25 and it truly motivates me to do better

  17. Bijon Magee

    I'm 12 and I love this song! I loved it ever since i was 8 ;)

  18. Dernise Mixon

    This song minsters to me and im only 14 !

  19. Ana Maria de Carvalho

    very good! :)

  20. Kevin Shaw

    Very Good song makes me want to become even better with Christ thank you Lord for your spirit from now an forever Amen


    Was this song ever on the movie "Blessed and Cursed" that Deitrick was in?

  22. Emy K

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! this song is just too beautiful, Deitrick Deitrick, ur talent is so special, please keep serving God, u'r amazing

  23. TashaWyles

    My new found favorite!

  24. Sana Saintisere

    i ADORE this song ! it's amazing ! heavenly father don't take your spirit away

  25. K.Aaliyah

    You Can Take My Name, You Can Fame, Bt Oh, Please Dont Take Your Spirit Away !!!

  26. Idaliz Diamante Sanchez Figueroa

    Amen! I love diz song cuzz i say God pretty pretty plz im asken u dnt take your Spirit away and your Fire and your Holiness and your Love and your holy goodness and your beautiful Spirit in me cause if you do i wudd die i wudd feel like a little wifout her father datz hw i wudd feel if ur Spirit iz gone from me

  27. Jaquel Sanders

    I cant help but to keep replaying this. Great message.

  28. Relaxed Paul Gaming RPG

    this is my jam for the day. sharing it Facebook. thanks for the upload.

  29. Jamila Walker

    love this song

  30. THEI FAM

    One of the best albums in my collection

  31. David Ogbemudia

    How can something be dying and yet breath life into billions. how can you talk of God's absence when his closer than you think. Do really believe that there is no God or ur facts are based on what you heard or learnt. Human knowledge is limited and we yet to understand a lot things. The earth itself is loaded with mysteries that go beyond what science can explain. Am not forcing you to see things my way but rather search deeply urself for truth.

    Cellina Browder

    Jesus is alive and realer than ever!

  32. Stephen Quattlebaum

    i love this album

  33. Irene Edwards

    LORD please dont take ur sprit away from me i need you oh ohoooo ohooooo

  34. Quincy D Blackmon



    This is a man of God. Great songs well sung. When God Bless No Man Curse.. I Love his songs every last one

  36. blessjay26

    God bless you my brother

  37. MegaDede25

    Lord please dont take your spirit away from me!!!!

  38. RepJesus2011

    its like this man been in your thoughts. i love how i can relate to his songs. im so glad hes on God side! hes wonderful!

  39. Caree Free

    I luv dis songg! :D #LIKE please iff God has NOT took his spirit away from u becuz he hasnt from me! :) <3

  40. Jena Reid

    i wish more people would make lyrical videos for christian songs!!!

  41. G I N

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooww Godd bless

  42. complexx305

    One person's monitor was upside down when they clicked the like button :-).

  43. Bisi Banji

    I love detirck Haddon so much. Infact, I am in love with him....so in love with him...this guy is blessed...so blessed...love him so much.....

  44. zoser766

    muy bueno el estylo de esta cancion similar a michael jackson

  45. gucci jessi

    @irenendambala2000 not anymore

  46. Katelyn Richelle

    not really a deitrick haddon fan but i <3 this song!

  47. Trudith Elise

    No man, DD talented bad!! I love d whole album it mad man!!!