GZA - 7 Pounds (Remix) Lyrics

Speaking of this art form, The slang is dangerous
Emcees are like sperm cells, A gang of us
Fighting to reach the egg, Biting and lose a leg
Odds are like one in ten million to pin thread
One from a thousand speaks in his own voice
The other nine ninety-nine imitates without choice
They never even knowing it, Until the going gets rough
You see the amplified sample I'm throwing with
I grab the microphone, The unthinkable happens
See the rockets red glare like the guns are clapping
They still cage matching emcees that's scrapping
Not the UFC but my opponent is tapping
So don't let a little bit of fear turn to hatred
I was sent as a savior to revive what was sacred
Also stop this uncalled for behavior
And sipping back cats, They lact taste and flavor

[Bronze Nazareth]
Point blank, Your sermon gone, Point shanks and bank
Anoint the next Vernon Johns in an African tank
My laughter is blank, Capture actors with shanks
Bleak Mac Truck wrecks when my brain acid rain
Most emcees refrain, I'm derived from urban potion
The clan I run with equip with lightning swift motion
Tongue be the sword that can slap the ocean
Killa Bee invade Detroit plus the axe we holding
Thought fabric woven, Keep the thought for food cozy
Clover's Point, Poison line, King of rolling coins
I saw seven mountains before you focus on the point
Extortion I'll exploit, Abortion of your plans
Wiseman atomically unstable, You shook a metal hand
I expand minds in my rhyme line for line
Time is mine like my Queen gave birth to minute
Society menace rap, The sky and Earth is mirrors
The infinite reflection is how long I'mma reign
Still underground like how Lincoln really aint free the slaves
Emcees flee in a rage instead of meet in a cage
Like a secret service gage made to spray kids who blaze
Equivalent to fences made to trap us in Government aid
Project walls built Fugee hype
A blizzard broke one down guided by CIA plane lights
X would of been Panther, Novocain grammar
Quoted in an open window, Winter nights in the slammer
Bleed between the lines, Rhymes are my journal
Burn thermal, Turn vicious speed of light switches
Write picture, Unveil jail bonds and sharp scriptures

No time for backwards thinking, Let's think ahead
If you want to sleep when you awake then make your bed
A lot of Emcees came to see me on referrals
Not even knowing that they would undergo great parrels
These cutting edge methods from the most specialized
Craftsman, The last minute before the dust'll fly
The lord of the art strikes a chord in your heart
Your ear love to hear the God ripping tracks apart
Me to hip hop is like Einstein to science
A match made in heaven, Most likely an alliance
Complex individual that you dream of being
Intellectual challenging, The all eye seeing
Got a appetite for heat, So then come and bite the beat
And digest the rest and don't stress the part you couldn't eat

[Chorus: GZA]
I got word from the wise to let it drop
Set this on fire, Take aim then let it pop
Because regardless to whom or what, Leaving your door shut
Giving em straight raw, Your bringing them more cut
Like Bolivian rock, Your watered down hip hop
Raps so out of shape and far from tip top
Pearls next to pebbles, Spoons against shovels
Dictators next to rebels, And Gods against devils

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GZA 7 Pounds (Remix) Comments
  1. McCauley Sexton

    This album is classic , mad underrated.

  2. foxking39

    Black Milk can make the simplest beat and have it still be smooth as fuck.

  3. Speedi novelli

    Pearls next to pebbles
    Spoons against shovels
    Dictators next to rebels
    and Gods against devils!

    Jennette Keleise

    Pearls next to pebbles
    Tombs against shovels
    Dictator next to rebels and gods against devils

    Speedi novelli

    shit your right....my bad

  4. Barry Jordan

    Black milk on the beat

  5. Dumza Dizzy

    Got word from the wise to let it drop 
    Set this on fire, take aim and let it pop 
    Because, regardless to whom or what 
    even with doors shut 
    I'm givin' 'em straight raw you're bringin' 'em more cut 
    Like Bolivian rock, your watered down hip hop 
    Rap so outta shape and far from tip-top 
    Pearls next to pebbles 
    Spoons against shovels 
    Dictators next to rebels and 
    Gods against Devils. 

    POWER!!! ONE of my all time favourites... POWER!!!

    Omar W.

    Like millennium rock, you're watered down hip-hop

  6. lifestraight

    Best track

  7. Taylor Goddard

    5,000 views really should have millions

    hardcore boom bap

    Simple minds like simple music gza goes over a lot of hip hop fans head u kneed to listen 2 his songs/albums a few times n u keep finding a clever methapor or some sick wordplay n i dont think he curses much on pro tools if at all!!

  8. BYZE

    oh baby

  9. Krusher Kronkite

    peace to the god for one of my all time favorites. the god build so deep on this one that they don't understand the power of mathematics.

  10. acromyth

    How does this not have more views. Fucking amazing.


    Any 1 know the intro?

  12. BrainMJudge

    Слава Богу - Рэп ещё жив!

  13. sky

    1k views.. FUCK THIS WORLD........

  14. SDS Overfiend

    Found this Gem by accident.. Gza never Let ME down.

  15. noswineplease 777

    Gods against devils

  16. TheAntmanSlam

    Badass song. The Genius has done it again.
    I wouldn't mind hearing Inspectah Deck spit a few verses on this track.