Gym Class Heroes - Catch Me If You Can Lyrics

Let's go

Oh hey, Well I'll be damned
I've been around the world and back again
From Japan and Amsterdam,
With a ticket in my hand, singing
Catch me if you can, catch
Catch me if you can
Oh yeah, well I'll be damned
I've been around the world and back again
From Japan and Amsterdam,
With a ticket in my hand, singing
Catch me if you can, catch
Catch me if you can

What kind of fuckery has been required lately,
It seems like these MC's heads need deflating,
And I'm gonna play the pin cause I've been waiting,
Now make my mark on pop culture from my generation,
80s babies from the age of Nintendo,
Transformers, ninja turtles, hungry hippos,
GI joes, phot, can't forget the clothes
Kangaroos with the zipper had a couple those
Breaking into heavy spinning on my elbows,
Couldn't get out my shell toes if hell froze
R.I.P. JF, Jayazia, Jeraldine, Monique, Auntie Annie, Grandma Christine, Uncle Bobs, Mickey, Sharron and Tito.
You know I miss you more then Shaq miss free-throws, that's a lot
You put it back in the air, when the wee's [whistle] gone
Reminiscing bout when we were young, but now we've grown


C'mon you all
Let's talk about the scene for a minute,
I know we ain't been seen in a minute,
We left it for a minute now we all up in it
Baby boy if you've got them big dreams go and get it,
Never been the type with tight jeans, I wont fit it
When I see those scene girls, bet they all gonna get it
And I'm living clean
Now a lot of you all won't get it
Now it's mean but I don't give a damn if you all don't get it
So fresh and so clean in my new jean
While I'm laughing at the bacon, you're all crying a the clinic
I read a couple blogs and they had my ass livid
But now I've got my own to whirl, gotta live with it
Never played basketball, but I could show you how to dribble
Make your moves in that black hatch back Honda Civic
Like I did in high school, wishin' I could relive it
But I can't so let's go on, give the hook a revisit.


Maybe I'm wrong,
But after 26 years I feel I've payed my dues
So when you play this song,
Just know that I live my life the way I choose,
And now I stand here proudly in L.A.
At a sold out crowd
And when no one's around
I refuse, to be as inferior to you

[Chorus x2]

Oh hey
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha

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Gym Class Heroes Catch Me If You Can Comments
  1. Kamran Nuriyevv

    2019 baby😎 movie ''the last house on the left''

  2. Kry Kry Stott

    Last House on the Left brought me here good old 2000s 😍😍

  3. Anthony Niroshan

    The Last House On The Left brought me here!!!

  4. Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!

    Underrated tune...

  5. Batman The Dark Knight

    Sounds like outkasts Andre 3000s voice

  6. Pavel Pavel

    The Last House on the Left 2009

  7. DJ NOOB

    F.O.B verson is better

  8. Polly Bonanzas

    Travis is so annoying with that stupid laugh he forces in every song. Also, the FOB version was better, and it's only a demo.

  9. Ash Hansen

    This song reminds me of the good old days travelling the world with out a care... Great track.


    The Last House On The Left

  11. VIsubby

    I'm an 80's Baby \{•_•}/

  12. moseslxy

    Best catch me if you can song

  13. Sonica Phos

    I came here after watching the last house on the left...

    Buketşanal xx

    Sonica Phos YEPP

    A Dark Gothic Forest

    same, good ass movie.. i first seen it back in 2009 tho

    Kry Kry Stott

    @A Dark Gothic Forest same I was 9 and 10 in 2009

    A Dark Gothic Forest

    @Kry Kry Stott i was 19 lol

    Queen Jessica Paige

    Me too.

  14. bayu 321

    Last time i hear this song when im in high school,2009.,damn time flies dude

  15. Phoenix Dilemma Productions

    Patrick Stump alert at 3:56

    MJ Vicente

    I could hear him starting from 0:26 :)

    Phoenix Dilemma Productions

    Damn, you're good! Thanks haha

    Lizzy C

    Good, I thought I was imagining things when I thought I heard his voice

    x watchdog x

    Mariah Janey Vicente yup!!

  16. Phoenix Dilemma Productions

    What. I didn't know that FOB's "Catch Me If You Can, Kid" came from this?!?!?!?!?!

  17. super saiyan

    Epic song

  18. Richard Li

    this song is sic