Gym Class Heroes - Live A Little Lyrics

Can you feel the urgency?
Like a needle pulling out
Can you feel the urgency?

Pulses of anxiety
We're just faces in the crowd
Pulses of anxiety.

Are these the lies that we've been taught to believe?
Are these the lives that we have opted to lead?
Uh oh, uh oh

Staring at the clock
I hear each tick and tock
And they whisper that I lost the race,
But I won't fucking stop

I'll hold you by my side
I need you here tonight
Cause' if we're gonna' lose this thing
Then we're goin' out in style.

Time will replace reality
Now we are peaking through the hours
Time will replace reality.

So I grasp for sanity
I refuse to be devoured
So I grasp for sanity.

Are these the lies that were taught to believe?
Are these the lives we have opted to lead?
Uh oh, uh oh.

Staring at the clock
I hear each tick and tock
And they whisper that I lost the race,
But I won't fucking stop.

I'll hold you by my side
I need you here to fight
Cause' if we're gonna' lose this thing
Then we're goin' out in style. [x3]

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Gym Class Heroes Live A Little Comments
  1. Astro Asia

    Still listening in 2020 ✨✨✨✨✨

  2. Joe V

    Man time flies... 2020 already!?

  3. Ivo Williams


  4. jordon porter

    I miss these guys

  5. ra ulow

    release this on spotify please!!

  6. Michael Loves Pizza

    It's 2019. And I still jam to this amazing track by one of my favourite groups ever. I hope they come back and put out a studio album. Miss the days of Papercut Chronicles. Golden Good ol days for Music. ❤️🎶

  7. The Derp

    Cause if we're gonna lose this thing we're going out in style

  8. The Derp

    Are these the lies that we have been taught to believe?
    Are these the lies that we are about to delete?

  9. A R P I T

    This is the type of music that should be nailing the charts 😔

  10. Anthony Afrifa-Kyei


  11. Melvin Tejera

    Classic GCH forever!!!

  12. Tiffany Montana


  13. Maggie Alfonso

    I'll hold you by my side.
    I need you here tonight.

    I felt that 😔

  14. aizat

    why is this not on Spotify

  15. Maggie Alfonso

    2019 please don't let this die 😭

  16. Muhammad Ryiandika

    2019 and still watch and listen this fuckin good song

  17. Killswitch Aparicio

    Kids these days will never know this kind of joy. My generation gets this.

  18. JohnnyBlazze

    This song really does deserve more likes, still here in 2019. Jammin 🤘

  19. Kalyce Scott

    Who still here in 2019 :)))
    (2020 noww)

  20. Sujay Rittikar

    I want GCH back in music. :(

  21. t4r0 50

    awesome music

  22. ちゃんかわい


  23. Loudness Junior

    The. Best. Song. Of. Gym. Class. Heroes

  24. Messi Iverson

    2018 ....

    corey beshirs

    Ye ye bubba

  25. Fesme Ldr68

    I miss them😭

  26. Daniel Rankin

    My homie from NY, been on a couple of shows with them in Cleveland, cool ass dudes!

  27. Morning Coffee

    I didn't know this song had a video lol now I love it even more

  28. Rafael Colmenarez

    R.I.P This band

  29. Sam B

    Wow suddenly I really like Gym Class Heroes. I didn't know Travie and Disashi had such nice voices

  30. missmishy522

    This one! 😢

  31. Raphial Lee

    i thonk disashi is a better singer

  32. carlos

    The microphone is disconnected hahahaha

  33. Leonardo ito sousa

    ele é louco dahora entusiamo do travie mccoy

  34. Ryan Martino

    Disashi use to have some solo stuff on his old my space and this was one of the songs plus some other I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM and wish I could find them again :(

    Trey R.

    ryen mertino He still makes solo work! You can find it on Twitter

    Disashi Soul

    You can find the entire Midnight Society EP online here at thanks for the support !


    @Disashi Soul I love you dude

  35. dotfortune

    Shoutouts to UCI's Shocktoberfest #zotzot

  36. CarlJohnson

    is that jon bones jones?

  37. Fesme Ldr68

    Los extraño😭😭😭😭

  38. JOTA

    David Guetta on the drums! \o/ This music <3

  39. elif


  40. elif


  41. elif


  42. Paige Flowers


  43. Hyrulien

    Disashi has such an amazing voice!! #1eaSBHD2ssA

  44. Keri Fields

    Favorite GCH song!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  45. אישראלה טאיי

    love them 😍😍😎😍😍😍😍😍


    Una de mis canciones favoritas :)

  47. Disashi Soul

    Some of the lyrics in the description above are a lil' off. Sooo... here are the right ones.

    Rock On,

    1. * "Doses of anxiety"
    2. * "And they whisper that I’ve lost the race"
    3. * "Time replaced reality"

    Disashi Soul

    Instagram: @DisashiSoul

    Sam B

    Hey man, you're a really talented guitar player and you've got a wicked voice. I look up to you.

    Disashi Soul

    Thanks so much, that means a lot to me!


    Disashi Soul For the kids is one of the best blends of funk, jazz and live hip hop I have ever heard in my life. Top 10 album of my archive

    Brandy Bluejay Mcclarnon

    @LuxiusVT im thinking about sharing the meaning of the lyrics because I know the meaning :-)

  48. Drew Tuá

    My favorite GCH song <3

  49. Manitra Andria

    my favorite song only have 2M views... i'm sad about it

    Brandy Bluejay Mcclarnon

    Disashi posted First on his own page.. and it had over 2 million views then the "Powers that be" deleted it and reposted it here ... fyi.

  50. pop seis

    damn i wish i couldve seen this live but i was 11

  51. Ashton Keenan

    Disashi has such an amazing voice!!

  52. Vasiliy Vetlugin

    If there is anyone tabs bass on this song please send me

  53. Filipe Aranha

    Bons tempos :D musica boa demais.


    +Filipe Aranha Bons d+ sahusah

    Leonardo ito sousa

    pesado esse som ne mano kskskssksk

  54. MajciaxD COM

    ömintu ,,anglish''twiä miuzïka mne zwiala ze nõgi

    piozdriwa Mezia

  55. Precious O’Brien

    My Favorite Band EVER!!!!

    Trey R.


  56. Julian_MG

    I love this song

  57. 8BitTitt

    I can't stop listening to this song!!!!!!!!

  58. Hashim Halstead

    Apparently 5 years ago when this video came out I didn't notice that Disashi's mic isn't plugged in for multiple shots, lol

    Max Klasson

    Oh shit, how could I miss this -.-'

    Joseph Celio Arellano

    When? I didn't

    Xander Clemons

    As I read this comment and went back up to the video, I saw it


    @Hashim Halstead yea i cant find it

  59. TeddyWest Geass

    I really wish Travie could do this live. Because I LOVE how he sounds in this.

    Rapha Falcao

    @Miles King That's because Travie doesn't sing in this song, its the Guitarist Disashi

    TeddyWest Geass

    @RaphaFalc They BOTH do. Can you really not hear Travie's voice in the first part of each verse? If his actual voice isn't a give away, he sings it in the video too. I could also link you to live performances where Travie is singing the same parts as he does in the song... etc.

    Look it up if you care that much.

    Kurt Witte

    @RaphaFalc you can clearly hear Travie in most parts.

    Anti Novianti

    me too 😆

  60. Vertine Abhi

    forgot how much i loved this song

  61. Landy Burkland

    One of the best by Gym Class Heroes in my top 5 and my favorite band

  62. Name Here

    I always thought it said doses of anxiety

    Disashi Soul

    You're right it does, some of the lyrics in the description are off.

  63. Nate Lovellette

    I think I Brock the replay button

  64. Tas Hussein

    Why are they so underrated ):

    Kurt Witte

    I kno man... But unfortunately it's for all the songs in the radio... Mostly cupids chokehold

    Trey R.

    Kurt Witte Stereo Hearts, Billionaire, and Ass Back Home too. Maybe Clothes Off. That's bout it

    Joana Laguna

    That's what i say they are so good

  65. 86eppright

    Still the shit

  66. Faliana

    We need a guitar tab for this song !

  67. Melissa Manalang

    I just want to say that I love that this entire video was shot at UC IRVINE!!! Zot! Love GCH!

  68. Dantte Kai

    Wow out of all there new songs, THIS is the only one that doesn't suck. Money and "fame" can really destroy art...

  69. Scott Hammel

    I got the chance to talk to Disashi about this song a long time ago. It made the song even more powerful to me.

  70. Maysah Acosta

    they're in the description.

  71. Maria jose pinto

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the sooooooooong is perfect ! travieeeee <3

  72. Thanachot Nasawad

    : ) Like

  73. April Leon

    I'm still waiting the lyrics ._.

  74. Morgan Adderly

    love it

  75. Nowon Oficial

    3:20 someone plug that mic pls! ahahahha

  76. Lali Aguero

    im so into travie maccoy in this vid <3

  77. josip bartulović

    the only thing that makes me still have my haircut is travis and nick jonas go afro-american

  78. zonny santos

    top de mais!

  79. Sebastián Moreno


  80. Jamie O'Hare

    Why is Carlito in this video?

  81. Cece Brown

    they don't make any more music like this but this song is timeless 2 me

  82. Beatriz Silva

    this song is just amazing!

  83. Blazingguns00

    Pretty sure 2:40 he isnt playing what I'm hearing, but whichever is the real one, they both sound sick! :D

  84. tialicia

    2:30, ladies and gentleman: Sexual Chocolate

  85. shelbie simpson

    Never fails! Each time I hear this song, I fall in love with it over and over! D'shashi's solo = GOLD! And its just amazing. Kinda weird seeing Eric with short hair :P so used to his long locks now lol

  86. lilxlondanet

    Good song and great solo :D

  87. lazusiaa

    1:10 <3

  88. Anvar Bakyt

    Disashi and Travis favorite Gym Class Heroes

  89. Mac Tonight

    Disashi is my favorite Gym Class Hero

  90. InstaSnacks

    Disashi hm.... ok, my kid will be calles Disashe. BEST...NAME...EVAHR

  91. Ahmed Waheed

    i fucking love that song

  92. Morgan Adderly

    good song

  93. Andre Davis

    this is one of the greatest hands down!!!

  94. Dereck Dubois

    First heard this song roughly 2 and a half years ago and I still love the heck out of it!

  95. Stephen Bronson