Gyptian - Is There A Place Lyrics

[Verse 1]
What a policy?
Me turn on de Tv
Da first ting is crime beats me
What a controversy
Kathrine a breed fi boy
And now him say a dat a no fi him baby
What a piece a shame
De economy gawn down de drain
Dem say de poor one is to be blame
What a piece a sign
De yutes dem musse lose their mind
Police murder seven one time

But is there a plaaaace
Where I can find true love for life
Is there a tiiime
Where I can find true love that is divine
Is there a plaaace
Where I can find true love for life
Is there a place? Is there a time?
I've been lookin all of my life

[Verse 2]
So ghetto yutes jus live up
And dont you give up
I kno we can make it in life
Just be focused,
Don't be obnoxious
Dats not a righteous road of life
Ghetto yutes jus live up
And don't you give up
I kno we can make it in life
Jus be focused,
Don't be obnoxious
Dats not a righteous road of life


[Verse 3]
I see my people fightin
My people do the right ting
De almighty is watchin watchin woi
Do let dem cum a leap and sing
See my people fightin
My people do the right ting
Mind Jah lick u wid lightnin lightnin
No ideas to cum into a sin


[Repeat Verse 1]

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    GYPTIAN at this time was Greater than ever and now

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    Youth u ruff nah lie high expectations the road have for u cuz songs like this show u have a special place ina music just keep it strong don't stray away from u message u been sending when u did a run road look pan shane o humbleness and drive

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    Noortje Metjo seasons

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    the riddim is call Season Riddim

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    seasons riddim

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