GWAR - Ollie North Lyrics

Take a lickylickreemmyass lick my fat cock
Oh when I got up today i got a splitting
headache...oh baby...I GOTTA GET AWAY.
Galooooooooooooooooooooob PERIL
[email protected]
will go away....

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GWAR Ollie North Comments
  1. Shannon Rae

    Wait, how do you forward mask a youtube video?

  2. Shannon Rae

    Forward Mask!

  3. James Zajicek

    who doesn't love GWAr? no really let me know so I can kill them and have fornication time with them corpses.

    Jesse Finnerty

    +James Zajicek I went to a show one time where there was this kid who had talked his parents into taking him, and they very obviously had no idea what they were getting into... They were really horrified at first and were like talking about leaving, but then they saw the giant googly-eyed singing soul sucking toilet bowl GWAR brought on stage, cracked up, and by the end of the show the whole family was drenched in blood and having a great time, dancing around watching GWAR rip out entrails, dismember corpses, and perform gruesome sex acts with their giant foam latex genitals... Now that's a real heartwarming family outing, one they will remember for the rest of their lives.