GZA - Mic Trippin Lyrics

Mic trippin, from rock skipping
Off the local brooks, not knowing
Heavy weight, throwin vocal hooks
Ryming off Apache, the Rza scratch thee
Records borrowed from Home Alone kid known as latchkey
Break beat fanatic, crates deep in attics
Forty-fives marked up, looped with static
Rap ring heavy, each link in my chain, trucks Chevy
Flare ripped from the magic lair, of medley
But deadly I merge foward, with a sharp spear
He must return now his flight departs here
Like Sittin Bull, I lay with my bow pulled
Arrow poisonous cos my enemy clip's full
Stay in the venue, with the party promoters, life parolers
Half the crowd wild, 9 m&m holders
Apply boulders, smash your allied soldiers
Intimate footage roll off the cameraman's shoulder
Many-a-die for fame movin like Leroy
Can't be one and the same, nah it ain't b-boy
The decoy, scan this with high tech radar
Til my mic strike, leave a state-size crater
I came into this with the writer's block
To prevent a sudden shock, on a large flock
Clips are uncut episode, invinciable armor
I blaze one, once I struck the match off my bomber

Adjust this, til its EQ'ed like never
Watch a mega watt bang spot, raise the lever
Its operation cobra, its over
Control the globe slowly, the bold soldier

My rough cut metal tapes, quick to break labelmates
Won't hesitate to negotiate your table stake
First lesson came from the session, room one
From the longest awaited, but the strongest made it
Complex, complicated, compressed elongated
Homicidial sub-title, Wu claw banga off the ocean shore
Kid jaw, cut with the jig-saw
Intern engineer, vest on the youth
Make the mic booth bulletproof from sparked wires
From autofire, rapid from the verbalist slangster's gat
Two hit Tucker she labeled it gangstar rap
Unseen heard, struck the vital nerves
of some sort, courts got papers to serve
Still bang em in the head, just lead no eraser
One shot, no chaser, who gonna replace her
You punch-drunk swingin your keys on your index
Showin off your Rolex
Didnt see the joe text, you filmed it on bolex
Smashed with the largest full finger name ringer, life clinger

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GZA Mic Trippin Comments
  1. Un Redacted

    black colored like a crayon words that play on words that play on words that play on, silk no rayon, feathers up stay on, head dress chief of the west Press tor John is really King David drop serf save it link a frenq 432 drop save it.

  2. George Dennis

    Rest In Power POPA WU!!!

  3. Toby Bryant

    Coldest wordplay ever.

  4. R L

    “Still bang’m in the head, just lead, no eraser, one shot, no chaser”

  5. Shay Ogun

    hardest album cover ever...fuq dat shyt sick

  6. Marv Aff

    "Scan this with hi-tech radar - till my mic strike leaves a state-sized crater."


  7. South East Bobby


  8. CJ Henry

    You're punch drunk swinging your keys on your index

    Marv Aff


  9. Unibomber35 WSM

    Used to put this on repeat salute gza

  10. SL Smith


  11. Johnny Depp Vengence

    This is Actually, tthe HomeGurL Samnthia Mike. At 13 years Olde. 1985 or 84. Most likelly April??. -Phoenix River

  12. jposco

    9 dislikes. Really??

  13. Dee Mir

    The Genius. Classic. Pure & uncut.

  14. Corbin Thoreson

    10,000 views is me lol

    Brandon Carter

    late son. sml..lol

  15. Beat Junkie2016

    so enlightening

  16. Realzies Cuts

    Why don't no Wrestler use this for entrance music?

    Beat Junkie2016

    This song is way too far beyond 85% of peoples comprehension. I agree wit u tho. Control the globe slowly, the bold soldier!

    Marv Aff

    I've definitely asked this very same question

  17. bernie romero

    verbalist slangsta's gat!

  18. Jon .G

    need to fix the lyrics a lot of them are very wrong ie "Half the crowd wild, nine Eminem holder" it should be "Half the crowd wild, 9 m&m holders" 

    George Troxel

    I thought the same

    SL Smith

    Right but leave it alone
    #thaGod #Gg

    CJ Henry

    Whatever lol

  19. Adam Gordon

    Gza goes off on this track... His lyricism is cold

  20. Robert Tanner

    i played the hell out this song

    Adam Gordon

    Robert Tanner * I still do 🔥

    Martijn Braakhekke

    @Adam Gordon me 2



  22. Ali Omerspahic

    GZA can bring a fork to a gun fight and still win


    LMAO....this shit had me dyin when i read it. Its true though

    JayDee Rothschild


    I Hate Google

    a plastic fork I might add

    George Dennis

    Word up

  23. Sluggz McGee

    Nobody spits like Maximillion!!!

  24. Eric Henderson

    The coldest spitter from the Wu...PERIOD!!

    JayDee Rothschild


    Adam Gordon

    Eric Henderson * Real talk 💯

    Oriv_kaboom Nathaniel

    Thats a fact