Hackett, Steve - Fountain Of Salmacis Lyrics

From a dense forest of tall dark pinewood
Mount Ida rises like an island
Within a hidden cave, nymphs had kept a child
Hermaphroditus, son of gods, so afraid of their love
As the dawn creeps up the sky
The hunter caught sight of a doe
In desire for conquest
He found himself within a glade he'd not beheld before

[Hermaphroditus / Narrator:]
"Where are you, my father? / "Then he could go no further
Give wisdom to your son" / Now lost, the boy was guided by the sun"

And as his strength began to fail
He saw a shimmering lake
A shadow in the dark green depths
Disturbed the strange tranquility

[Salmacis / Narrator:]
"The waters are disturbed / "The waters are disturbed
Some creature has been stirred" / Naiad queen Salmacis has been stirred"

As he rushed to quench his thirst
A fountain spring appeared before him
And as his heated breath brushed through the cool mist
A liquid voice called, "Son of gods, drink from my spring"
The water tasted strangely sweet
Behind him the voice called again
He turned and saw her, in a cloak of mist alone
And as he gazed, her eyes were filled with the darkness of the lake

[Salmacis / Narrator:]
'We shall be one / 'She wanted them as one
We shall be joined as one' / Yet he had no desire to be one'

"Away from me, cold-blooded woman
Your thirst is not mine"

"Nothing will cause us to part
Hear me, O Gods!"

Unearthly calm ascended from the sky
And then their flesh and bones were strangely merged
Forever to be joined as one

The creature crawled into the lake
A fading voice was heard:
"And I beg, yes I beg, that all who touch this spring
May share my fate"

[Salmacis / Narrator:]
"We are the one / "The two are now made one
We are the one" / Demi-god and nymph are now made one"

Both had given everything they had
A lover's dream had been fulfilled at last
Forever still beneath the lake

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Hackett, Steve Fountain Of Salmacis Comments
  1. Brutus All Knowing

    There's another cover band The Genetics who try to replicate the early Genesis material costumes and all but Steve and his band sound WAY better by far

  2. ytsurfer

    Just stunningly beautiful. I always loved this song, but as fate would have it and as album aficionados will tell you -- "Nursery Cryme suffered from a flat mix" -- of course no fault of the band. This is the most awesome I've ever heard it. And just to think -- The Genesis Lads ranged in age from 19 to 21 (Collins was the youngest) when they conceived, wrote, and played this... What planet are they from??

  3. Abrar Jahin Nafi

    Let me shed a few tear drops.

  4. Fender King

    Finally Steve gets to bring his guitar out front without the others scowling are him and not giving him the time he deserves.

  5. Mike Gervasi

    An ode to Hermaphrodites. Just a genius piece of music.

  6. Gianni Salustri

    my generation only could done this kind of art and music

  7. Stephen Lisson

    The bass lines, on this great song, are amazing!!! The lad playing bass, in Steve's band, is great. Sounds just like Michael Rutherford.

  8. Rek One

    Good copy to the original Peter Gab Genesis... nothing will ever replace the emotions we felt then (mid 70’s) back then. We truly didn’t quite get it then as Pete was just eating the stage and all of us.... pot or not our young minds were just traveling wherever Genesis was taking us...

  9. BandfromtheBand

    This even better than Genesis ever performed it!

  10. George Smith

    Takes me back to 1971 I was 16 and the world was a nicer place GOd bless

  11. jean-francois payette

    MASTER Steve Hackett beneath the lake

  12. Fitness Philosopher

    Compare the lyrics of this song to a typical Aria Grande song

  13. jean-francois payette

    Who is the God from the Sky ? Steve Hackett , merci ....just dont fucking around , just 25 solos Album, and look the names beside the titles on Trick and Wind , and many Prog Compo by Steve on Solo Albums with longue Plage of Instrumental Music Creation with Classic and Acoustic Instruments ...but not for the others members nothing , bizarre

  14. Peter Yianilos

    Time for Spinal Tap 2?



  16. Paul Michael

    Is this on blu ray?

  17. Sparrow TV

    All hands on deck for this one.

  18. Lood Brighton

    When I saw "Genesis Revisited" show with Steve and friends in Los Angeles, Nad Sylvan did not sound this much like Peter. I love it! This performance was near perfect! Cheers to Steve Hackett and the rest of the guys. This was awesome!

  19. jean-francois payette

    Not surprised by the genius of Steve Hackett he composed 2 Concertos for Classic Guitars whit Orchestra , A Midsummer Nights Dream and Metamorpheus and many More a Genius and playin Ciaconne of Bach and many others

  20. bruce baldy


  21. Solairegie Patrick-Bal

    merde......... cela nous ramène 45 ans en arrière.... Mais ça n'a pas pris une ride, quelle belle musique !

    adolfo rodolfo

    45 ans en arrière, je n'avais pas de rides non plus, mais j'en ai pris, moi 😊

  22. The Ripper

    bravo bravo!!

  23. Kalle K

    It would be really interesting to hear more about "... struggled mightily to play this one ..." (although it's perfectly understandable why).

  24. Pighood

    That singer is a crosssbreed of Dio and Gabriel


    You forgot Fabio

  25. jean-francois payette

    My God Hackett

  26. otterwv1

    Qi am great full Hackett stayed true. People ask what happened to genesis. Simple jacket left. Gabriel left. Meh. Hackett leaves genesis becomes a pop band. If I were genesis post Hackett I would be embarrassed

  27. Heathaze

    Amazing with 2010's technology how much this music pops out. The shame of the 70's recordings were the awful equipment they had to use. Beautiful song, Nad you are great. Look forward to 2020 tour in Detroit.

  28. jean-francois payette

    when Steve comes with Genesis first Compo

    jean-francois payette

    after his Musical bOX.......SAW sTEVE PLAYING IN MONTREAL lIVE 1974 Monrteal Université

  29. jean-francois payette

    my God compo

  30. jean-francois payette

    Hackett compo , im not surprised The Fountain of Salmacis

  31. jean-francois payette

    your Creation Steve merci , saw you in Montreal a Genius

  32. jean-francois payette

    Hackett composition Fountain like his Musical Box my GoD in Montreal in Université Montreal 1974 Hackett play Musical Box and Suppers Ready 1974 cOMPO

  33. Wowo Isworo

    I'm crying

  34. Scorpio's Child

    I want to thank Steve Hackett for performing this and for keeping the spirit of that era in the history of this music alive!

  35. Feeds Ravens

    Very good. I feared the worst for the voice, but he is really good.

  36. jean-francois payette

    Lead Guitar Master Hackett God Prog Historic

  37. jean-francois payette

    Lesson of Prog Compo of Steve Hackett for the Humanity

  38. Paul Stuckless

    Wow, that was freaking amazing. Utter perfection. I thought no one will do justice to Peter Gabriel, but wow. They must have forever to have merged as one.

  39. jean-francois payette

    hachett Master Brain Live

  40. jean-francois payette

    Steve Hackett Brain

  41. jean-francois payette

    steve was composed by Himself Fountain by comes with genesis just Normal for

  42. jean-francois payette

    Hackett in Montreaal many asked Steve benith the lake et c est Vraie its true !

  43. jean-francois payette

    Hackett brain Prog

  44. jean-francois payette

    Beneath the Lake

  45. jean-francois payette

    Master Brain Composer Prog Steve with 2 Great Guitar Concerto for Guitar and Orchestre , A Midsummer and Metamorpheus

  46. jean-francois payette

    Hackett Compo like Dance and Dancing , my God , i m catch Hackett fucking Master Composer Ever Brain Steve hackett your a Master , merci mon frere

  47. Sniz420

    who is peter gabriel jr up there , better than him back in his prime

    adolfo rodolfo

    Nad Sylvan. He'd probably be flattered to be called "junior". I never saw Peter Gabriel live, except on YouTube videos, and so I can't really draw comparisons, especially as something recorded in the 70's isn't going to have the same sound quality as something recorded recently.

    But, for me, it's not about comparisons; Nad is just wonderful when it comes to singing these songs, and has a real presence which is even more apparent if you see the band live than it is on these videos.

  48. Gary Powell

    I used to do a mean Gabrial impersonation back in the day, I would rather be able to play like Hackett as singing always seems so relatively easy.

    The 70's when you had to be close on a genius just to get a gig. When everyone was either in a band, or you knew someone who was. So much class stuff came to the for, Yes, Genesis, Floyd, Camel, Humble Pie, Rory, Gong, Caravan, Frampton, Rundgren, Focus, Beck, Tull, ELP, and Supertramp, etc etc etc. Not just great musicians but all presenting aspects of true originality.

    Will we ever see such days again? Will we Fuck. All video games, and neo communism on steroids, these days. Back then we thought we could really make the World a better place, by some kind of natural evolutionary process, almost exclusively predicated on just being nice to each other, what a disappointment it all turned out to be. Everything that we thought could not possibly go wrong with the world, indeed did, and in some cases worse then our deepest fears.

    After 45 or more years, little has changed at all, and what has is mostly for the worse. Our fathers used to look in our eyes with proad envy, we look in our childrens with apologetic trepidation. Of course some small degrees of progress have been made over such a long time, but it is very difficult to explain to the young quite how optimistic the future looked back then. We were led to believe that Wars, and all kinds of bad stuff would soon become something that only happened in history books. We expected 25 hour working weeks, holidays on Mars, day trips to the Moon, jet skies to journey to our work place, free love, virtually everyone living to be120, and at least 10 weeks a year paid holidays, by the year 2000 at the latest.

    But what did we get, something only marginally destinquisable from the 70's, plus some high tech devices, that boggle our minds, spy on us, and corrupt our souls, less the great music.

  49. cafe 115

    Hola....esto es arte, es perfección....sublime, puedes morir :) . Saludos Hola.... this is art, it's perfection .... sublime, you can die :). Saludos

  50. Esoteric Enchiladas

    I must say that Nad Sylvan looks incredibly Dickensian.

    adolfo rodolfo

    Any Dickens character in particular? Mr Pickwick? Fagin? Marley's ghost? Miss Havisham? 😊

    Esoteric Enchiladas

    Don’t know really, Ebenezer Scrooge perhaps? Just thought he had a general Dickensian look about him.

  51. byron lemay

    Listen to "No One At The Bridge" by the band Rush. Alex Lifeson totally steals Hackett's solo from the end of this song...just a little modified. Steve sure plays beautifully...so does Justin Hayward, if you're not too familiar with him...check out his playing with the Moody Blues, especially from '69-'72.

  52. Ian Carpenter

    five albums later this magic and beauty ended.

  53. Cassius Clay

    Cannot wait to see you in 2020 up her in the frozen north.. looking forward to those searing solos bringing some much needed heat our way.. Hackett is a true gem!!

  54. jean-francois payette

    saw Hackett play this in Montreal somes was crying Live in Montreal like The Musical Box of Steve , and Firth and his Suppers Ready and many others Hacket brain since 40 years and Live guys , intellectual evening Live in Montreal Live

  55. jean-francois payette

    Meilleur composition de Steve Hackett pour moi best compo of Steve fie Genesis Live !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Victor Bastos

    Who is on drums?

  57. jean-francois payette


  58. Pascal Le Brun

    Gary will miss so much. :-(

  59. antono t

    Vocally Collins nailed this on version on 3 sides live, gave the song a new freshness and dimension. While it's good to see Steve covering these classics he always sticks to the original versions and doesn't attempt to make them his own. Great playing on this version though.

  60. Paul Bangash


  61. Wolf Dohm

    Both, Steve and Nad are magnificent

  62. Willi Veider

    Great, mind-blowing, overwhelming. Outstanding musicians.
    Isn‘t the bass player the one that can be heard on the latest YES Live album with Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin?


    Same guy, his name is Lee Pomeroy. He's also played for Rick Wakeman, Jeff Lynne's ELO and Take That amongst others

  63. Fubuki

    Merci pour ce partage. Belle découverte. Je trouve ce concert meilleur que ceux auxquels j'ai pu assister depuis la création de Genesis. J'ai eu un peu de difficultés à accepter le chanteur principal mais il a quasiment la voix des débuts de P. Gabriel.

  64. setichas

    Brilliant performance, to hear it again live, been so long, wonderful thanks Steve 👏👏 and Rulie for putting it on here

  65. Alex Ballici

    Uno dei brani più belli dei Genesis suonato e cantato in modo magistrale.
    Steve, keep the light on!!!

  66. VarMark

    Wow. How can anyone thumb that down. Absolutely superb! 👍

  67. jean-francois payette

    Proove of Steve Hackett his the Father of Prog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJBAWj4TwRE&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0rtSvWR7BV_9g3E9lYS_lPnEdnMR3XxmAZmVxkDfT7T5Ak_5htYrAKl-s

  68. Joine

    spetacular sound of gods

  69. MrMjp58

    Brilliant in all departments. What a composition.

  70. Philip Bunney

    Pretty much a great band song. Banks’ keyboards, Steve’s guitar (solo at the end), phil’s drumming & Mike’s bass is unbelievable. Peter’s performance & vocals are great too from the old footage (dunno who wrote the lyric)

  71. David Fishe

    Fucking amazingly beautiful. One of the best pieces of music ever written. I listen to the Fountains almost daily.

  72. jean-francois payette

    i think the Best creation of Steve for Genesis

    jean-francois payette

    Hackett his first compo for Genesis

    jean-francois payette

    or Mucical Box

    jean-francois payette

    saw Steve play Montreal a God

  73. jean-francois payette

    Steve you created Fountain with a thecnich of Arp , not surprised , you Created Tapping Guitar 1970s and Genesis , and your the God of Progressif and you create Prog music many for Genesis like your your solo Album a, how how do you feel when no others composed Progressive Music like you Steve

    jean-francois payette

    when you creatre Voyage Of The Acolyte your a GENIUS MIRE THAN gENESIS

    jean-francois payette

    and Genesis with Peter and Tony merci Steve

  74. lacenaepronta

    How i loved this performance!!!! Awesome!!!!

  75. luciano f.

    from the best album of genesis.

  76. jean-francois payette

    You play Guitar like an ARP fATHER hACKETT VOYAGE OF THE ACOLYTE Master Prog Album Ever Steve merci beaucoup xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    jean-francois payette


    jean-francois payette

    Father Steve Prog

    jean-francois payette

    saw you in Montreal you play with Btother John , best prog Show Ever

  77. jean-francois payette

    Steve when i ask you about your Creation Steve fOUNTAIN I SAW YOU mONTREAL YOUR CREATION for Genesis

    jean-francois payette

    you play guitar like an ARP Steve Live

  78. jean-francois payette

    saw Steve Live but not with Peter and Phil this is my Damnation just read this my friend Steve Entrevue for Rolling Stone , https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/genesis-steve-hackett-interview-selling-england-by-the-pound-tour-879695/?fbclid=IwAR1xC1ZnH7JNktbaeF2CrGZouHGkAPfbkWPQ4BhwrUNxKMFMTeUBcdTdbQ0

  79. ima humanbean

    Nailed it !!! The guy with the voice incredible, first I've heard him that I know......Steve is genius "always "

  80. WonderWhaz

    I am Salmacis

  81. rayrecordings

    No tribute band got ever even close to this. It brought me to tears.

  82. David Clarke

    What an awesome song being played live by Steve and the band

  83. Peter Jodlowski

    Every track is so Genesis.

  84. TheBlueberriegirl

    One of my favourite ProgressivRockOrchestra... !!! Absolument fabuleux... je pourrais les écouter des heures et des heures, parfois je dois fermer sinon je ne peux rien faire d'autre à part chanter, danser et être si heureuse...

  85. claude danek


  86. Chico Lopes

    Unforgettable masterpiece

  87. jean-francois payette

    ma meilleur compo de Genesis

    jean-francois payette

    merci Steve Hackett

  88. jean-francois payette

    i think second wrote of Steve for Genesis after Musical Box

  89. Eduardo Ferreira

    Roger made a magistral work as ever!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  90. 1454LOU

    This song is the true essence of Genesis.

  91. Palmeiras, The Green Giant


  92. Philippe Marchand

    La guitar de Steve est parfaite contrairement a d'autre version

  93. Mauro Berni

    Great, great!!!!!

  94. Jeff Christie

    Nailed it Nad well done sir !!

  95. mike .D

    Good job all, including you mr Hackett !

  96. jean-francois payette

    anyway Steve Hackett composed Genesis

  97. Roberto Boemo

    Musica eterna ed esibizione straordinaria. Grazie Steve per questa prodigiosa macchina del tempo.

  98. Mark McArthy

    Damn The Squelchers of Genius Creativity!!

  99. Gryff Longprong

    Who's the girl pirate?

    Nad Sylvan Official

    It’s Nick Beggs, darling.

  100. Nelson Soucasaux

    To my view, that's the best video performance of this eternal masterpiece I have ever seen. I perfectly remember when it was released, in 1971, and the effect it has ever had on me. Once again thanks mostly to Steve, the true spirit of Genesis golden years remains alive among us !

    jean-francois payette

    God Hackett playing ..Montreal Play and Steve Firth aolo Guitar of his

    jean-francois payette

    tu as raison mais tellement raison j ai vu Hackett playing solo guitar Live on Lead Guitar Historic God Hackett Prog

    jean-francois payette

    brain Hackett

    jean-francois payette

    Genesis Souls

    jean-francois payette

    Hackett Souls of Genesis yes xxx