GZA - Publicity Lyrics

Who be first to catch this beat down? My rappages be the source
Ego trip remain victory, and no loss
Rap sheet show you details of wars in streets
Where the most live, catch vibe and blaze heat
Double XL kings who rush through, got right on
Quick to stress ya, sound crew to get a mic on
Math lets the plates spin consecutive hits,
Promoters' face grin the dawn catch fist,
Keep the paper direct wire see them jake be tire
Unlike the story that echoes out with chronic liars
Like those who feast on hogs, eat murder dogs
A village voice kid with his heart and soul calm
Killa bees produce the honey, that fortify the platinum
Plus the dj claws fiend to scratch them
Thus street team takes shots of criticism
Promotional vehicles wiffin wit mad rhythm
With the lockout of one of our source sports
We spice the stand and launch the stage on the ball court
During the first half, number one draft rap lords,
Swing swords, slam microphone, shatter billboards
Forty-eight in sight, after inhalin the herb
Vision impaired, when the silhouette emerged
One nut out the clan get your whole click banned
From radio pd's cut your raps man
Forcin me to move on from one world to another
On the gulf, from the fuel jet to hover
Take cover wit the radical, urban latino
No hip-hop connection wit us and Janet Reno
I do an interview and they aim to trace my essence
To know more than is necessary blunts your weapon
My group's nova, remain unsober
And serve high times wit king cobras i shoulder
Low-post mc's, your whole style (lafeast[?])
Second to get your word up, then the troops unleash
Creative (low fling[?]) to the grand opening
Wit my ray gun scoping, you're hoping
Uniforms be fridged when they walk the black beat
In the heat, of razors exposin fresh meat
In bedrock and gambling - rolling stone, out of zone
Where they can't monitor my 'xact poem
Collide wit the tiger beat, rappin raga
Ebony eyes, folks see the saga

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GZA Publicity Comments
  1. gilmar santos

    Gza. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Chauncey Kelly

    Labels, Publicity and Fame! Pure Genius!!!

  3. dynamic


  4. incognito


  5. fatal9998

    Just created a sick 2020 playlist omg!

  6. CossRooper

    g i n o

  7. LoS_WnY

    School is in session so pay attention. Classic right here, no other will top this type of music.

  8. Manjeet Singh Sembhi

    Simply a Genius, GZA the brains of the WU movement

  9. Mac S

    Deleted video is: Jurassic 5 - Jayou
    Playlist referenced: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqlDgnsQRwV6IQy6Abk27iwYxXsMRyJ-3

  10. Rahshaan Waples

    Intelligent 💥💥💥

  11. hated amongmany

    Better than Eminem

  12. Ed Addeo

    “One nut out the clan, get ya whole clan banned from radio” Didnt realize that was Ghostface until the Wu documentary

  13. gregory hudson

    Shout out to my Brooklyn homeboy GZA, I once waited in line with him and a few other M.C’s at a park jam to show our skills way b4 he had any record deals or the Clan was formed

  14. Mr.Melodic Official

    Classic memories 🔥 Dead Eyez salute

  15. Zeyo95200

    Sisiiii GZA 🔥🔥🔥

  16. scparmy

    The WU lyricist. GZA the most underrated lyricist of all time. Top 5, no question.

  17. Flyboyuno

    Still fire 🔥 2019

  18. Cybernetic Tiger

    Grind session brought me here

  19. Jay Flores

    Who remembers playing the staking video game listening to this

  20. jham4745

    yo thats why this emcee called gza is my fav from the wu

  21. Byron Foster

    Wu-2019!! Solo strivin still!

  22. kool keith ultra

    My favourite emcee

  23. jus jon

    Yo please check out my remix to this song on my channel! It's called Killah Hill Niggaz

  24. yeepee dooo

    Im pissed that the song is not longer

  25. THE FBI

    14 years old in 2018 bumping this. how it should be

  26. Ismael Hernandez

    Those violins! Makes me thank god for the wu and the genius

  27. Raul Reyes

    Mad rythem

  28. Marisha Matus

    Yo been looking for years so y’all wack mumble rappers back the fuck up

  29. Flag Of Tawheed


  30. Shane Frasier

    One of the illest samples

  31. Naga In Cambodia

    Dont have to swear to sound dope

  32. cjkone978

    Dat beat tho...

  33. dale bull

    I had the Bumping in my ride and a car full of kids rolled up and said "yoooo, what beat is that?

    I just looked at them and said "Go back to school"

  34. Thomas Strickland

    Still 🔥 in 2018!!!

  35. WarCloud Wu

    Salute to all the gods still rocking the Wu 👐

  36. scott Van Den Heuvel

    Track goes so fucken hard.! Those first few bars sends shivers down my spine.

  37. EddieHoff38

    “No hip hop connection with us and Janet reno” this man gza is on a different level bruh

  38. AJ Gschwind

    man shut up,

  39. Origen

    One of the best verses to slip through the cracks in hip hop history, if you don't see then it's too deep

  40. Sanusi Cole

    My favorite rapper from the WU

  41. Furz Falte84

    Much Love from Germany. GZA is unique.

  42. yeepee dooo

    this is just insane, its so fucking good man gza u a muthafucking genius and mad respect

  43. Angel Alvarez

    Wow gza you went fucking in

  44. C Queenz

    Mathematics straight "games of thrones" slayed this shit! If you don't believe me, restart the track! respect my bro! wow!

  45. Marc T

    Damn, i remember a mashup between this track and Run DMC Crown Royal, Can't find it anywhere, that shit was tight.

    Muthu Dissanayake

    fuck foreal, id love to hear that


    2017......dis shit hard!

  47. Jonathan Rivera

    this is the sample from rocky

    Jakie Chan

    Sample from Terry Knight and The Packs - I who have nothing

    Jonathan Rivera

    Jacob Licano i heard it in the movie rocky im not discrediting you thats all im sayin

  48. Shontelle Harvey

    ionosphere!!! another Level....LYRICS

  49. MPRO147

    I'm a sucker for those Violins.

    Paulo Fabiao Maxanguana Maxangana

    MPRO147 excluciv


    Those Violins be clappin

    R B

    In my mind I see a Kung fu scene where the hero is training

    Yonis Ali

    Me to man. Even tho i promised myself to always stay sucka-free but them violins
    Also got me on one knee payin homage.
    I always wonder where he got that sample from cuz I swear I have heard
    before i think in more classical settings long befor this album came out
    I just don't who composed it or where I heard it.


    It's crazy where the sample came from...I never would have imagined it in a hundred years. @ 00:45


  50. Fern From Lake Ave

    I'm probably the only person here who didn't first hear this on grind session but on beneath the surface. That album was fire, especially the title track. High school memories.

  51. Warren Walls Jr.

    GZA is just so underrated lyrically


    Who are you listening to that would make GZA seem underrated? You can take just his themed songs--"Labels," "Publicity," "Fame," "Queen's Gambit"--and make an album that would go platinum. He's one of the greatest to ever do it.

  52. dj dab

    damn son's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. AK87Berlin

    Sido/Estikay/Dj Desue - Danke, dass ihr mich wieder hierher zurückgebracht habt.
    Habe das Lied damals schon übelst gefeiert und nun kommt es wieder!

  54. David Olsen

    To me Gza is the greatest rapper of all time

    Michael Hunter

    David Olsen RZA would agree

    Michael Hunter

    David Olsen As would Ghostface

    MLG R8DR805

    Damn 😦


    No doubt.

    Oriv_kaboom Nathaniel

    I cant argue that

  55. Curtis Howson

    When punk kids tell me that they hip hop fans, I ask them what they know about GZA, The Genius, if they don't know shit, I enlighten them by playing this epic track

    Alex Rekzu

    feel u 100%. I try to tell these kids man... the shook ones

  56. blaine bittern

    damn , killer mind blow

  57. Daniel Ursaciuc

    this instrumental , so epic.. can;t explain in words the feelings ! :D

  58. 【KillMeXD】


  59. Hampton Corry

    one of the most underrated rappers & tracks ever

    R B

    Hampton Corry in my opinion he's the most lyrical out the wu

    Max Max

    I dont think GZA is underated but this track yea !!! I feel it every morning !!!

    Me Against The World

    Lyricists rappers will always be underrated. I never seen GZA on any top 10 GOAT rappers. Mostly only Wu fans place GZA on one of the greatest, sadly.

  60. ReviewTheBest

    During the first half, number one draft, rap lords, swing swords, slam microphone, shatter billboards...Real Hip Hop!


    I opened up the comments at the same time he was saying those lines

    Ms Vanessa

    That's bloody poetry

  61. I.T.L Roc

    300k views yet these cornballs give a mil+ to 2chain Fetty garbage....SMH disgusting


  62. Frank Cabral

    I always thought this beat was banging!

    CJ Henry

    the beat is actually an orchestra

    Frank Cabral

    Absolutely! Not only is Rza a top 3 all time producer dead or alive, He is one hell of a true composer Symphony Orchestra style and a great teacher to his other producers like 4th Disciple and Tru Master...Aside from learning a ton, I feel being under Rza has actually left 4th Disciple extremely underrated


    This is actually mathematics on the beat


    Nosferatu239 math let the plates spin

  63. L Ron

    real nigga shit

  64. Aaron Maughan

    Gza's science is tight.

  65. Jermaine9000

    Not available on mobile version ;(

  66. Brad Harris

    Grind session!!!!

  67. Paul Wisniewski

    I remember when this joint came out I was about 18 at Rockaway beach bumpin this in a fuckin tape deck. real hip hop baby....thas wasup!

  68. 800 Mobb

    classic cut

  69. Nick Nelson

    so i was bumping this album while replaying through halo 2 and 3 (re playing em all) it was during halo 3 that i started listening and theres so many connections lol, like "Vision impaired, when the silhouette emerged" that happens like 20 times during halo 3 campaign and "One nut out the Clan
    Get your whole click banned from radio
    PD's cut your raps man
    Forcin me to move on from one world to another
    On the gulf, from the fuel Jet to hover" its like the rap verson of chief goin around alone kickin ass
    after that he mentions ray guns too..
    GZA is the best. lol

  70. Armen Hagopian

    I'm gonna be 50 and still bumping this album. long live the Wu

    Carlos Tavares

    Same here, bro

    Enemy Killa

    WarCloud Wu my personal fav M.C s along wit K.G.R too.



    Derrick Talbert

    42 in 2019!!

    Enemy Killa

    Derrick Talbert same here.

  71. Max James

    Some fool on here is talking shIt on Nas. I can't... what the fuck. Stop. StillmatIc and gods son and it was written were all ill AF. Jump off a clIff.


    Maximilian Hill it was written is nice from top to bottom aswell

  72. Tye

    Copy and Paste this into the Search Bar::  "   Tye  (GZA Publicity Cover)   "      It's my cover i did to this beat for free. check it out yo! if you can't find it go to my profile.

  73. John Davis

    Damn shit goes hard 👍🏽👍🏽

  74. kEITH tolbert


  75. Logan K

    what a beat

    NuDimensionz Dj

    One of my fav hip hop albums this

    Cecilia Chavez

    Logan K 8

  76. Generally Good Music

    Here because of Grind Session on PS1

    Lively Rose

    +Generally Good Music Hell yeah

    Josh MHO

    I am really tempted to buy a new copy. THPS5 sucks. Grind Session was better 15 years before

    Donovan Barrett

    Nostalgia like a muhfucka

    MLG R8DR805

    Hell yeah. I remember playing when I was like 5 years old in 2007 and 7-8 years old back in 2010 not even knowing how to play.

  77. Jahiro Garcia


  78. mikattero

    trippn ass this is my shit

  79. rokcet

    I've this song so many times when I was young and had no clue the amount of pure referencing that builds this song. I just thought the dude had a weird way of rapping. A true professional in his field. 

  80. Ben Tab


  81. w00dyblack

    this was a good album. I might have to revisit this one.


    GZA doing his thing as usual. Using magazine titles to tell a story! This dude brain is on another level compared to the majority of so-called rappers/Mcs of this era.

    lunch box

    Muthu Dissanayake Vibe XXL the village voice source billboard hip hop connection urban latino all names of magazines the whole song is made up of them probably a bunch in there I don't know

    Sid Sloth

    rolling stone

    Ms Vanessa

    Yep. He's telling it as he sees it. No twisting. It's already twisted.

    I always think he's walking or driving through the place, rapping what he's seeing, unpacking the headlines.

    I think about Subterranean Homesick Blues, but on a different scale. Different scene

    C Treats

    He's like Einstein compared to these new dumbed down trash rappers


    He did the same thing with Animal [email protected] box He is the personification of Rap/Hip-Hop

  83. Keith Thompson

    Naruto sample

    shadow moses

    @Keith Thompson came out before naruto

  84. The Thoro Network

    lol skated to this for so many years....

    i finally realize this was a scheme about publicity tools with many word associations.

    *cue famous scene from Scanners*

    thx gza and battle rap lol

    Parkzilla A

    He did the same with "Labels" on Liquid Swords, raps a story with various record companies.


    +The Thoro Network Check out Animal Planet by Gza. Just a dude that takes the art of rapping/Rhyming seriously. Not your average M.C

    Claudia Claudia

    u have 2 read the lable

  85. j hoffa

    Promotional vehicles woofin with mad rhythm
    With the lockout of one of our Source Sports
    We spice the stand and launch the stage on the ball court
    During the first half, number one draft
    Rap lords swing swords, slam microphone, shatter Billboards


    +james hoffa Magazine Titles my man. What modern day rapper/Mc is doing shit like this?

    Hashirama Senju


  86. Senai B


  87. SoloBarrix

    How can anyone say that Drake is the nicest when he wouldn't even know where to begin after GZA blesses the steal?!?!?

    tommy vercetti

    never heard anyone say that.


    @tommy vercetti believe it or not some do.

    Paul Wisniewski

    thank u for somebody finally telling it like it is....speaking the truth. mutha fuckas got no skills these days n still getting signed. underground is the real hip hop!

  88. Stephen Donatelli


  89. Shaun Hackal

    This track is ridiculous


    The Terry Knight & the Pack SAMPLE is DOPE!!!


    Melle Mel,BDP,Eric B & RAKIM,Public Enemy,Ultramagnetic M.C.s,Juice Crew. etc....Back when Dope lyrics were the minimum requirement!?!?

  92. Wes Craven


  93. Derrick D

    Real hip-hop