Hackett, Steve - Fire On The Moon Lyrics

I feel like I've been the finest fool
Hanging on by my fingertips
The ground gives way beneath my feet
A black cloud descends
I lose my grip
Buried in the mud
Lying here with no relief

The world I've known is paper thin
Torn in shreds my finest hour
A drowning man still battling
One breath rattle gathering
Dust is dust, clean me now
All my strings are gutted
Turn it down

In the paralytic nursery of bygone fears
My old adversary reappears
Still confronted by the many faces of Eve
No matter how I try to heal this injury
Still the trophies line up on the wall
Pride that comes before a fall

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Hackett, Steve Fire On The Moon Comments
  1. Nelson Robert Willis

    Steve Hackett & Kim Poor were married for many years. They were said to have had a great personal & professional relationship, at least for a while. I don't know how or when their relationship took a turn for the worse. Steve said that he felt like he was having a nervous breakdown when the marriage was disintegrating, and he was relieved to get out of a relationship which he said was destroying him. This song is about that feeling of nervous breakdown.

    Kim Poor wrote a blog reminiscing about her relationship with Steve. She had fond memories. I think that she still loved him.

  2. Marc Moingeon

    One of Steve's best tracks ever... I love the chorus, very typically of Steve's compositions, I imagine it as an instrumental too. The guitar lines are just beautiful....

  3. jean-francois payette

    un des chefs d Oeuvres de Steve

  4. JaneRoland

    Przed chwilą leciało w radiu, aż znieruchomiałam i słuchałam tylko, kiedy powiedzą, co to jest. Wyjątkowa muzyka.

  5. TheMettalicman

    and jeff beck, oops!!!

  6. TheMettalicman

    andamerica, wake up while he remains!!!!! ive seen genesis 5 times, gabriel 3 times, collins solo 4 times, floyd and and every american band worth seeing!!! steve hackett, man, he very politely blows off their boots and puts em to sleep!!!! only 2 left that can compare, oldfield and di meola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boelo Boelens

    You sir, smack the nail on it's f*ckng head. Steve is the Bach, Beethoven and Brahms of rock combined. His 50+ albums blow most other artists into the musical corners of beauty. He is one of the greatest ever.

  7. TheMettalicman

    saw steve in nashville in17, saw he was coming,bookd room,ordererd a will call and i was haulin ass. this dude is the baddest of the bad!!!! ted sullins

  8. melbman43

    Wow is this album really six years old?

    Marc Moingeon

    no, it was probably 7 or 8 years old when you wrote this (youtube doesn't provide the exact date)... it was released first in 2009, then rereleased with a second Cd in 2010. It'll be 10 years this year.

  9. Jorge Marambio

    los grandes siempre dejaran un legado ,quizas copiado ,pero jamas igualado STEVE HACHETT FOR EVER.

  10. giovanni spons

    bella canzone,io amo steve e la sua musica

  11. Caféau lait

    Très grand guitariste de rock progressif !

  12. heidi gilbert

    i just love steve hackett and his music is the best!