GZA - Crash Your Crew Lyrics

Eh yo...
Turn my shit up son too

You know exactly what I'm talking about,

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
I'm gonna crash your crew [x8]

Left drink wine, from the purist grapevine
An' rhyme out the mutherfucking mind
Metal shine, light blind, cut the mic line
Catch juice from the (land fo[?])
15 twenty inch woofers blow the manhole
Made the street crack, master feedback
(Allah masters the beat back[?])
The crowd look, while the stage shook
Carpenters made errors
Craftsmen had his head severed
Pyroclastic flow, heavy like tonnes of snow
Broke this rhymin' video
Verbal assassin, blastin
Exploit your break through explosively
Echo chamber ate that rap up ferociously
Game controlled, optimize the input channel
I set it relatively high for those on a panel
CD with the durable, long-life cover
Very similar to no other
I seen a million tryin' to set a flow
Thousands that show
Observe with the patience of watching a flower grow
But one individual thing forgot the (fri show[?])
Now his pursuit is not for digress
A special note, thanks for being flank
While journalist's stay runnin' in front of tanks
Blew out first class, came back close cash
Ruff class, surfaces with no math
Military campaign, while shots cause information of the brain
Beat Crazy Eddie insane
Filled with pain -- niggaz reign

I'm gonna crash your crew [x16]

I'm gonna crash your crew

I'm gonna crash your crew

"You never use those shoes, you cant have platinum authority inject me,
bitch I inject you, with the shit that made you say, yo dirt doggchew-chew-chew...."

I'm gonna crash your crew

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GZA Crash Your Crew Comments
  1. Un Redacted

    GZA 💉

  2. Steve Zion

    Woah never heard the Razah version!!

  3. chicagocold312

    Never knew the Genius ever hosted the first X Games...

  4. Zbychu_ Poland

    Language art teacher 👍

  5. Horn Canguio Willie

    Skate board and .....

  6. A. Double

    I literally probably havent heard this song since it first came out. I forgot about this song.

  7. Kenshi LeNinjah

    Wu and skate culture..Genius

  8. Brian Johnson

    I forgot about this gem! It still bangs!!!

  9. Justin McDowell

    Slept on classic!

  10. Sha'iere Smirnoff

    The Lord of Mc’s

  11. Chris Gerard

    Never knew there was a video for this RIP Ol Dirty

  12. Willy’s Custom Kicks

    There was this guy on the max who was talking about how he was in a wu tang music video back in his day and I thought he was just another crackhead but this mf said the name of the song and sure enough he’s in it. At 0:22 he’s the guy on the far left 😂

  13. Yudo NeidaNo

    Hell Razah snapped on this! always wondered why his verse was not on the LP?

  14. Tyhler Novac

    What is the name of the song that method Man talks about doing drive-bys on skateboards

  15. CISVCM

    YouTube - please don't advertise some kid name juiceworld in a legends song/video. Thanks

  16. Stephen Frierson

    Cut the write line Classic

  17. JerzeyPrince23

    This 1999 not 2002!

  18. The_Lonely_Winner

    I agree with those who wish this version was on the album, Hell Razah bodies his verse.

  19. GLB from [JustGian]


  20. disgustika

    1:00 Gza almost got smacked there

  21. spearPYN

    Razah killed it... intellectual lyricism... this was the last wave of 90s real music...

    Sunz of Man and Brooklyn Zu in the back...

  22. José Augusto dos Santos


  23. Vagner De Morais

    Som pesadissimo família wu tang clan é monstro 👐👐😎 SP BRASIL alguém

  24. All wight all wong

    Never knew he had a video for this track. Always luv'd Gza's delivery

    Mizzo _Beeto

    Blood I just found out now myself n I have the CD since the day it dropped still don't skip to this day

  25. Matt B

    35 people had their crew crashed.

  26. Deez Nutz

    1 of the most under rated GZA song, at least they only spent $20 on making this video.

  27. T.M. Warren

    *Ol Dirty' on the hook is the icing on the cake!*


    Beat crazy Eddie insane :)

  29. Dan Cooper

    Definetily a Wu-Banger and 1 of my many favorite GZA songs but where is Ol' Dirty? And whos the other guy who throws a short verse in at the end? Cuz thats not on the album. And wheres RZA? I know he's only in the intro but he should've been in the video too. None the less, still a cool video.

  30. Surge Álvez

    props if you can spot Ruthless Bastards, 12'O Clock, Brooklyn Zu, Dreddy Kruger and Prodigal Sunn

  31. T B

    Ason Unique :
    I'm gonna crash your crew

  32. kaabbaaq 19

    this song was beyond Dope!

  33. kaabbaaq 19

    this song was beyond Dope!

  34. Decapitated Monkey Penis

    gza looks like a boxer dodging them skateboards

    Jerell Collier


  35. wacmagnet

    this is from 99. not 02. i was i. high school when this dropped

  36. HurtingYourFeelings

    Not a skinny jean in sight.


    thats why they aint doin 1080s and erybody crashing lol


    Baggy era was best era.

  37. Powerule

    "Beat Crazy Eddie insane..."

  38. Sterlin Jordan

    illmatic track and video

  39. Garry Blow Jr.

    Love This Song

  40. Zahir Ali

    This isn't 2002

  41. lifestraight

    Wack ass video

    Zahir Ali

    Lol I've seen you in multiple Places


    @Driver #336600JEKIR420_#FF0000VieskyTM Ali Similar interests I guess lol

    Zahir Ali

    @lifestraight Yea

  42. Cannonist Network Centric D.U.M.B.

    How the fuck wasn't this filmed at LOVE? Vert? You fuckin kiddin, in 02 it wasn't even... oh... fuck it.

    The Mad Thrasher

    You're right, vert wasn't that big in 02 but it's still sick. Plus there's plenty of street edits in there too.

  43. Garrett S. White

    wish prodigal sunn had a verse

    Simon Forrest


  44. Decapitated Monkey Penis

    woulda been heaps good with OD yelling at the screen in the actual clip


    @Driver_JEKIR420_VieskyTM Ali I did but it was removed.

    Zahir Ali

    @The_Lonely_Winner :/

    Send it to me by email Try


    @Driver #336600JEKIR420_#FF0000VieskyTM Ali WHAT'S THE EMAIL?

    Zahir Ali

    +The_Lonely_Winner hangouts

    Johnny Utah

    yea he was definitely at the set of the video shoot, so always womdered why he didnt come out in the video. i think it probably had something to do with the labels comflicting with each other. GZA was in MCA (which merged with Geffen) at this time and ODB was in Elektra. I think it had to be cleared with Elektra ot something like that. i forget.

  45. Simon Forrest

    this beat is sooooo fucking hard... jesus... Razah and Gza = Jewels galore... plus the opening line is CRACK incarnate... PLUS .. a hook by A-son Unique.. perfection


    When I first heard it, I didnt like it at all. Then it became fucking dope


    +DZA The Dizastah Your balls finally dropped

  46. Dark Matter

    GZA's a beast. Terrible use of that Willie Hutch sample though.

    Futureworld X Jones

    Dark Matter Its fuckin' HARD though....sometimes its about simplicity.

    Simon Forrest

    YES SIR!!!!

  47. Omar Santana

    Wu Tang showing love to the skateboard culture. thats whats up!

    Shen Halfzware

    i'm telling you man, 90's was it!

    Captain Tripz

    Only rap group I have ever seen to have Decks too.

    Donpromollo Türümüsü

    Yeah and that’s why I love this fucking Best Hip Hop Crew , proud Wu Army Member ✌🏻 Greetings from fuckin‘ Bavaria

    Super Unknown

    Gza first album was huge in skateboarding when it came out

    A. Double

    Bone thugs has decks. And some company was making Tupac ones not to long ago.

  48. GantzIsSloppy

    Hell Razah made this song better with just 12 bars

    G The Hypersapien

    fuck outta here


    @George Pocock You first 

    G The Hypersapien

    Gza owns him . . . .


    Who the fuks is lil rezah

    Nas is like

    @GuerilleroX in this damn track he shows that he is somebody

  49. Marcos A. Reed Castillo.

    one of my fav. Gza lyrics...
    Language arts Tearcher

  50. Underground Chamber Muzik

    da genius gza best lyricist in the wutang

    Ambassador Kosh

    +Nightmare Horrorcore without a doubt!


    Between him and Inspectah Deck. and Cappadonna is a beast freestylin

    I T

    @IronBronx GZA is far superior.

    Simon Forrest

    Don't forget about Masta Killa...That boy got the devil in his words yo


    They form like Voltron and The GZA is the head

  51. RrrutssS

    Classic!!! Still got my beneath the surface cassette xD !!!

  52. RrrutssS

    Classic!!! Still got my beneath the surface cassette xD !!!


    Cassette? That's hardcore man!

  53. Jerell Collier

    9 people got there crew crashed

  54. Jerell Collier

    Love dis song

  55. James Lawson

    Closed casket GZA bodied this with ODB on the hook!!!

    T.M. Warren

    James Lawson *The hook is the icing on the cake!'*

  56. cebarvideos

    I hate the video


    The video hates you nigga.

    Surge Álvez

    someone should blow your manhole

    The Mad Thrasher

    This video is tight as fuck. You just don't get it.

    Matt B

    Meh, it's the 90s. Though it hasn't aged well, it was pretty fresh back then.

  57. Santa Muerte

    GZA Genius. aha - vevo PIERDOL SIĘ

  58. Javier Gonzalez

    One Of My Favorites Gza The Break! @_< (Y)

  59. Faltascuoladegrado

    love ODB

  60. Josh Schulz

    Amazing video.

  61. Josh Schulz

    Amazing video.

  62. Marcus Roberts

    WU-TANG 4 EVER BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

  63. Meta4ce ODOT

    hella ill

  64. ELI1AN

    Aaaahh y can't there be rap like this anymore

  65. eldrito29

    yo.how ill would a gza and kurupt album be?

  66. roo Koo

    that time ,Word had a price .. .wu 4 ever

  67. Ron Busch

    Never knew it was a skate vid wow. RIP ODB illumin-NOT exposer

  68. SidewaysBurnouts


  69. SidewaysBurnouts

    respect on that! Razah is my bog bro!

  70. Lordoftheflyfilms

    How come it doesnt say ft. Hellrazah!

  71. whatttt punk!!!

    Why does gza got some skaters in his video?...just blew me out

  72. Tha Big G

    oh i like this

  73. ruben serra

    why they took victim out? daeeemmm i love that song man put it again

  74. Chuck Taylor

    Just 1 more song & artist from my generation that yet again confirms that old school is the undisputed champion of hip hop.

  75. tony bronsalini

    I got the G logo on my forearm real dedication get on my lvl wu-tang 4eva


    LOL you late nigga, didn't you know that flocka know he's suck? he's just getting more paid than you

  77. Morjani O


  78. John Courty

    o DEE!!

  79. CrackaJakRAP


  80. Silas Collier

    WU Tang Moutha Fucka


    fuck you man Flocka is a real nigga.

  82. LavenderPajamas08

    you cant really say fuck justin beiber cuz theyre totally two different types of music, fuck 2chainz, fuck wocka flocka, fuck wiz, thats more relevant

  83. M. Wahrheit


  84. onblock7

    Gza as swift as he is thought gets outta the way with the quickness lol.

  85. LavenderPajamas08

    Big Willies

  86. Meth Breth

    jigga jigga genius

  87. shoshoni1985

    Gza is just Genius.

  88. Andy Johnson's Overload TV

    I miss real hip hop with intelligent rhymes and ebonics..classic man!!

  89. Tacgen6

    Its banger!

  90. DrRidaz

    Old school Hip Hop in my ears while I'm Skating, that's exactly how I roll bitch ! Dope vid.

  91. W E

    GZAGeniusVEVO the fuuuck?!?!?!?!

  92. eddie think

    AWWW fuck never seen GZA rock along skaters befow!

  93. Adi

    Chris Brown has any Chance against GZA!! XD

  94. I hear Voices

    most of likes r coz of skaters!! aint this a bitch

  95. petro77vitch

    3 people got crashed

  96. ErDavidino1

    VEVO,do two version (clean-dirty)fo rap songs..i mean ur doin stupid,ur just ruinin songs.rap is this,why u have to censor it ? ANSWER ME.ill wait for a reason;)

  97. blair170

    best song on vevo

  98. Mindlorious

    I still love this track after all these years. CLASSIC.