GZA - Knock, Knock Lyrics

[Verse 1 - GZA]
I'm the obscene slang kicker with no parental sticker
Advisin' y'all that wise words is much slicker
Under circumstances label advances
Ample opportunity, infinite chances
The rhyme, the unrelated beef I don't stress
I seen many killed for inifinte-e-less
Ya raps need a clips that packed with lies
Cowardlessly ya shot up those innocently wise
In extra long verses hundred bars the lim'
The percentage of the truth in the rhyme is one tenth
A solid mass of minerals, easily broke down
Hard rock MC's ya nothin but compound
Sparked by the endless greed of CEO's
In the videos with those questionable flows
Take it twenty-six, cut it down to four bars, make it a hook
If it's not I'm sure to send a book

[Chorus - Ghostface Killah]
Knock Knock - Who the fuck is bangin at my door?
Is it abstract commercial or hardcore?
Better know who the fuck they lookin for
'cause they don't want more
Yo Knock Knock - Who the fuck is bangin at my door?
Is it abstract commercial or hardcore?
Better know who the fuck they lookin for
They don't want more

[Verse 2 - GZA]
The CREAM of the crop we run circles that remain symmetrical
with lightnin victories that's highly electrical
My microphone is just too hot to handle
Plus I don't fill ya ears with the, Pennister's scandal
I gift wrap the sawed-off, the DeeJay pump it
March to the sounds of Armstrong's trumpet
Great things satisfied great minds
You want me to paint scenes describe it in eight lines
Check it - Conceptional breakthrough, incomprehensible
Rap that make you, convinced it's invincible
Lease up my words, powerful hazardous
The most dedicated research the data; this
Info tempo is gatherin momentum
A thousand rounds of ammo one of them was spent in
Applied science to vocals we flyin through
Victorious always because I am who?

[Chorus - Ghostface Killah]
Knock Knock - Who the fuck is bangin at my door?
Is it abstract commercial or hardcore?
Better know who the fuck they lookin for
'cause they don't want more
Yo Knock Knock - Who the fuck is bangin at my door?
Is it abstract commercial or hardcore?
Better know who the fuck they lookin for
They don't want more

[Verse 3 - GZA]
I wrote this rhyme with a Sharpie You see this dark the
ignition's for those with keys who wanna start me up
That's where nature and nightmare come merge
Put ya hole in so much inside ya gotta splurge
On these snakes with the things that, poke through your denim
When ya move it accelerates the action of the venom
But the purity and sacrifice gettin stung twice
From those who know dikes to cars that deep right
'Cause rhyme travelers are light years beyond
The Clan had a bomb that made the world respond
Considering my own future, I'm used ta
Damaging MC's then pollyin with producers
Whose main makin cereal from two tracks of stereo
Hold that song's playin weak ass material
We all peak at a singular point in time
'Till you see the sign, nigga, resign

[Chorus - Ghostface Killah]
Knock Knock - Who the fuck is bangin at my door?
Is it abstract commercial or hardcore?
Better know who the fuck they lookin for
'cause they don't want more
Yo Knock Knock - Who the fuck is bangin at my door?
Is it abstract commercial or hardcore?
Better know who the fuck they lookin for
They don't want more

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GZA Knock, Knock Comments
  1. Joshua Holcomb

    GZA is way beyond most people. One of the greatest ever. Listen to "The Spark" and tell me how many other rappers are doing anything on that level.

  2. Shawn H

    Hmm I would say better than Katy Perry

  3. superlinks x

    this shit is trash, and i love THE CLAN .. for this it's .... HELL NO... TO THE NO NO NO

  4. Crafty Spirit

    Is Method Man credited for just being in the video without contributing further?!?

  5. Jean Luc

    Much better than these Lil shit rappers


    Wowu 😍🔫

  7. Claudiu

    Real Hip-Hop 🔝🔝🔊🔊🚬🚬🔫🔫🔫🔫

  8. Richie Rodriguez


  9. Gray Franklin

    GZA is mean at the whole game of rap and production

  10. The IronHorse

    Gza, Rza, Deck, Masta. Gimmie those four on a song or album. "🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤."

  11. Sonic Magnus

    exceptional breakthrough incomprehensible rap that make you convince he’s invincible

  12. Brennan Thabault

    How cam anyone not dig this track?

  13. Mamadou Saliou Diallo

    Isn’t The GZA the most lyrical member of the WU? This brother’s rhymes are too technical for an average Rap fan.

  14. Mista Kixnlo_718

    This song featured no one.

  15. Scott Alexander

    Justice League type shit!!!

  16. Rhys Peregrine

    Some great hooks on this album. This is one of them

  17. wittafa

    I used to hate this beat and Meth spit on the women at the end that was foul‼️

  18. D.B. Cooper

    ghostface is garbage. no rythum what so ever


    meth always on his job tho always bringing the pain but he didnt rap wtf

  20. Mass Appeal


  21. D00MTR33

    Love this album, or anything else GZA has done. Very underrated in the Wu, everyone loves Ghost, Rae and Meth(I do too) but GZA and INS don't get enough love I feel.

  22. Sean Gannon

    Write this ryme with a sharpie make it permanent like my heart beat.

  23. DREISKINS101

    Should of had a verse from Ghostface

  24. LL Cool Jon

    If you know ..... you know

  25. Green Tee

    This is Tough

  26. veksone77

    There's no features on this track...

  27. Moe Apu jabajaw2018

    GZA is enlightening rappers. Too bad most don't listen.

  28. Barry Young

    These cats are RIDICULOUS. They seem to put together songs to video like i change socks Everyday.Still can't understand their GENIUS.I mean back to back Month after Month. Year after Year after YEAR! If i weren't able to Hear I would never Believe THIS!

  29. Wilson Bettis

    Gza....Ghost...Meth..,..REAL RAP!!

  30. Frick Matic

    Wack beat

  31. BreuckelensFinest

    "HARD ROCK MC's" If you aint from New York City from the 70s to 90s, you're probably not gonna know what "Hard Rock" means. It's strictly a NYC old school term that most people today in NYC hardly use anymore. I still & always will use the term. The universal term today is gangsta or thug thanks to Pac. Salute to the Genius for keeping true to his roots. This is a little, original Hip-Hop lesson for you good folks out there! This is what Hip-Hop is to me, from the seed, soil, grass roots! Salute.

  32. Sy Jeanlouis


  33. Jordan Kirksey

    Got this from Dave cheppelle

  34. BᴀᴅGᴜʏ BOOM

    Who the fuck is bangin at my door

  35. da gayest fuckin tardy boi

    wow. yeah totally not wu tang. what a goofball GZA must be to have to start a new channel

  36. mc shira m.o.s.s

    listen to the technique of the scientist Gza!!
    Wu 4 the knowledge!!

  37. Hanfgranate 92

    Wu Tang FOREVER 🔥

  38. Kasumi Ninja

    Beat is garbage

  39. Devante For The Shaolin Carter

    GZA pen so nasty man

  40. Eric Howard

    My office Theme music when noboday's in the office.

  41. Black Black

    Meth straight murdered this beat! 🔥 🔥

  42. Ira Mckeever

    Back when black men earned respect and were revered

  43. esoligh


  44. Jean Nerestant

    Oct. 2019 first time seeing this... One of my favorite songs!!!

  45. Xxxx Big Rich

    Always wit da Science‼👊🏽

  46. Taevon Bryant

    The Genius!!!!!

  47. Angel Corniel

    Most underrated wordsmith in History

  48. Beogradski Fantom

    One of the best Hip Hop songs ever , pure classic ;)

  49. CS280

    "Ft Ghostface Killah and Method Man" ?? 🤔

  50. Jermaine Spencer

    Love the Wu, but not this record

  51. Pharaoh El Capo

    Gza is in of my favorites in wutang

  52. Never Backdown

    Classic I remember hearing this song when I was 7yrs still love it.

  53. Kareem Barnett

    Wer was I .....I Neva heard this GZA killed this

  54. BleSs520! sol kid

    #Lyrical supremacy

  55. Pitt Jay

    Wu is to slammin for these cold killin labels

  56. Epic Gage

    0:13 angela yee?

  57. Soul Of A Christian

    Love GZA, but this beat weak, let's be honest.

  58. Cesar Luis Baca

    The GZA is the Anita Baker of Hip Hop music. It’s so smooth and fluid when he spits. He makes being intelligent look easy

  59. Alonzo Moses jr

    DJ just stylee salute

  60. Alonzo Moses jr

    DJ juststylee they sound prodigy sound his style like rakim but the beats mob deep use they was slamming beats aaaamen

  61. kusc717

    How's this a feature and no Ghost or Meth..?

  62. mbigboyny

    " I'm the obscene slain kicker with NO parental sticker....advising y'all that wise words IS much slicker ".....barz🔥🔥🔥🔥🎵🎵🎵❗❗❗

  63. Aj Ahmed

    Did meth really spit at them girls like that

  64. klevdavful

    Knock knock .... Gza

  65. Odie Edmonds

    119 dislikes. Must not know what real bars sound like. Sill 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 for 2019 an beyond

  66. Scrambled Eggs


  67. LoOT NuKe'Em

    King of kings
    Goat of GOATS

  68. Shawn T Williams Powerlifter

    This beat was super dope but this hook was garbage as hell and that hurt the song. Gza still the most underrated in Wu. Liquid Swords is top 3 Wu albums but noone mentions it anymore. This here years later was around the end of New York rap.

  69. Anfmethodjor

    Did Meth get a credit for being a mute hype man? Ghost at least did the verse.


    Neither meth or ghost are on this.. I had this album when it came out never seen this vid.. think it had FAME check that out

  70. Real Factruth

    Back when men wore baggy 👖 👕 and women wore tight, now men wear tight and women wear tight 🤦🏾‍♂️

  71. Platinum Era Visions

    I didn't like the beat to this at all but Gza made this shit bang lol.

  72. Syed Isamuddin

    How is GZA not the greatest rapper of all time?

    That's right. Best lyricist, excellent flow, perfect rapper.

  73. Arshak Hayrapetyan

    1:16 is that Wee Bey from "The Wire"?

  74. Lord Godspeed

    Who ever put thumbs down don't know hip hop

  75. Lukas Padilla

    Still fire

  76. DrWuDoc

    Get em Mr Genius

  77. Serious

    I respect GZA but this is a waste of a beat. Nobody tryna hear that shit. Should've been Ghost and Meth on this.

  78. Professor Light

    Who else remembers this from Chappelle's show

  79. A. Double

    Gza and Wutang always been commercial. Tupac, Rakim, Nas is Commercial...However they aren't commercialized, big difference.

  80. vwa 98

    Gza actually sounds nice???? I'm buying a lotto ticket

  81. Matthew Manning

    Shidddddd who’s to this day is still listening to this banger!!!!

  82. BacKYard sKy

    They need a better beat

  83. C- Power

    Meth just spit on them.....lol

  84. Jerold Jones BEY II

    GREATS 🏆 🏆🏆 🏆🏆 🏆🏆 🏆✊ ✊✊ ✊✊ ✊

  85. Devalin Wells

    The gza is way beyond this world of pain

  86. The Last Sifu

    They don’t call him The Genius for nothing.

    Mfundo Maweni

    The beat, what's with the beat?

  87. D2NN1S

    That James Brown sample tough 🥶

  88. Wsl Dawson

    Sounds like that
    "We gone clap back" instrumental
    Ja rule

    Byron Crigler

    I can see why you say that. But Knock Knock released in 2002 Clap Back released in 2003. Both sample have just about the same timing on the beat.

    Wsl Dawson

    Well lets flip it around...
    "Clap back"
    Sounds like that "knock knock" instrumental
    I had to take that back and correct myself
    Good lookn fam

  89. Mike Spex

    The new Gangstarr video is th ad?? I fuckin love this!! Best as ever

  90. Frank Lopez

    Meth didn’t even sing 🎤 😆

  91. kes k

    2019: will we ever knw who was banging at the door ?

    Kylo Ren & Stimpy

    Jehovah's Witness

  92. Shon De'Niro Don


  93. monkey King

    Underrated 💯💯💯💯💯

  94. Blah Blahblah

    The opposite of predictable cliche rap ie snoop

  95. Yu Law

    So.... method Man and Ghostface Killah was just in the video, not rapping? Seems like a waste of opportunity. 👐u-4 life