Gym Class Heroes - Peace Sign / Index Down Lyrics

Gym Class Heroes
Cool and Dre (this is)
You silly for this one
It's Travie (why you doin this to me)

I started rappin back in the class
Scribbling tracks
In hopes that one of my jokes
Would have the pretty young things laughin
The chubby little bastard
With a nack for little debbies snacks
But what I lacked in looks
I made up for it in passion
No advance and plus we make it happen
Your conscience more obnoxious
Then that laughy Taffy snappin
Goodbye yesterdays rags
Hello high fashion
Hands before you's a man
That built a castle with sand
With no regards for tidelwaves
And finally established
Til the water comes in gallon drums
And wipes away my palace
But now I'm sittin lovely off
In wonderland with Alice
With purple people passin me
At the catapillar's chalice
Ha ha, you probably thinking
I'm wrong right?
Like I should quit
Writing these songs right?
Tell you what do it better
I just might
Take it back to 86
You wanna lick, sike!

Don't let the TV mislead you
Me and you dude we are not equal
Fuck you this is for my people
Fuck you this is for my people
Don't try to hide like I can't see you
Your parents must've been trans
And so see through
Fuck you this is for my people
Fuck you this is for my people
Put up your peace sign, put your index down
Put up your peace sign, put your index down
Put up your peace sign, put your index down
Put up your peace sign, put your index down

[Busta Rhymes]
Before I utter words
And before I start to begin
Let me make sure you clear
I'm about securing the wind
I puzzle up my words
While I piece another concoction
Cause I'm stubborn with the thought
That failure was never an option
I grinds like a carpenter
Until my caleceous's bleed
With the passion from my heart
To the many mouths that I feed
That's why I look at most of you
Stupid I know it's odd
Because you can't really do
Nuttin to me unless you GOD
But bein that none of you aint him
You can't fuck with me
Now watch me erase them
Now trust me see I'm so determined
I'm walkin through the heap of gauntlets
While the fire is burnin
Or how the tires
Turning on the rim of the V
I laugh and shake it off
The shit they be doin to me
Wit all the yappin and talking
And so and so think
That you can ever stop the kid

So if you get in my way you know yer done son
You best believe what I say you better run son
Fuck you because I do this for my loved ones
Fuck you because I do this for my loved ones
You better kneel down
And pray cause where I come from
We goin hard everyday that's how the fights won
Fuck you because I do this for my loved ones
Fuck you because I do this for my loved ones
Put up the peace sign, put the index down
Put up the peace sign, put the index down
Put up the peace sign, put the index down
Put up the peace sign, put the index down

Look mom no hands (no hands)
Yer little boys a man (goddamn)
Everything you said is finally settin in
Trainin wheels fell off and I kept peddling
Now I'm ridin wheelies on this industry
Say the word I'll ghostride
This bitch instantly
Good lookin pop on the strength that you givin me
Wasn't for you Gym Class would be history
I'm on my upstate shit
I Was Brooklyn broke but now I'm upstate rich
Gettin brains from two dames with French accents
Now I mess with local chicks
I get em upstate shit
You prob thinking I'm wrong right?
Like I should quit writtin these songs right?
Tell you what do it better I just might
Take it back to 86 you want a lick, sike!

Now it's a lot of yall that can't stand me
Cause my resembelance to prince is uncanny
But fuck you this is for my family
Fuck you this is for my family
Upstate new york to Miami
Up late recording in my jammies
I do it for my family
Fuck you this is for my family
Put up your peace sign, put your index down
Put up your peace sign, put your index down
Put up your peace sign, put your index down
Put up your peace sign, put your index down

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Gym Class Heroes Peace Sign / Index Down Comments
  1. Andrew Caudill

    The chorus in this song is powerful, Busta is just phenomenal in this song too.

  2. cristian lozano

    I totally forgot busta rhymes was on this, it’s been like 10 years since I last heard this song

  3. SAD4N-HUSS3IN ____

    Que saudades da minha adolescência ♥️

  4. Atalante Aini

    Freaking hell! Been years since they popped into my head but ohman.. I miss the hell out of Travie and GCH... come back to us!💕

  5. Eagles Fanatic

    2019 anyone still listening ?

  6. 88 GALAXY

    Tyga should bring him to life

  7. 88 GALAXY

    2009 MTV vibes😭

  8. yuri izarra

    we needed more Gym class heroes :(

  9. Kia Johnson

    This will always bang.


    Its 2019 im in my bed on hulu watching futurama, draking over my ex and trying to decipher hers and i psychology while also thinking back to everything thats happened in my life so far as a 20 year old, near death experiences, surviving substance abuse issues, friends dying from drug over doses, friends incarcerated, my self being institutionalized and all the high drunk nights doing dangerous things in nyc then for some weird reason the hook to this song pops up in my head right after i stopped thinking about fucking this one girl on a rooftop a couple years back and boom i search it up on youtube with out knowing the songs name then boom again as soon as i click the video a bike passing by outside rings its bell twice as if to signal something that has already occurred and boom now im writing about exactly whats happened in the youtube comment section, ive survived everything just to listen to a song i havent heard since my innocence and in a nice comfy bed in an apt i rented out after i left the streets, moral of the story ive never changed from that kid i was, i just got into so much fucked up shit that has made me built with more character, my soul has stayed golden as it latches on to memories of who i became, who iwas and who i am now, its not where youre at kid its where youre from; #staystrong #staygold

  11. Matty Khiangte

    2019 still

  12. Lucas C.R.F


  13. Mohd Nur Khaizahim

    are they still active now?

  14. **Grif One**

    This track is truly great. The reason why it didn’t blow up: the message is too positive, too inspirational. In today society, tracks like this are discouraged as a contrary agenda is pushed

  15. Ian Michaels

    Gym Class Heroes was amazing. This shit brings me back! Love it still.

  16. ValTheGamer

    ''Gym Class would be history'' damn good lyric

  17. Kayla’s Korner

    3:26 TYGA, ITS T-RAW

  18. Martin Moncayo

    Does anyone knows which brand are travie's glasses?

    **Grif One**

    Martin Moncayo most probably ‘Cazal’

  19. リンカーンΔίηΞΦλη

    *_Gym class heroes_*

    _muito bom o som!!!!!_

  20. Valber dos Santos

    Bons tempos de MTV Brasil.

  21. Kristy greeneyes!

    hey Travis you never get old💯

  22. Adviel Lopez

    Is Tracy Morgan rapping? Lol


    who else's favorite part was "fuck you this for my people"

  24. Captain Hazama

    1:47 - 2:01 is undertale's genocide run in a nutshell

  25. Ye Yu

    3999999999993 bossy Pipeline sinnstiftender saß star Arbeit Rolle Serie ertragen ok derzeit fluch 970

  26. theb0ywhocouldfly

    Still surprised Tyga got more popularity than GCH

    Valkyrie of the West

    theb0ywhocouldfly the only reason he even had a chance was because he was travies cousin

  27. GnomeWrecker

    Songs censored, lyrics aren't 🙄

  28. AMCW


  29. James Johnson

    Look at Tyga tho! FYI I know that Trav and Tyga are cousins btw

  30. Vampire Queen

    yes everyone that was tyga, travie's cousin but did anyone notice Nick cannon? lol

    Boma Muaka

    Lilly Munster where? Lol

  31. Darwin Licto

    2017 whoooooooooooa¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  32. D.E.X.

    1:05 Tyga

  33. justin williams

    This song was mad clean. I don't know how this didn't pop off the way it should have.

  34. Meilia Srigati Arumsari

    Tiny Tyga

  35. Daniel Sproul

    1st like

  36. Yago Deluvio


  37. Thiago TD

    boas lembranças esse vídeo

  38. Malcolm Benjamin

    Still one of my favorite songs

  39. Nevin Samaraweera

    1:06 is that tyga 😂


    tyga and travie are related.

  40. Joel Morris


    Leonard Cahill

    they are related I think I heard somewhere

    Malcolm Benjamin

    Their cousins

  41. Sharman Andy

    underrated song

  42. Vick V.

    Look at bustas Mouth for the entire song !

  43. Mr. Unknown333

    i really love travie's expressions !! :D

  44. Valayar Checkpost

    I really dont understand why gym class arent nearly as popular as g unit was.....


    @PhantomKing88 yes, because his insecure 13 year old mind was able to comprehend a good role model just like all the other fans that turned into goons


    Don't blame a rap group for your friend's young stupidity.


    I am blaming them for causing an entire generation of their fans going into "stupidity" due to that music, little kids take shit to heart when they hear an older person say it, its basically a bunch of dumbasses trying to brag about how badass they are half the time becuase of how many bad things they do, a good chunk of their fans began to think true happiness lies within criminalized freedom.


    Parental Advisory. Its not for kids. Never was. That's the parent's fault. Not the artist. People need to take responsibility for one's own actions. They never said they were role models. They aren't the god damn Wiggles.

    Isabel metro

    the channel with 5 million subscribers and 4 million views is underrated? ?

  45. hhh g

    Trav is so cute lol

  46. Jaydon Hobin


  47. alonso fernandez

    alguien sabe cuales son esos lentes?, los transparentes se ven full style me gustaria conseguirlos... plssss!

  48. Shola McDonald

    I love a guy that looks after his teeth 😊

  49. Kerri Downs

    he is perfect 😫😍

  50. Ben Starzec

    Is it bad i just realized what happens if you put a peace sign up and your index down?

  51. Руслан Колмаков

    What kind of track in backing tracks during the chorus?

    Руслан Колмаков

    @Rontae Landry спасибо! I 'am hope you

  52. Nessa Dot

    is that tyga when he was young

    Emmanuel Asumang

    Apparently he's Travie McCoy's cousin

    Alex Quinn

    +Emmanuel Asumang How unfortunate for Travie.

    marcel chalobah

    Alex Quinn 😂😂😂savage

  53. Mute The Messiah

    Why is Trav holding a toothbrush?

    Gustavo Meza

    @Mute The Messiah It's his "thing" been doing it since his first video

  54. KovuTheKid

    Gym Class needs to drop new music...

    Mute The Messiah

    Travie just dropped a song with sia


    new album on the way

    Mohd Nur Khaizahim

    @Stormwing really?


    @Mohd Nur Khaizahim thats what they said in September at their concert and theres a tour coming

    Mohd Nur Khaizahim

    @Stormwing noicee

  55. Water

    Peace sing up index finger down GO GYM CLASS HEROS

  56. Araksi Rezaieasli

    I can change my comments around, I can say words then take them back but you can  never take back what you said too me and what you posted of me in that song/queen


    I said no to what you said before

    Araksi Rezaieasli

    i hate murderers


    Me too?.. This got weird..

    Araksi Rezaieasli

    the queen from the song"the queen and i-gym class heroes" is screaming for help.!!!!


    @Araksi Rezaieasli and you aren't?

  57. boynatey44

    is that nick cannon

  58. Tyquana Wilson

    oooohhhhh Travie!! ;)

  59. Valeria Ochoa

    missing theseeeeeeeeeeeeee guys

    Omar Elizarrarás

    @Valeria Ochoa but with these songs... the last songs not....

  60. Kristy Mahon

    love this song!!! its the shit!!! travie you a stunner love ya!!!!!;)

  61. Weebo wobbo

    Busta fin rhymes yes!

  62. adungandungan

    Yes to everyone wondering about tyga, you did see him. He's travie's cousin or some craps, do you not remember how he helped Tyga get famous then Young Money picked him up

  63. Mike Oxbig

    disabled ratings means that people must not have taken too well to this

  64. Aisha Weller

    The best song 

  65. Seth Beverage

    Did I see tyga?

    Yaravi Estrada

    yeah, travie & tyga are cousins

  66. Herculano Amorim

    muito boa essa musica é show

  67. Ana C VF

    Why he always have a tooth brush? Waat? :p

  68. johnthething

    anyone knows a song that its music video looks like this? im trying to remember a song.

    my name's blurryface

    is that sarcasm ?

    Trey R.

    Bad Meets Evil - Fast Lane?

  69. bobby mathers

    tyga is in this video i just saw him

  70. Sophie RIOTrevenge

    I love gch

  71. MisterFrosty77

    This song is dope!

  72. Imma Bee

    SO COOL ^_____^v

  73. Rykal H


  74. mahmoud mosad

    Everybody has the priceless gift to get ripped--but very few actually use it. Go and Google Morsch Muscle Madness and discover how to utilize your gift.

  75. Sarah Maier

    You guys are new to internet, i guess... It was uploaded in 2008, since then Youtube has increased their video quality standard so all the old videos stay in low quality. In 2008 the quality of this video was fine.

  76. Daisy Waisy

    damn travis is so damn fine

  77. MrSavaqe47

    Tyga before money and fame

  78. Greg Rog

    It's the best quality i can get without my internet lagging. I guess i just got used to 360p, thats why 480 feels like heaven to me.


    480 isnt good at all lol

  80. Chiaretta Occhidisole

    perche' sono state disativate le votazioni in questo video?

  81. NY UrbanTimez

    A big track by the gym class hero's S/O`s

  82. Elijah Bottomley

    did i see that fuckin' poser puff daddy again??!!

  83. Greg Rog

    It isn't about the quality of the view but about the quality of the sound. Besides, if you change quality to 480 it isn't bad.

  84. Manuel Nava

    What's up withthe toothbrush? i've seen it like in 5 videos of them

  85. Priscilla M


  86. pMbLoNxx

    I was looking for a good music and I found GCH!! MVP dude! *.*

  87. Pharoh DRE

    it looks like shit the quality is terrible it the camcorder used in this was either cheap or broken or just plain on suck probably all three

  88. kaspars kaminskis

    Pause 1:35 :D

  89. kaspars kaminskis


  90. TastyDiarrhea

    Young Tyga

  91. Pharoh DRE

    fucking horrible

  92. Virgy Arca

    quality of this holy crap!!!

  93. Pharoh DRE

    is it me or is the quality of this video jus sucky ass

  94. RiouTV

    TYGA haha young <3