GWAR - The Bonus Plan Lyrics

Ma Petite Crack
J'ai vu Toi
Tu sens bien
Je Ment Vien Pret de Toi Pour Te Sentire Pret De

Moi Ma te Mord Ta Clavicule
Ma te Mord Ta Clavicule
Roullante Ma gang
De Morte on sans collise
Ma te Mord Ta Clavicule
Ma te Mord Ta Clavicule

Tes Amis Vont
Cherchez loin
Moi pi ma gang on ve te punire
Ta Tete sur Les mure du bus
On n'a tapez du code moris

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GWAR The Bonus Plan Comments
  1. Garrett Henry

    I listen to this during my wine and cheese parties

  2. Tony T

    Lol, try harder Dylan,

  3. Dylan Dimick

    In the song he speaks english there fuck tards. Todd Evens isnt french. In the chorus he says so glad to kill.

  4. Drew Corley

    You guys need to visit Quebec more often haha ;) It's actually "calisse". Quebecois slang. Basically means "F**k", but not in the sexual sense. You will need a Quebecer to be able to properly translate this kickass track.

  5. Orcdude772

    are there translations

  6. ismael cuevas

    fuck yeah