GZA - I Gotcha Back Lyrics

[Chorus: GZA and RZA]
I gotcha back, but you best to watch your front
Cause it's the niggaz that front, they be pullin stunts
I gotcha back, but you best to watch your front
Cause it's the niggaz who front (they be pullin stunts)

I was always taught my do's and don'ts
For do's I did, and for don'ts, I said I won't
I'm from Brooklyn, a place where stars are born
Streets are shot up, apartment buildings are torn
And ripped up, stripped up, shacked up and backed up
From fiends, cause the bosses on the scene, they got it cracked up
Kids are slingin in my lobby
Little Steve and Bobby
Gettin paid but it's a life-threatening hobby
Yeah, they still play hide and seek
The fiends seek for the crack, and they hide and let the cops peep
Grown folks say they should be out on their own
Before the gangs come and blow up their mom's home
Because they lifestyle is hectic, so fuckin hectic
Blaow! Blaow! Blaow! Bullets are ejected
My lifestyle was so far from well
Coulda wrote a book with a title "Age 12 and Goin through Hell"
Then I realized the plan
I'm trapped in a deadly video game, with just one man
So I don't only watch my back, I watch my front
Cause it's the niggaz who front, they be pullin stunts
Back on the Ave of Lavonia and Bristol with a pistol
Stickin up Pamela and Crystal
You know your town is dangerous when you see the strangest
Kid come home from doin the bid and nuthin changes
What is the meaning of CRIME (what?)
Is it Criminals Robbin Innocent Motherfuckers Everytime?
Little shorties take walks to the schoolyard
Tryin to solve the puzzles to why is life so hard
Then as soon as they reached the playground, blaow!
Shots ring off and now one of them lay down
It's so hard to escape the gunfire
I wish I could rule it out like an umpire
But it's an everlasting game, and it never cease to exist
Only the players change, so...

[Chorus 3X]

[RZA] - I gotcha back [8X]
I gotcha back so you best to watch your front
Cause it's the niggaz who front, that be pullin stunts
I gotcha back but you best to watch your front
It's the niggaz who front, that be pullin stunts

[Outro: (LP version only)]
(old man)
Your, tech, nique, is, mag-ni-ficent
When cut across the neck
A sound like wailing winter winds is heard, they say
I'd always hoped to cut someone like that someday
To hear that sound
But to have it happen to my own neck is... ridiculous
[man gasps for air]

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GZA I Gotcha Back Comments
  1. alaric perez

    this is the beat RZA used to make the Clan rhyme over to see who'd be on tracks

  2. Ruben Dominguez

    Damn uploaded in early 06

  3. dre day

    GZA Fresh

  4. Fred Yuballa

    Wu tang is so good man

  5. Half Man Half Amazing

    Classic I think they had 2 versions of the video

  6. Josh Nippleton

    If you're one of the 118 who disliked then you are dumb af.

  7. Carmech Houseman


  8. Edward Garcia

    Wow, I never knew there was a video for this beat. I always loved this track but seeing this video just gave me a whole new appreciation the for lyrics. It’s almost sad and scary with these innocent little kids in the video, especially the quick shot of the dead kid getting a sheet pulled over his face. You don’t see videos like this anymore with a deep fucking message

  9. Sandwiches Jhonson

    This how lot of us In the inner city all over the United States grew up from the west to the mid west 2 the South 2 The East Coast 2 The North this was is Reality

  10. Nathan Crawley

    Fresh put me on to this song in 95, like a game of chess, to a next move in life out hear to wear a vest.To live out your life and grow old and never stress.Pray for the one we lost in our lives and feel blessed!

  11. Isaac Willis

    My uncle live in that same neighborhood. He wouldn't let us go outside at night time.

  12. Toledo Seat

    Where are rapers today many bullshit and blablabla....., -

    🏁 The legend GZA Genius 🏁

  13. jim one

    Alway loved rza vocal on the back towards the end screaming I got your back

  14. jim one

    One of the classic song of all time

  15. arcadeMcfly

    ...cuz it’s the the ninjas that front, THEY BE ON DA HUNT!...

  16. Jawline bully blood kennels Wynn

    What movie was this?

    INFINITE 2020

    FRESH (1994)

  17. Danny Gonzalez

    the music video is crazy

  18. I am no one neither R you


  19. Emmanuel SAINT-MARC


  20. Kai Ulbricht

    Gza Genius 👐🙏🔥✌🔥🐝 Peace from Germany 🇩🇪 😎 Wu 4 Life 💗

  21. joanne g

    No one got your back like a momma who loves ya.. she’ll be doin hard time after you’re gone!!

  22. joanne g

    My son.. rip

  23. Supreme 12860

    Roll call!
    Who is listening to this song/Liquid Swords album in 2019?
    I am - The Bronx, NYC

  24. kounterclockwise


  25. Daron Green

    GZA is the news reporter straight giving you the facts 💯

  26. dangreaux jerome


  27. VZA

    code of the streets

  28. Sunny Blacc

    He did come do me song lol

  29. Andy Hutchinson

    This is real hip hop

  30. Nitty Andrade

    The oldest .... And Wisest member

  31. Johnny Bats

    Such a dope song.. 2019

  32. 1117AJ

    At 1:01 in the background there's a mural of Mike Tyson ,that's the same Mural from the movie Do the right thing by Spike Lee. I used to live on that block when I was a child. That's Stuyvesant between Lexington and Quincy.

  33. Nico JALEA


  34. Bernard Tyler

    Yo this is the reality I lived growing up in the inner city. Learn fast, if not.....peace to all

  35. Katie Tai

    I love you GZA

  36. Zibong

    GZA about this song :
    "This was a short rhyme I wrote for one of my nephews. When I said, “My lifestyle was so far from well / Could’ve wrote a book called Age Twelve and Going Through Hell.” It’s for my nephew who was twelve at the time, and whose father, my brother, had been locked up since ’88. So he wasn’t around for my nephew when times were rough, so I wanted to up my nephew a bit with this track.

    It was actually part of the soundtrack for the movie Fresh. I don’t know if a lot of people know this, but I directed the video for that song. The interesting thing about that [one] is how the video blends in with the movie itself. I had two nephews in the video, they were both real young at the time. And in video, they both had met up and shots rang out from some young gangsters. It’s a shame because both those kids in the video, both nephews of mine, ended up getting in trouble for ringing out shots and are both doing time right now. It’s kind of ironic. One of my nephews ended up getting eight years for that shit. So the whole song is a sad irony to me now."

  37. pinpointaccuracy1

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 GROWN MAN SHIT!!!!


  38. Mike V

    Back on the ave of Livonia & Bristol with a pistol sticking up Pamela & crystal 🔥🔥

  39. Emmanuel SAINT-MARC

    1:18 everytime😲 😄😁...! 👍🏼👐🏼✊🏼 MY NIGGA

  40. Emmanuel SAINT-MARC


  41. Anthony Brown

    Back then if you came to the projects you better have someone vouch for you. God have mercy on you if you made it to the lobby and had to wait on the elevator. I know because I know..word up!

    If you Say so

    Word life! It's hard making it too the lobby.especially back in the day.you never knew who would get off the elevator even if you made it on.

  42. Alfred


  43. Mayhem Mike

    When nyc was NY fuckin City.

  44. Nevele Films

    “You know your town is dangerous when you see the strangest kid come home from doing a bid and nothing changes.” - right to the dome with it. God MC


    Gza voice is so cool

  46. Jucciverce

    Still listening in 2019.

  47. Orlando Coombs

    The Genius was the shit. Great lyricist for real. Cool song and video but I thank God that I ain't lived in a project, poor, barely eating, no father figure, hella siblings all different dads, pops dead or in prison, mama on welfare or working some dead end job to get by. I ain't never lived like that. I wasn't homeless or hungry growing up, couldn't learn in school, and coming home to an empty house at night time, around hella crackheads all day in my building, HELL NAW. I lived in a nice ass house growing up that only got nicer as years went by. Plenty food, nice clothes, video games, stereo, tapes and CD's, Nintendo, and a bike. Now I had friends of mine that grew up struggling. I had one friend who's family was struggling real bad. I saw it. 3 friends like that. But the others they were good. My friends that grew up struggling, it wasn't nothing like this here described on this video.

  48. Creative Lael Ashif

    He said Livonia and Bristol so a lot of the WU is originally from Da Ville... B-ville stand up from up the hill to down the hill



  50. Ronald Hawkins

    1994 my HS days BROOKLYN shit kid!!!!

  51. Leon Anderson

    Easily my top 5

  52. NBtreefaller


  53. jdanesimo

    If we had internet back then, i think these old skool rappers would be
    MASSIVE about 1000 times more successful as the singers and hummers with
    a few swear words in guys, as the shit they pumpin out now is making a
    lot of money still with a stuiped image and known as RAP or hip hop,
    which is no way even the same genre or class, the old guys where skilled
    artists. if a black dudes in the song its rap or rnb WTF music now is
    dreadful am old and will be playing this shit when am 60 which is not
    long away. DAMNN

  54. Kcirtap141

    To the people who did not checked this back on Yo MTV Raps or any other TV station : "It's an everlasting game and it never seizes to exist only the players change." thats you

  55. Spectator 1

    This song is good for school because the school shooters

    Spectator 1

    U got to watch your front they crazy

  56. Inderjit Jassal

    Liquid Swords is still the dopest album out every song

  57. Mark Gillan

    ocassional...mmm..that'l do mfuher..Thank you...aaaahhhh...

  58. Hooligun Byrne

    jobcenter can kiss my ass I'm now employed

  59. big lokoté till i die tracker


  60. George Shonia

    GZA means to road in my language (Georgian) 😊❤

  61. TijucaWeirdo

    Livonia and Bristol. Brownsville.

  62. christopher optimus prime

    Yeah but I still got you better

  63. christopher optimus prime

    You may have gotten me a God got you better than I could have ever gotten you so f*** off eat my a****** you dried up pizza Anna, leather stinky toe cheese smelling vagina

  64. DARKMATTER Silent Surgeon

    could have wrote a book..age 12 and going thru HELL..

  65. DARKMATTER Silent Surgeon

    real black mother.."where da hell you think u going..

  66. BK Dro

    Thats bugged out when he says"Its an everlasting game and it never cease to exsist only the players change"...and that neighborhood is Brownsville Brooklyn....Murder Inc. came from there...and they were mostly Jews and Italians....back then the players were Jews and Italians now theyre Black and Puerto Ricans

  67. Frantisek S

    Scenes from the movie Fresh

  68. Surgeon Vault

    Hey Gza, I got your front!

  69. David Castillo

    “Couldve wrote a book w da title age twelve and going thru hell” 🔥🔥


    Raw New York!

  71. Jason Medici

    I still blast this song in my car as soon as I get off work. I work as a 5th grade teacher.


  72. BlackBibite

    Does anyone knows what are the shoes of the kid at 0:28??

    Markanthony Berry


  73. Bushido Brown

    Love the clips from Fresh. Such a good movie.

  74. carlos pimentel monje


  75. E1don Donalson

    Real shit

  76. lionjklwlf

    On the album, anyone know the name of the movie at the end of the song. I’m thinking it’s an old kungfu flick since WU loved doing that.

  77. Underground Chamber Muzik

    video uploaded in 240p lol what a fucking shame for a very dope video


    Video was uploaded in 2006, man. It's just how it was back then on YouTube.

    Nevele Films

    Underground Chamber Muzik I was just saying how all these Wu related videos of the period seriously needs at 720/1080p upgrade

  78. 으로통행인

    The story telling in this is god level like.

  79. smokahontas99

    Then I realized the plan, Im trapped in a deadly video game with just 1 Man! This is #woke 💯

  80. Trevor Philips

    beat reminds me of The Hateful Eight ...

  81. Trevor Philips


  82. J Bloomr

    how did u think of this shit?

  83. King Burrito3

    Pow-pow-pow bullets are ejected

  84. John Felton

    Kids are slinging in the lobby, little Steve and Bobby

  85. Tony Exum, Jr.

    What is the meaning of Crime? Is it Criminals Robbing Innocent MFs Every time? ...one of best lines....

  86. Rob Jackson

    1:46 - what's gonna happen to every Allied "bro"-hating anti-Hispanic "Friends" fan who doesn't stop their arrogant showing off

    poppop artist

    I'm from Oakland Ca what does that mean? Not up on East coast politics

  87. Nemesis Authority

    GzA moves me. So raw and real.

  88. BkKellz

    I remember the day they shot this video in my building


    foh liar

  89. William Mason

    I'm trapped in a deadly video game with one man!

  90. Cyrus Graham

    Six Sigma in Federal Way Washington, the CD MANUFACTURING Company

  91. rrsmith30

    To this day, this is the hardest/coldest song I've heard. No out of control/braggy-type threats. Just concrete reality over the hardest beat ever.

    lil balls out

    Honestly. This is more terrifying than a light skin on a Mercedes with an ak. (Every music vid now)


    It's an everlasting game... cold

    jim one

    It's a cold ass song and video


    For real? Go listen to shabazz the disciple ' thieves in da night/crime saga...or gutz - the flatz...trem one - animal kingdom etc

  92. Jody Fulford

    I hope I'm not intruding where I do not belong. If so, forgive me. I was once told, by a man of color, "I gotcha back". At the time I did not appreciate the gravity of his offering,. I did not understand what was happening around me. He did and he helped me. I thank him for my life.

  93. dasporkyt

    Sick background bro.

  94. ieonline.microsoft.com

    would be good to go against .O.P.P.They should be audited