GZA - Auto Bio Lyrics

I was born, with the mic in my hand
Then I took it from Medina, to the S.I. land
I pulled up on the block, go out the truck, it was the first of pit stops
The era of the spinnin' tops, the birth of hip hop
That was somethin' I had identified with
So I made it my point to exploit this fly gift then
Myself and RZA made trips to the B.X.
A mass of ferocious M.C.'s and talent T-Rex
Giants in every ways, rap flows for every day
We knew we would get a reward for the price to pay
The basic training was beyond entertainment
Just the caters of the verbal expressions, self explainin'
Were my boots out in constant walks across the borough
Tore the troops out the frame when they challenge the most thorough
From well concealed firing positions we let off the most
Dangerous with that, slang that just shatter the coast
They say I rhyme like the bank that stop
Cause M.C.'s be more shook then the dice that drop
Especially if I'm rollin', then the point is definitely proven
Cause with the GZA holdin', that keep a nigga movin'
I walk Broadway, from Quincy to Myrtle
Back to Quincy, cut careers whatever the expense be
They heard the Legend, run to the reverend
With headaches and blackouts, worse then severe seven

And when my job is done
And it's time to get those that's comin' up some runs
So you can see where they from...

They says the product is good
We gonna sling it from the slums of the hills of the hood
'Til it's understood...

We still search through the crates of songs that just breaks
At times we play legendary battles on tapes
Unlikely confrontation with a clash of swords
In a G that was stored, be rain that just poured
On cats and dogs, water that flooded the stance
The violence and nature had trigged the violence of man
That was bloodshed, from which said, audible threats
Publicize regrets, wanted alive or dead
A hand full recovered from the dramatic plunge
While the rest kept babblin' and speakin' in tongues
Since the competition already slaked them in a scrimmage
He continued to tarnish that already faded image
Any sport, when they come short, majors don't need 'em
Then they broke, lose they homes, lively hood and freedom
The rhyme could be a blunt object that make you choke
Like too many tokes, that'll recharge in growth
This Witty Unpredictable Talent or Natural Game
With non added of slang, it's all actual fact
The high roller knock the chip off the shoulder
Strike like the perfect bowler, with catastrophic damage
My other's hard to vanish, punishment, swift to sudden
Unparalleled advantage, brought to a level
where you froze and can't speak
Trapped in the frigid temperatures of that peak

And when my job is done
And it's time to get those that's comin' up some runs
So you can see where they from...

They says the product is good
We gonna sling it from the slums of the hills of the hood
'Til it's understood...

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GZA Auto Bio Comments
  1. Sonic Magnus

    had my beef and broccolis on
    walked Broadway from Quincy to Myrtle back to Quincy!

    fuck you nigga’s know about that?

  2. Simon Forrest

    This cat ELECTRIFIES me ... 'let's drink wine from the purest grapevine in rhyme'.. That's Gza in a nutshell..This dude has NEVER let me down, whether feature or album.. Consistently dope

  3. Tevildo Calcifer

    I was llistening when I was a bum,splept anywhere

  4. Jeremy Curley

    "that Rope!! Let me tell you something about that Rope!!" 😂

  5. Seamus Cares

    This makes me wanna spazz.

  6. The Captain

    And when my job is done then it’s time to give those that’s coming up some runs so you can see where they from

  7. Domo Jones

    The most underrated MC

    Shawn Golmes

    Nah he the goat

  8. Oddball Skull

    This six dislikes musta been odd future or some other group of garbage ass rappers

  9. GO DARK BAG Blocks,Satellites,Wifi,GPS


  10. Malicious Mike

    its a shame how many views this got, this is the definition of hip hop.

    JO 7Z

    Dont worry dude, the views on you tube doesnt mean nothing; Bebber got millions views, that doesnt make him great ;) Every hip hoper knows that GZA is THE GENIUS ;) And you're right, that's definition of hip hop! PEACE ;)

  11. T B

    5 borough thorough/ strong island wildin

  12. Alex G.

    This sample was used VERY VERY wrong, its 1 dimensional. I recommend everyone listen to Prodigy "H.N.I.C." which is 3 dimensional & has more flare, more of that story telling smoke atmosphere & more thumps for your bumps, hence 3 DIMENSIONAL....ywelcome fckers ;)

    Fifty Dinar

    This instrumental is better then H.N.I.C in my opinion


    what you said indicates you're missing the whole point of gza

    Oddball Skull

    Lol what an asshole "this sample is wrong..huh what lyrics?"


    Your mind is 1dimensional...

    James Milloy

    no i think alex g is right. what he says makes a lot of sense. i mean if you really read what ole alexander Great wrote here you can purely tell that 100% of it is based on proveable fact and finally for once on youtube not just someones opinion about what they think about a song. congrats alex. you sure told us a thing or 2 about whats what. now i know that hnic is more smokey than auto bio. or is affirmitave action more mellow yellow tangy than slang editorial. or was it b.i.b.l.e. more robust puree almondy and bit more breezy than megas fallen soliders.

  13. A JP

    did 88 press-ups in a row listening to this

  14. derek jackson


  15. Frederik Slaets

    Isn't the chorus by the RZA?

  16. Scott Goulet

    Not many can fuck with GZA. #IndieRaps

  17. Noface King

    only geeks wouldn't understand

  18. Noface King

    like I said people's know your no loud color wearing foot wear person skinny jeans wearing clown

  19. Noface King

    When you bang this in your car,house wherever people's know your mind set


    +Bruce Stevenson lol what

    Geek Peak Gaming

    +duke silver I'm actually confused as well. lol

    Bobby Howard

    I know exactly what you mean homie

    ronald tyili

    i know what you mean

  20. tybittz k

    did he design the cover to look like final fantasy 7?

  21. Tevildo Calcifer

    much love

  22. Ocean Sage

    Along with "Liquid Swords," "4th Chamber," "Swordsman," and "Knock, Knock" for GZA's best beat. Amazing song!
    GZA - "Auto Bio"

  23. JO 7Z

    That's a lyricist! What a flow! Gza, The genius! Sample:SAINT TROPEZ - Belle De Jour (1978)

    Supreme 12860

    JO 7Z The 70's was the era of good music to sample from

    JO 7Z

    True dude, In fact The Wu tang makes my funk and soul education. I discover so much artist thanks to there samples ;) Wu tang 4 Ever

  24. MLOEntertainment1

    Damn! What more can I say...

  25. Mic Dooleys

    Wow this is sick /m/

  26. BigMoist

    This is one of the best songs, by one of the best artists of all hip-hop's existence.

  27. JBirdRollin

    Gza rhymes too sick. Rivals anyone

  28. Mario Linton

    this is hip hop in its purest form!!

    Dave Cegs

    GZA always had the illest shit! Crap they play today is garbage!

    Ramiro Lopez

    The best ever

    Ramiro Lopez

    This is so hard and BRILLIANT

  29. Zoid

    The death

  30. mon3ybagz

    didnt someone else use this sample before this track,? Nas I think... anyone know?


    HNIC - Prodigy


    @Odanfilien  tru,.. i knew it was a queens M.C. P killed this track


    +Odanfilien Jay "Waxx" Garfield (The producer of this song) and Ez Elpee (The producer of HNIC.), both Bad Boy Hitmen traded ideas and samples. Both are great producers!!! I like there collaboration on the song "Commission" off of Shyne's self titled album and also "Quarrels" off of Amil's debut album.

  31. Spiderman

    word cuz

  32. combined sun

    rap's hobo

  33. Tom Curran

    one of the best rap songs ever and not even 2000 views, everyones been brainwashed by the likes of drake and lil wayne

  34. Rida4lif3az

    ITS UP TO US TO MAKE THE VIEWS EXPLODE TELL THESE IGNORANT MAIN STREAM LISTENERS TO WAKE UP!!!then maybe we will see more geniuses come out of wood work!!!1,563 SMH wow

  35. Rida4lif3az


  36. Star Jones

    Only 1466 views....SMH....what happened to the music industry.

  37. plunntic

    one of my favourite

  38. Michael J

    damir- is the full album coming soon? thanks for the uploads.