Gwen Stefani - When I Was A Little Girl Lyrics

Steadfast forecast this was always meant to be
Sent down by the angels
Heartbreak can't fade all the plans that were made
By a baby in a manger
Bright light so bright it was shining like a north star
Answer to a prayer
How could I have known, that you would come along

When I was a little girl
I wondered who I'd give all my love to
I asked Santa who he'd recommend
It's hard to believe I was so innocent

As a little girl looking at the world
Didn't know that love could break me
I was lying in my tears on the ground
Couldn't see where God would take me
Here I am now looking at you
Got me thinking that love could save me
How could I have known, that you would come along

When I was a little girl
I wondered who I'd give all my love to
I asked Santa who he'd recommend
It's hard to believe I was so innocent

When I was a little girl
I had love at the top of my wish list
All my dreams were so unlimited
It's hard to believe I was so innocent

Why do you feel so much like home to me (Home to me)
Why do you feel so much like home to me

When I was a little girl
I wondered who I'd give all my love to
I asked Santa who he'd recommend
It's hard to believe I was so innocent

When I was a little girl
I had love at the top of my wish list
All my dreams were so unlimited
It's hard to believe I was so innocent

Why do you feel so much like home to me

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Gwen Stefani When I Was A Little Girl Comments
  1. Bob Eick

    She is so pretty

  2. Toàn Vũ

    i love this song

  3. Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe

    Fashion icon

  4. Dena Brown

    it is so cuuuuuuuuute💗💗💗👍🏽😊👍🏽

  5. Tami

    A beautiful rendition of an incredible Christmas song.

  6. Slate Gray

    I love this song and the the woman singing it!! Sunshine always comes shining after the rainy storms... it always seems like the stronger the storm the brighter the sun shines afterwards!!

  7. Wayne Keenan

    thats a really nice song once you hear it a few times ! Shes great

  8. royalto71

    when i look at Gwen Stefani i Always feel like i'm living a dream ….. Thanks forever Miss Stefani

  9. Ayachi Akram

    Your voice, your look, your red lipstick, your blond hair , your nails ,..I'm in love with you ♥️♥️♥️ you are so beautiful

  10. biggest D

    She looks like a tranny the ring finger is longer than your pointer finger that means she's a man

  11. Margaret Wagner

    I love this song!

  12. Not Impressed

    Wonder how bad she looks without all that face paint?


    Love your channel, check out my new music video:

    Enjoy and wish you festive days 🌟🌟🌟

  14. Tinker Hell

    Used to know her back in the day, I love her now as much as I did then!!💕😘

  15. Lyme_pithgypsy

    Heartfelt and, Beautimous... #gwennieluv 💋❤🌲


    Beautiful woman

  17. Sandy Mckinniss

    Blakey is the right one for you gave it all 💞🌼🇺🇸😊🇺🇸

  18. Sandra Mccoy

    I love the way this women sings . She is as beautiful as her voice . I have her Xmas CD . Enjoy it lots

  19. Hubert Wensink

    words will never touch - how much hearing and seeing this does...........BUT I LOVE IT !!!!one love

  20. Jacqueline M.


  21. Mi Kil

    I just found this is absolutely beautiful! I just found this song this a new and unexpected place - the Oculus GO virtual reality headset!

    There is an app, calle a VRyMerry Christmas...and it is the 1st song of a 6-song set to tell a story. (the "story" also has songs by One Republic, Mary J Blige, Lady Gaga, and 2 others I forget)...

    but anyway, the graphics are absolutely amazing in virtual reality, taking you on a "moving" journey through scenes....for this song, since it is the beginning of a little girl's life and meeting the boy....they are imageries of ice skating, of gifts under a tree, and oh so much that I can not even describe

    I honestly have never seen anything like it! Made me want to look up the real-life video, but it looks like maybe there isn't an offical vid, but seeing gwen sing this was awesome, since all I had been experiening was her voice in an outer-spacey beautiful fairytale story.

    If you have any of the VR's, look for the VRyMerry Christmas app, it was free (at least in Oculus), and watch it!

    Mi Kil

    But the very first one, with Gwen Stefani - was spot on perfect !!!

    I'll echo some of the commentors....

    some of the other songs' stories, and visuals, were a bit off. And I probably would have selected a different song than the Jackson 5...

    but lots and lots of effort and work, you can tell, was spent on making the imagery! And, better than anything I could ever make, even tho I took VR classes this past year and used the Unity engine to make something...

  22. The Lone Wolf1


    The Lone Wolf1

    Be wary of the ones you can make you feel

  23. Pemburu Bayang

    i hope there is two Gwen Stefani in this world, so i could have one of them..

  24. Andrew Creative Gamer

    Masterpiece! Gwen, you're my love!

  25. sminky raven

    Me:Im a little girl
    You: Are you?
    Me: Yea Im 125
    You: AHHHHH
    Me: so what Im a ghost?
    You: You you you-
    Me: So what?
    You: Im calling the ghostbusters
    Me: Um they arent even real
    You: Um so what do I do now?
    Me: I dunno

  26. Ricardo Barrera

    muy bonita la cansion me encanto mis respetos para eya

  27. Margaret Wagner

    Hi beautiful. I love your art and many other talents. May God bless you and all you put your hands to sister in Christ.

  28. relativelyquiet

    I would much rather listen to Keeper of the Flame, good Lord.

    Kateryna Hrosul

    So that's why you keep coming back here (and to any other Gwen's video) every few months? To say that you don't want listen to Gwen?)

  29. zzheyuh00

    I always will love Gwen Stefani....such an awesome Lady....maybe in my next life I will get to meet her....I always thought she was Judy Holliday Reincarnation! Anyway Love you Gwen!

  30. relativelyquiet


  31. Carrie

    Whoa, I just went from watching an older video of her to this one.

  32. Alex Joseph Yamarte Colmenares

    beautiful everything

  33. Flutter Bize

    My gosh she's stunning and talented. Beautiful song!

  34. Hubert Tracz

    Jak zwykle dobra muzyka i śpiew w wykonaniu Gwen Stefani.👍❤️

  35. julle huu

    shei is fine still

  36. Allan Esquivel M

    50 people don't have love at the top of their wishlist

  37. Raluka Sipos


  38. Amanda Jervis


  39. jb pb

    There is only one Gwen Stefani! No one comes close to her talent, beauty and grace!!

  40. Raluka Sipos

    i love you gwen stefani

  41. Yashimen Longkumer

    I Love u Gwen... we r same born 3rd Oct...💜👑💜

  42. Yashimen Longkumer

    I donno why.. but this song made me CRY😭💜👑💜

  43. Cacola337

    Love her unique voice and style

  44. Connie Robles

    she got a baby bump

  45. Max EqualityAct

    Beautiful act for the holiGAYS. So proud of Mama G. Gay RIGHTS icon. #Oprah2020

  46. star va va voom

    💖 💖 💖 🎵 🎶 💋 🎤 💋 🎶 🎵 💖 💖 💖

  47. Emum

    She sounds profoundly depressed and depressing. And whiny. The only decent songs she wrote were with No Doubt.

  48. Jesse Burns

    THE VOICE brought me here. Pretty nice song.

  49. Jonas Preciliano


  50. jb pb

    Love this song! Makes me cry every time!

  51. Lord Vlad Dracula Tepes

    I'm so glad she's not doing that shitty hip hop influenced music anymore. That was the worst phase she could've gone through, musically.

  52. Jenny Hammond

    what kind crazy ass people wont NOT like this beautiful soul inside and out. hmmm might been some of you know who got them to do it. stupid ass people!!!!

  53. Jenny Hammond

    Beautiful lady and a Beautiful voice!!! Blake knows whats good ,thank you for being with him Gwen!!! I am happy for both of you!!

  54. Karolina Loret


  55. Nickell I Francis

    Gwen you are the most beautiful woman and I love your music and that dress is pretty much for you girl Holla back girl

  56. relativelyquiet

    Joan Rivers.

  57. TheGichnni

    Wow... she makes me feel like I'm in love! Her looks, her voice, her personality, her beautiful eyes... Everything! She's like the perfect woman to share your life with. It sucks that I will never meet a woman like this. I just wish so much, to love and feel loved by a woman like her... Maybe in another life or universe... But... "Why do you feel so much like home to me?" :'(

  58. Belinda Walters

    I like this one best..its all good but i just like this most

  59. Juan Carlos Casais

    Real talk. Is Gwen Stefani edible? Cause she looks pretty tasty. I'm asking for a friend.

  60. Lucia Rebechi

    Argentina loves you 💝

  61. Vida Madrid Team

    Oye Gwen... Lanzate la de Wind it up 😂

  62. John Smith

    Sounds much more real and authentic hearing it live. I love this song so much now.

  63. Rosalia E. Vanega

    Te amo GWEN!

  64. relativelyquiet

    Is it me, or does she have difficulty opening her left eye? WTF? I am almost embarrassed for her that she is trying to eclipse Mariah Carey with a christmas hit song. Ain't gonna happen.

    Bat Caver

    Do the world a favor: fix your face before u make stupid comments on youtube u old and ugly hag. lol. Oh and 1 more thing, change ur music tastes bc Miranda Lambert sucks.


    Bat Caver, stay inside your cave. You're either blind or myopic if you cannot see how much plastic surgery Gwen has had. She looks like a pasty vampire and you being a bat, might like that!!!

    Fredo Beno

    relativelyquiet plastic surgery or not Gwen is still looking a million better than you , btw you look like a boring, hateful old women, bye


    Fredo Beno, I mean Frito Bandito..... you have no idea what I look like. I am not hateful, just factual. You obviously are blinded by commercialism and prefer to live in a fantasy world. Good. Now, leave the real world to us.

    Max EqualityAct

    Dear, nobody's eyes are perfectly symmetrical. There was a moment or two. On film you notice more. It is not a disease in this case. Plus she is getting older so go easy on her. I have severe eye problems so I thought this was a bit unsensitive.

  65. Ana Scheffer

    She is stunning <3

  66. Chain Zerelock

    It's hard to think there is a possibility that she has a single hater.

  67. Niniogorila


  68. Carolina R.


  69. Connie McFeely


  70. Алиса Батсайхан


  71. Ali Gold

    she dosent have the voice for Xmas songs she.should stick to to her own songs I wont buy this album it dosent sound like Xmas why did she do this show

    J F

    She also sings 6 traditional Christmas songs on the album.

    J F

    Believe me, Mariah Carey isn't everybody's Christmas music. You need to expand your Christmas music playlist and listen to the actual classics of the Season.


    This is the only xmas album I've ever liked

    M Baysden

    Ali Gold Who gives a rats ass whether u would buy this album or not??? Her Christmas album is doing well without ur purchase. I would never buy Weight of These Wings as that album truly sucks unlike Gwen's Christmas album.. Ran Fan!!! What asshat moron.. did you think many of us Shefani fans would forget all ur hate filled posts aimed at Gwen??? Instead of asking why would Gwen do this Christmas show.. ask why is Miranda a serial cheater with no morals. Now.. go give that cheating lying asshat ur luv & leave Gwen alone.. Ran Fan troll!!!

    M Baysden

    And stop trolling under multiple ids.. Ali Gold aka Ann W asshat moron!!!

  72. Ellio Silva

    Beautiful , Perfect !

  73. sickdomestic


  74. U♋Y

    819 up dn 22
    Gwen Stefani
    best song tunes

  75. Wayne Sunshine

    I was broken before. That music brings me release, and hope of the new day.
    I will meet Christmas alone, with that song. I hope, thats will be temporary. More temporary than my life. I want to meet Christmas with my new family once.


    You are not alone. I'm here too. Merry Christmas to us.

  76. Raphael Maitam


  77. Obur Sütlaç

    bizim seda sayan a dönmüş aynı afişteki pozu giydiği kıyafet tarzı nerde o sevdiğimiz yırtık atletli deli dolu rock ci kadın

  78. gabriel ortega

    Se la rifa Gwen Stefani.

  79. A. Kozielski

    Love everything Gwen does👍👍👍

  80. Facundo Medina

    Me encanta 😍.. saludos desde Argentina

  81. Ernesto George

    Gwen eres la mejor <3

  82. Ernesto George

    Gwen eres la mejor <3

  83. Ernesto George

    Gwen eres la mejor <3

  84. Jules192

    Type Gwen and Blake Trans Couple into youtube search and see what happens everyone!!!

    Unbelievable. Her secret is out!!!!!

    Fredo Beno

    HAHAHHAHA only crazy people who believe that crap lol

    naihanchin Kempo

    childhood and grade school photo's prove that wrong

  85. Jaksa Barac

    This woman is truly a piece of art! :)

  86. filip8099

    Uma rainha dessas bicho 😻😻😻

  87. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    Oh, my God, only You and I know how much I love this lady!

  88. Teak I

    Гвен, мне понравилась песня.

  89. Василий Худяков

    Шикарно :)

  90. Jason Ludlum

    Gwen is magical..

  91. maksphoto78

    Gwen never ages.

  92. Diz Jake

    You're out numbered haters, give it up.