Gwen Stefani - My Gift Is You Lyrics

They put up the Christmas lights on my street
I saw Santa at the mall hearing kids' dreams
And all this end of the year spirit's got me so thankful
But I really need you there when I get home

I can't wait to give all my loving to my best friend
All I want is you to take my love and give it back again
Don't need no money, don't need a thing
I don't even need a wedding ring
All I need is love and the truth
And I got it, my gift is you

I don't need nothing right for me to realize
And every moment you're away feels like a waste of time
So get back to me, back to mine

I can't wait to give all my loving to my best friend
All I want is you to take my love and give it back again
Don't need no money, don't need a thing
I don't even need a wedding ring
All I need is love and the truth
And I got it, my gift is you

(Ahh-ooh) [x8]
Don't need no money, don't need a thing
I don't even need a wedding ring
All I need is love and the truth
And I got it, my gift is you
(Ooooh) My gift is you

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Gwen Stefani My Gift Is You Comments
  1. Sara Brown

    Two Awesome Performance Ever Made By Mutiltalented Gwen Stefani With Her Ravishing Talented Singers Of All Time The Beautiful Rose Short And They Both Are Extremely Perfect Together In This Gorgeous Duet Between Two Of Them?

  2. Mona Loper

    The worst song I've ever heard

  3. Craig Olando

    I can't get enough of Gwen Stefani's Voice....I swear no one in the world sounds like her!!! Damn girl sing😍😍

  4. Aubrey Calliope

    So does Stefani get away with singing so bad because she sleeps with Shelton? SO OUT OF TUNE!

  5. terpette1

    I love the way Gwen kept looking in Blake's direction when she sang "I don't need a wedding ring". Kinda cute, given the media pressure they've been under.


    This was Fire! I love Those 2!

  7. David Fahey

    looks like a video from the 1950s...😝...

  8. Rebeca Lopez

    this was super cuteee!

  9. What's up?

    Not a very good performance

  10. Killer Tank

    Gwen voice is so legendary....her song is my childhood 😭😭 miss all my friends

  11. Gabriele Francioni

    Throw Stefani to the sharks and have them EAT HER !!! After S17, I can't even hear her pitchy boyish voice of a 50 y old entity...Vegas will have you 4 GOOD 😈

  12. barbatheterrace

    Gwen really can't sing!

  13. RocciGirl

    Love Gwen's dress! ❤

  14. Judy Brooks

    congrats on 4 th

  15. RutherFord Camerino

    Ricky Duran or Rose could be the winner

  16. Ratna Masniari

    Super Love this duet ❤

  17. Winston McCurley

    "You don't need no money but baby I do" 😂😭😂😭

  18. Pamela !

    gwen sounded good here but in general i don’t like her voice that much but i like her a lot in this performance 🥰

  19. pancanita manalu

    this so fun to watching! perfect duo <3

  20. IglooAnimations

    Don’t come at me for this... but I’m not a big fan of Gwens voice. Not my style.

  21. Lisa Zabriskie

    Rose 🌹 all the way!

  22. Patricia Cunningham

    Wow wow that was good i loved it I hope Rose win go Rose Team Gwen

  23. FantasticBump

    Love her, she's dynamic, Gwen is fantastic. Good luck Rose <3

  24. Bree Vinson

    this is absolutely beautiful.

  25. Tami S

    I like the song but not Gwen's voice. I'd like to hear somebody else sing it, also bad choice on Gwen's part for choosing this song, it doesn't allow Rose to shine, her voice is beautiful, it's a shame because it was the finals. Gwen selfishly picked this song to promote her Christmas album and didn't allow Rose to stand out! ( even Roses dress dodnt stand out like Gwens, she blended in with th dancers. Worst collab of the night and song choice) Gwen cannot sing!!!!!!

  26. loving densi

    The sound great together, one of my fav Gwen song. She and Rose look beautiful, and I love love Gwen’s dress.

  27. Beth Anderson

    Gwen’s voice 🤮

  28. Anjuelaye LaRose

    I really love this song 👏👏👏 !!! Yessss !!! 👏👏👏 this song is so meaningful especially for genuine and true friends in your life . Go Gwen ❤️❤️❤️ I am feeling your Christmas 🎄 song 😍👍.

  29. Bereket Tekia

    Young Gwen!!!

  30. Bonnie Mcneil

    Beautiful song

  31. Bonnie Mcneil

    Beautiful song

  32. aafster life

    That was quite a bad beginning by Gwen 🤯 Thank God for Rose, the dancers, the stage, the song choice, the outfits...

  33. Matthew Ada

    love that song

  34. Tamie Bear

    Awww!!! 🤗🤗 I loved this! They're actually friends! Great job Gwen and Rose!

  35. Michael Diaz

    You hear that Blake Gwen don’t need no wedding ring?! Haha!

  36. Helen Nock

    Love how Rose wove her voice in and out of Gwen's. Fab harmonies.

  37. Silvio Cantanhedes

    Vote for Rose to win America. I can't vote but if America vote right,vote for Rose.

  38. Андрей Кириллов

    My Gift is you 🎁👌

  39. Leandro and Wilmer

    Gwen sucks!!! Miranda lambert is way better

  40. tim little

    Come on Blake put a ring on her finger

  41. Love M

    Gwen, what a beautiful queen . Rose 🌹 also a beauty . Love them together

  42. Ale Xandra

    Rose did a great job, even though the song was crap!

  43. Jeryl Abong

    So much love for Rose and Gwen! Please vote for Rose. #TeamGwen ❤

  44. joao luiz nazario

    So cool how they were singing to each other.

  45. Lisa Duncan

    We have seen Rose kill songs every week we know her voice is amazing. This performance was fun and playful and I love it. Shows their friendship.

  46. Traciblagg54 blagg54

    Beautiful job Gwen and Rose u sounded good together and Gwen you were Stunning as Always Merry Christmas🎅☃️

  47. Mary Ann

    Gwen looked amazing, Rose did too. Didn't like the song very much but did like the staging

  48. Prissy Lu

    It was okay...

  49. Tami S

    Wow, Gwen being selfish picking one of her original songs for Christmas to promote her Christmas album INSTEAD of choosing a song that shows off Rose's Beautiful voice, Its the Finals! Bad choice, Bad & selfish coach! I don't like Gwen's singing voice!

    Beth Anderson

    Tami S Gwen is very selfish.

  50. Sue Post

    Rose did great. She has such a great voice. I didn't think Gwen was much help though, for as famous as she is ( I don't really know much of her music) I have to say , Rose is a much better singer than she is. Maybe it was just this song, but I don't see how Gwen sings so hot. I thought she'd be better.

  51. Tara G

    I love Rose but I don't think Gwen was the best coach for her. Who is supposed to be showcased here, Rose or Gwen? Gwen in a stunning glittery black dress or Rose who looks like a school teacher. The song is forgettable and does nothing for Rose. Dozens of other Christmas songs available that would have been better.

  52. tk tojin

    Gwen chose this song cuz then can promote her X'mas album too

  53. Dylan Sousa

    Rose and Gwen sound amazing together

  54. Jesús Mata

    I liked Gwen in this 💓

  55. Bruce Carey

    Glitz and glamour show instead of heartfelt singing.

  56. DMS Rivera

    Poor song choice, thought the vocals together were off, unlike the others teams.

  57. Tjak Ghoenz

    who's the winner of this season ? which team ?

  58. Paul Agustin

    Gwen's voice has so much style. Such a rockstar

  59. Laurien Cook

    To cute your dresses are adorable and this song is beautiful

  60. Larissa Borges

    Love this song so much!!

  61. Clickando por aí

    OMG! This song is amaaaaaazing!! And you two did an wonderful pairing!!!

  62. Arnav Vaidyanathan

    Rose is so versatile. This was such a fun performance. Ahaha the ending was so cute. Loved it.

  63. Aldora LaPlume

    Gwen has a unique voice but limited range. When compared to Rose I cant imagine how hard it was to pick a song where both thier voices could work.

  64. saintsandmortalssss

    Haha, Rose has the best personality! Love these two together! Great song <3 <3

  65. Brenda Shelonko

    Love this! Great duet, Gwen let Rose shine. This is a tough finale: all the performances have been excellent. But Rose is a star! She sang with so much personality and her costumes were also stellar.

  66. Nicolas Lima

    Love you Gwen

  67. Victoria Dime

    Ew!Terrible!! Voices are to deep for this song! Voices do not connect with the song's emotions! LMK if I'm the only 1 feeling such a way?!


    Do you know that Is a Gwen song right?

    Victoria Dime

    Really? Okay I'ma go listen to the original.

    Tami S

    I didn't like it. There are so many other Christmas songs that really could've shown Rose's beautiful voice. I don't like Gwens voice. Definitely a bad choice in song!

  68. widury86 deli

    Great !!!

  69. sandy hester

    Great job ladies!!! Gwen, you look beautiful in that dress.

  70. ckoc afh

    I love Gwen so much, her voice is so distinguished

  71. Shiloh Golden


  72. RenataSm

    And the lyrics of this song... Blake must be blushing

  73. Lyn Kent

    This song done Rose no favours......Gwen has not the voice to duet with Rose...

  74. RenataSm

    This was so cute and fun. That’s christmas for me 🤎🤎

  75. gccwang24

    Hard to believe Gwen is 50 years old


    @Sue Post No problem. Now MY Opinion is that your Opinion is based on assumptions that you have no truth to back up. (especially the part when you threw the Hollywood females under the bus because they 'All Do It') Oh, and you think a True Observation about you making assumptions is a snide remark do you? Put on your Big Girl Panties if you want to Tear down other Females that you know absolutely Nothing about and not be called out on it. And finally, a Snide remark would be that it appears that Spell Check is Not Your Friend...

    Sue Post

    @hempchimp Wow, do you have issues. My opinion bothering you this way is pathetic. I'm not throwing anyone under the bus, or assuming anything. I 'm just stating facts. That's how she appears on the Voice. You're the one who's falling apart because I see Gwen differently then you. Grow up and get a life. Stop glamorizing Hollywood. Why don't you practice what you preach. You said I shouldn't pass judgement on someone I don't know anything about, well you know nothing of me , and yet you judge me on spelling, well, English is my third language, so maybe it's not perfect.


    @Sue Post Also, before you get your Hopes up and start hunting and Pecking on your Keyboard, I'm done with you, but I will leave you with this and you can take it any F^*[email protected]($ way you wish.
    I Will Defend EVERY Female that gets disparaged for looks for no reason. I Got fed up with it after listening to teens make fun of my Down Syndrome Grand Daughter. So Find a better way to talk about other women to try and make yourself feel better.
    It doesn't do the World any good.
    Have a Nice Life...

    Sue Post

    @hempchimp Wait a minute! You can't possibly compare my comment about Gwen's make up to your grandchild Downs Syndrome. That's so unfair. I'm sorry you have had those terrible experiences, but you make it sound as if I'm in that same catagory as an ignorant teen. My cousin has a Downs son, so I know it isn't easy. To say I'm tearing woman down because of their looks is a lie. I said she was attractive, but was to made up. Anyway, I'm done with you as well. I'm not going to go back and forth with someone who takes a comment (that's pretty minor in the grand scheme of things) and totally turns it around to be something is isn't. You sound like a bitter person . To go on a rampage this way, because of a comment isn't healthy. I'd hate to see how you'd react to a real disparaging comment! You have a nice life too! And you can take that any way you f.... want too!

  76. Avis Wrentmore

    Perfecto:) Rose I sure hope you Win:) Ahhhhmazing Duet:) wow:)

  77. Robi Hill

    It's perfect!

  78. CP Friends

    Vote for Her...
    She's deserve to be The Voice this season.

  79. shyam sundar

    Guys please don't Rob her victory from her.....America please vote for her and give this women wat she deserved

  80. Barbie Parra

    Name a cuter artist + coach duo, I’ll wait.

    Michaela Mitchell

    I’ll wait 😍😍😍

  81. Dawn Lucchese

    Poor choice to showcase Rose's voice.

  82. Adelheid Hock

    Their voices sound really nice together.

  83. julius ebita

    gwens outfit is killing me

  84. Shonta Taylor

    This was kinda odd to watch. Too many distractions from the contestant

  85. Discover Playlist

    is it just me or is rose really look like annalise keating

    Michaela Mitchell

    Discover Playlist she does a little bit lol 😂

    Leauretta Boulding

    All black people don't look alike

    Michaela Mitchell

    Leauretta Boulding okay we didn’t say that.

    Discover Playlist

    Sorry that is not what I meant..

  86. Discover Playlist

    gwen's voice sounds so whole

  87. Spell Madam

    Corny set

  88. blissful and bookish

    Love this! 😍😍😍😍 They're so sweet.

  89. BillnYou1

    They sounded great together .. it was fun .. the stage show was very cool for the Holiday season and they had a blast … loved it!

  90. Barbara Tress

    This was horrible .I feel sorry for Rose. Gwen can't sing a lick anymore .

    Tami S

    I agree

  91. Jeffrey Yang

    The Voice Finale Predictions

    1) Ricky Duran
    2) Katie Kadan
    3) Rose Short
    4) Jake Hoot

    1) Katie Kadan
    2) Jake Hoot
    3) Ricky Duran
    4) Rose Short

  92. Marquito

    I like the whole 50s thing,but the Christmas number didn't sound 50s.Nevertheless,you can see Rose had a Great time singing it with Gwen who's just simply down to earth.


    Thus the dumb wiggly 50's dancing.

  93. Master

    My tears are down 😭

  94. Cal McCluskey


  95. Patricia Rouse

    I agree, would love to see her win and Gwen.

  96. Noah Kazwoska

    I want they both win the whole thing

  97. b Ratu


    Jota L

    @Richard Ong! but rose is way better

    Romulo Almeida

    Guys... U frgt the MAMA KATIE...

    Brenda Shelonko

    I get what you mean about the string of ok country singers in the past. I’m rooting for Rose and Katie, but Jake isn’t generic. His voice is incredible old school country, could one day equal Ronnie Dunn.

    Tara G

    Generic country won again! You called it. Just can't believe it. I will never watxh the Voice again.

    ted evans

    @Tara G I am done watching the show too , I do not believe the majority of American viewers voted for the country singer , I think the show pulled some dirty moves all season and this would just be what I expected ,Rose was better than jake or Katie , and Ricky would be a tough choice between him and Rose but Jake ? Did they give him the win ? Kelly made him sound ordinary in their duet and that's what I said about him from the start .

  98. Shola Adam

    The dancers are lit 🔥