Hackett, Steve - Last Train To Istanbul Lyrics

Your two eyes like minarets
Rise in twin pools of white
The incandescent fires of spring
Radiant against the vault of night

On the last train to Istanbul

Journey to the heart, dancers on thin ice
Lantern moon, a magic carpet ride
Soulscapes, island nights
In your eyes an afterlife

On the last train to Istanbul

Curling smoke becomes the djinn
Lovers wish for everything
Temple pillars builts on clouds
In your sleep awaking now

On the last train to Istanbul

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Hackett, Steve Last Train To Istanbul Comments
  1. Paulo Maurício

    Arabian stile

  2. Dennis Benzle

    Just got this on vinyl he really is brilliant in all in every thing he does

  3. roliyef l

    steve baba

  4. Keskin Keskinoğlu

    bayrakları görelim


    Fermez les yeux et voyagez !

  6. Gianfranco Ludovisi

    all people are saying that david bowie was a genius (R.I.P.). BUT genius is another thing. steve, for example

  7. Corea Kixx

    WOW!!! Talk about painting a picture on canvas...Steve never ceases to be one of the greatest gifts to a prog rockers delight. This year marks the 40th anniversary of his solo material...Voyage of the Acolyte {1975}. Thank you SL for the amazing upload!!!