Gwen Stefani - You Make It Feel Like Christmas Lyrics

[Blake Shelton:]
I want to thank the storm that brought the snow
Thanks to the string of lights that make it glow
But I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

[Gwen Stefani:]
It barely took a breath to realize
We're gonna be a classic for all time
I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

Sweet gingerbread made with molasses
My heart skipped and I reacted
Can't believe that this is happening
Like a present sent from God
Sleigh bells singing hallelujah
Stars are shining on us, too

I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

[Blake Shelton:]
Thought I was done for, thought that love had died
But you came along; I swear you saved my life
And I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

Sweet gingerbread made with molasses
My heart skipped and I reacted
Can't believe that this is happening
Like a present sent from God
Sleigh bells singing hallelujah
Stars are shining on us, too

I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

[Gwen Stefani:]
I never thought I'd find a love like this
But I found forever in that very first kiss
I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas
([Blake Shelton:] Thank you baby)

I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

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Gwen Stefani You Make It Feel Like Christmas Comments
  1. Irene Parks


  2. Marii Alamets

    Gwen Stefani sounds like Bebe Rexha

  3. Alexandre

    С праздниками Вас, люди Земли!

  4. Jon Dunning

    She is so hot!

  5. Merle Williams

    I want to hate this...but they're so...gosh...DARN CUTE

  6. Jon Ruby

    Blake Shelton you ol stiff in a suit head ass boi fucked the whole video up

  7. blanche devereaux

    It's so great to see her so happy!

  8. Michael Hilber

    What is the Make Model and Year of the convertible? Please, and thank you!

  9. Shiloh Golden

    I love them so much!!!!😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  10. victoria park


  11. Dale Henderson

    I thought that this was a cover of the Neil Diamond Christmas Song "You Make It Feel Like Christmas".

  12. Orale Bonified

    This shit sucks!

  13. faye Throneberry

    cute video

  14. Maja Carney

    Great Christmas song

  15. Shelia Smith

    Love the video

  16. Kelissa

    My fav Chirtmas song since last year~

  17. somebody to love

    I need this dress 😍

  18. janqnic adaelu

    Only Gwen can make it feel like Christmas

  19. Angela W

    God they’re perfect

  20. ben eller

    blake brings the comic in this video

  21. Random Bloxburg Player

    Spent 30 mins to find this song.... *worth it*

  22. Rob Devlin

    Merry Christmas Too U


  24. William Phelps

    Absolutely perfect ..

  25. Leilannie Morrissey

    There is no trombone or Melaphone sounds throughout the song. It's always trumpet lol

  26. Odirlei Santos

    Cindy Lauper.

  27. William Sands

    i'd still do gwen she looks like a teen ager

  28. Jonarez

    1st time I hear that song


    This woman is pathetic and so irrelevant in today’s music....

  30. llinos-mair

    Honestly, how is she 50!?!

  31. Aritzbé Reyes

    On thursday In my school was a festival were we danced this song

  32. Docsy KT

    At the end Blake’s acting was almost as bad as a pornstar

  33. Docsy KT

    At the end Blake’s acting was almost as bad as a pornstar

  34. FantasticBump

    She's a witch a beautiful one. Love her

  35. Erika Ramirez

    Whos lising this for the first time there lifes 2019? And excited for a Christmas to get lit ?


    Blake wow :)

  36. Добрый Кот


  37. nostressannie


  38. Gwen ND

    December 2019 anyone 🌲❤️

  39. Tina Louise

    gwen deserves to be happy after the hell she's been through. glad she ditched that disgusting loser she was with and now has something good with blake shelton

  40. Crystal Snell

    Wow is Gwen Stefani Maralyn Monroe reincarnated she is absolutely beautiful and stunning.Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎅🎅🎅🤶🤶⛄⛄☃️☃️🎁🎁🤗🤗❤❤

  41. Orkhan.S

    Happy christmas to everyone. I wish 2020 will be good year for us. Stay with love and peace my darlings. I wish we can make our life better

  42. MAKSHAO music

    It would mean a lot to me if you checked out my first track, I am just getting started as a musician and need someone else than family and friends to listen to it 😊
    Merry Christmas ❤️

  43. Yolanda Yolanda

    Blake is so handsome, true man 😍

  44. Tina N

    Love this song, but YouTube is doing it again by automatically going to a song which happens to be its competition given that it's one of the two most popular modern secular Christmas songs ever. Give Gwen and Blake a chance. How many times in a day does one need to hear Mariah???

    Tina N

    I am not complaining about listening to "Last Christmas" by Wham!/George Michael.

  45. jorge troncone

    acaso la gente no se da cuenta de que esta canción es navidad extra .......

  46. jorge troncone

    mejor I M P O S I B L E

  47. Krissy H

    holy crap, never heard them sing together. They sound awesome and really compliment one another.

  48. caroline O'Connor

    My sister is like wow she a 20 year old I’m like she is like 40 something my sister was like ......🤯

    North 40 Honey Bees

    Try 50!

    caroline O'Connor

    Wow 😳 50.........WTF

    caroline O'Connor

    North 40 Honey Bees she is da f** prettiest girl ever mY LoRd!!!


    I love this song

  50. Hollow_1776 Sugar

    The best is when the make snowmen and Blake is pointing like wth

  51. 1sunstyle

    Gwen is better than Santa.

  52. Torxado Visual Creations

    She look like a white Cardi B

    Torxado Visual Creations

    Darius Johnson I’m jk jk it was only like that for 2 seconds!. She’s so pretty omggg sorry for offending y’all. Any ways what plans do you have for the break ?!

    Darius Johnson

    Torxado Visual Creations I figured I was like wtf hahaha well visiting family and it’s gonna be awesome how about you?

    Torxado Visual Creations

    Darius Johnson visiting family is always fun, can’t wait to do that too. Well I have my first set of exams next month so gotta study. But for now I’m gonna try to get in the Christmas Spirit!!!

    Darius Johnson

    Torxado Visual Creations awesome we’ll have a great break and work hard good luck!

    Torxado Visual Creations

    Darius Johnson Thanksssss!!!! Have an amazing break and an amazing year filled with family and joy

  53. Rosieplays

    Fav part is 1:30 when the kid hip bumps Blake 🤦🏼‍♀️ he is like what the??? The kids and Blake’s reactions are the funniest part of the video!

  54. Rosieplays

    So good!

  55. DE61


  56. Mohammed Akram

    What. A. Song.

  57. Scorpio delinquent

    Who came here after watching "all I want for christmas is you"?

  58. AvoiDance Protocol

    putting kids heads on adult dancers via CGI gave me the creeps here. freakish long arms give it away. but best wishes for Blake and Gwen

  59. christar 95

    No. Just no. How can Blake stand her? She is 1, 000% fake.

  60. raisetheflag88

    when did she buy a set of tits?

  61. denisse chuco

    This song is actually great and the mv is beautiful ❤❤

  62. I'ma Vegemite

    Just a FANTASTIC VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!

  63. Christina P


  64. Mommy Bellydancer

    Blake is always so funny

  65. Michelle Verdier-Fontes

    This is adorable!

  66. dm g

    Gwen does not age because my sister's got a good heart.. truly is a good girl! Comes from a great family..and like Derek Jeter.. she has said .. her parents & grandparents were very involved.. and will not embarrass them...she's the real deal.. a good Catholic girl at heart.. there's not 1 bad thing 2 say about the girl.. that's right .. a girl.. she's a yr older than me... that's what keeps her stunning and her beautiful smile.. that is y Blake is goo goo ga ga over her .. she is not hollyweirdo at all.. love her since b4 Tragic Kingdom.. I really hope these 2 tie the knot.. never heard of 1 bad thing about Blakey.. God b w them💕 doesn't matter what Gwen wears.. they're both humble apple pie... the end 💕😂😂💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    melinda coursey

    I'm sorry they make a cute couple bit sound weird singing together

  67. Dominike Leyva

    Part 2 please

  68. Andrew Hicks

    I love song i hope Gwen will go to country

  69. Willow Walker

    The kids are ugly.

    Irena Jarecka

    No you are ugly inside

  70. Rosemary Jones

    They are the sweetest couple everrrr

  71. MrMartybearass

    OMG Toothy and Slutty!!! He loves himself more than she does!!!! They DO deserve each other

    christar 95

    MrMartybearass They’re both pathetic but she’s even worse than him. What a gross couple.

  72. Jake Featherston

    Moderate song with diversity Inc. Band.

  73. Nathan Caldwell

    From 2:44-3:02 there's a short reprise of this song in a different style. Does the full version of that reprise exist? And if so, where can I listen to it?

  74. Caroline Monte

    LOVE THEM!!!

  75. Sandy Beach

    She is totally rockin' that 1950s pageboy hairdo. Beautiful!


    Hector you male me feel like xmas

  77. linda parker

    Love to see these two together ! Beautiful song !

  78. Kara A

    She must be good in bed. He is hooked.

  79. Julie Delahooke

    This just makes me happy. They’re so sweet ❤️

  80. HiYa Pal

    So cool

  81. cat S

    Merry christmas 🤗😍

  82. abcde 1234

    Who is doing all the thumbs down? Is there some leftist SJW campaign against this innocent, humorous and playful video? Christmas haters? Somebody doesn't like Marilyn Monroe?

  83. OwEnnn Akg

    I think the dislike of the 4.1k are sorrow in their life, come on...cheers up life!

  84. Jim B

    The couple of the decade!!!!

  85. Kris Perry

    She is 50 but looks 25. I am 30 but i look like 42. Unfair


    Hello! I have heard that Gwen Stefani was born in October of 1970  -  I was bon in September of that year, so if that is true we are just one month apart and I myself am 49 so I think that she would also be forty-nine. But you are not that far off about he age anyway!

    Kris Perry

    metalgear1534 thanks for correcting

  86. teek e

    Ty both this is definitely on my Christmas playlist!!

  87. Gwen ND

    December 2019? 🌲😍

    Manuel Orozco

    Gwen ND I’m back and 8 more sleeps until Xmas

  88. david B

    I love love this song.

  89. daisy chimento

    How I just found out about this song on December 16, 2019?

    Frank Sanchez

    I had no idea they both sang this song together. Cool! They were meant for each other. For sure the couple of the year.

  90. Rumble-Bubbles

    aaaawwww I love this on sooooo many levels, and I feel all warm and smooshy inside

  91. Red Bull

    I meses them so much):

  92. Crypto

    Gwen's 47 yet still looks 20 on television and music videos🤯

  93. Kalli Karen Allison Robertson

    Libra n Gemini lol

  94. Janet Zacarias

    Can't stop watching this 😍

  95. Lilly Dee

    This is such an odd, yet wonderful pairing! I root for them both, their love is obvious.

  96. Cynthia Meirah Voormeij

    Satanic crap!