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[GZA's son Young Justice]
It was the summer of '77.
New York was just recovering from the raves due to the blackout.
Hip Hop was young and growing rapidly. It was during that time when my father would oftent make journeys accross the waters. From Shaolin on his way to the place where many say this art form started. The ferry, or the boat, as most called it, was a floatin' forum, for talent especially MC's, who would often battle while in route to the city. It was on the boat, where he would sharpen his sword on neighborhood MC's, preparing for the battles that were soon to come...

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  1. Kaar Trijj

    Such a legendary intro

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    Best cd intro of ALL TIME!!!!

    Santino -

    @1Superchops thats what I said?

    salami spirit

    i know, im agreeing with you

    Santino -

    @1Superchops Im agreeing with you!!

    Awesome Joe


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