GZA - Amplified Sample Lyrics

The amplified sample, will trample, the leading cancel
That vacate your vessel
Guide this, strenuous as an arm wrestle
Move swift as light, a thousand years in one night
Then flight with insight
Everything I thought of, I saw it happen
Then I rose from the soil to sun blacken
Then came rao czars, left tracks and scarred
A pair of brightness of exploding stars
Gave me goods to taste
No ingredients to traced
And remained stuffed trying to figure the shape of space
No edge or boundary, released 2 rounds or 3
Intimidate my razor scrape, phony clown MC
The physical shatter from the blast
Pierclastic flow sets of a tower of ash
Through ignorance and misplaced trust your world's crushed
Too late to activate hyperspace of thrust
Even wearing camoflauge the analog at war
He seen his high beems
The father came in accompianed by deadly rain and when
Mentally indowed when lighting hit the crowd
The warm side crushed the barrier
The storm side destroyed your area

The amplified sample, will trample, the leading cancel
That vacate your vessel

The amplified sample, the amplified sample, the amplified sample
Will trample

The amplified sample, will trample, the leading cancel
That vacate your vessel

The amplified, the amplified sample

The amplified sample, the amplified

The amplified sample, will trample, the leading cancel

The amplified

The amplified sample, will trample, the leading cancel

The amplified, the amplified

The amplified sample [fade out]

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GZA Amplified Sample Comments
  1. Adventures in New Hampshire


  2. charisGR

    classic dope new york beat

  3. Joseph Blanchard

    Man Mathematics made some classics back in the days AND STILL makes some REALLY DOPE beats all the way to right now in 2019 as well tho too

  4. PURGE2 {u}NITE

    Pure lyrical facts👐

  5. Jose Ponce

    If I came out on the ring one time I’d bump this as my entrance song..

  6. chad fulghum

    Best album cover of all time.

  7. User

    Stop listening to this version listen to this hd version https://youtu.be/P7qV0SOa58k

  8. Dan Cooper

    Pyroclastic flow

  9. Omegah TV

    "A thousand years, one night." THAT ONE QUOTE ALWAYS GRABBED ME. Notice the spiritual/biblical lyrics. It's quoted MORE THAN ONCE in The Bible that one day with God is like a thousand years. THESE are the type of lyrics that DIRECTLY connect The Sunz Of Man and Killarmy to The Wu Tang Clan, mostly Hell, now Heaven Razah and Killah Priest who spit these spiritual lyrics on the reg, even if it's just a small lyric or verse that pertain to spirituality. THIS is what sets them apart from all the "now" rappers of today or the past, and present, who (present day rappers) just glorify the fact that most of them are hooked, or fiends to lean, and pills....... peace to everyone under The Wu umbrella.

    George Troxel

    Well said, I feel your sentiments.

    Grant Thomas

    Omegah TV WU is a culture, WU isn't Hip Hop or rap.WU is a CULTURE

    Tyrell SHELVIN

    GZA hides a lot of biblical references in his rhymes, GENIUS

  10. Wattawalkka

    The shape of space is easy my friend, it is that of a lung breathing...

  11. Seanziemoto 高速

    Does Mathematics have any beat tapes anywhere?

    Bocephus Pimp Hand

    Check out tools song lateralus. The Fibonacci sequence is all through that song

  12. Tuki Fuentes

    La muestra amplificada, pisoteará, la principal cancelará
    Que desocupe su buque
    Guía esto, extenuante como una lucha de brazo
    Mueva rápido como la luz, mil años en una noche
    Entonces vuelo con visión
    Todo en lo que pensé, lo vi suceder
    Luego me levanté del suelo para broncear el sol
    Luego vinieron rao czars, huellas dejadas y cicatrizadas
    Un par de brillo de estrellas en explosión
    Me dio productos a gusto
    Sin ingredientes rastreados
    Y permaneció disecado tratando de imaginar la forma del espacio
    Sin borde ni límite, lanzado 2 rondas o 3
    Intimidar mi arañazo de afeitar, payaso falso MC
    El destrozo físico de la explosión
    Conjuntos de flujo Pierclastic de una torre de ceniza
    A través de la ignorancia y la confianza fuera de lugar, tu mundo está aplastado
    Demasiado tarde para activar el hiperespacio de empuje
    Incluso usando camoflauge el análogo en guerra
    Él vio sus altos beems
    El padre vino acompañado por una lluvia mortal y cuando
    Mentalmente oscurecido cuando la iluminación golpea a la multitud
    El lado cálido aplastó la barrera
    El lado de la tormenta destruyó tu área

    La muestra amplificada, pisoteará, la principal cancelará
    Que desocupe su buque

    La muestra amplificada, la muestra amplificada, la muestra amplificada
    Will pisotear

    La muestra amplificada, pisoteará, la principal cancelará
    Que desocupe su buque

    La amplificada, la muestra amplificada

    La muestra amplificada, amplificada

    La muestra amplificada, pisoteará, la principal cancelará

    El amplificado

    La muestra amplificada, pisoteará, la principal cancelará

    El amplificado, el amplificado

    La muestra amplificada (fundido de salida)

  13. Ricardo Ramirez

    "everything I thought of I saw it happen"

  14. tetraskillz

    good old times

  15. Leroy Taylor

    GZA had to repeat the first verse again for alot of today's second hand emcees to understand.

  16. Kevo Starks

    This is just Beautiful.....too dope

  17. dmcintosh85

    It's a shame that currently most hip-hop doesn't even compare to the classics...This song goes with the album art..in my opinion..This is an example of timeless music..


    dmcintosh85 I totally agree the whole album goes with the cover art 💯

  18. Oddball Skull

    you know..after listening to damn near all their works I gotta say there's something about the gza that's just like yo its one thing to rap a smooth as him but to be as smart too this fool is becoming my fav member

  19. David Mostovoy

    Sounds fresh... as if it was made yesterday

  20. benHoda'ah Shedar'

    " a thousand years ; one night"

    George Troxel

    "Enlight with insight".

  21. 77figures

    top 5 lyrical MC easy!!

    Adam Gordon

    77figures * top 3 in my opinion bro.. GZA is really a genius.

  22. tony Henderson

    real talk show them how to walk the walk

  23. Asasel

    Best Rap!!!Wutang.

  24. WWAR TV

    YO,OOOH,..It's like..why is this so relevant? Anybody with children ""NEEDS"" to feed your babies that dose of WUTANG,everyday !! It's like, 100 grams of PROTEIN, needed on a daily average. The children need some "WU" in their systems to grow properly. If they don't like it at first,just slip it to them in their lil juice ,they'll be "LOVING IT ",sooner or later 👐

  25. WWAR TV


  26. BIGD_OSpinner

    one of my all-time fav joints... ever...

  27. nandoajv

    yes indeed better than all these albums

  28. agentorangexxx

    there's a version of this song that plays completely distorted when I run it through my old school tuner . anybody out there familiar with this

  29. Mansa Musa

    The name of the song better than 99 percent of today's albums.




    Marco yo this dude is a fucking monster on the mic


    Richie Grillo Truth

  31. Steve Zion

    Gza's Beneath The Surface is a *CLASSIC* *album*


    hell yeah one of my favorite albums

    George Troxel

    This and Liquid swords are both top 5

  32. questkid73

    GZA and Deck my favorite Wu emcees!

    Aima Sinak

    what about mef?


    Richie Grillo assassination day


    Deck in my opinion is 4 or 5th greatest all time. Way overlooked.

    George Troxel

    Mef is dope, but his lyrics are not as deep as GZA Deck or even Killa, his grimey style is sick as fuck though.

    Lin kuei warrior kamaal

    My favorite members of the wu are the gza,ghostface killah,raekwon & method man

  33. vondior

    wish Gza made more music, but onto the next chpt


    @Jon Evans Ghostface Killah begs to differ

    George Troxel

    Liquid swords, beneath the surface, legend of the liquid swords, pro tools. I may have missed a couple,but in case you haven't heard any of these jewels, they're all great albums

    Marv Aff

    @George Troxel Grandmasters too

    George Troxel

    @Marv Aff yeah with Muggs, great album can't believe I forgot it