Gyptian - Mark My Word Lyrics

Mark my word
Never bruk mi pocket
Never meck them draw mi out
Mark my word
Si nough a them a profit
But nough a them a teach false words

Mark my word
Never bruk mi pocket
Never meck them draw mi out
Seh mark my word
Them no waan fi hear these words

[Verse 1:]
Some a them seh dan
But them end up turn danna man
Some a them a buss
No them end up turn the busstud
Talking bout speak the truth
You talking bout the preachers
Them need to teach them own self to be loyal
You must never judge and never you be judgmental
The way the things right now hard
Them getting critical
Check out when nough have the situation
Yo can't even blame a woman if shi turn to prostitution


[Verse 2:]
Think positive with positivity
Prosperity being forth longevity
No meck them draw you out with negativity
Be a man wid ambition
Show them who a the real and who a the chosen one
No bother meck them join no bangawrong
Because some a them come wid only confusion

Yea, from the gutter
You never stutter
Mi si the top so mi haffi go fa
From mi tell mi mama from long, long, time
Like a star every ghetto youth shine


[Verse 1]


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Gyptian Mark My Word Comments
  1. Marie Lawrence

    No no mark my word bless up Gyptian yes yes

  2. artybeileprod

    lourd !!! big up mad respect !!!